World of Warcraft on 27" iMac i5 2.66Ghz

by Agent6415 • 273,573 views

Run through of World of Warcraft on my 27" iMac i5 2.66Ghz. Resolution is at 2560x1440 with most settings all on high. Average 30 fps most of the time. THIS IMAC WAS PURCHASED FOR MY VIDEO...

I have a 27inch... But not on my computer screen XD
Looks pretty good I have a 27inch also and was considering downloading wow on here.  It has been a few years since I played
Dude, you honestly thought that you'd have a problem running a 7 year old game on a system with a dedicated 512mb video card that overclocks to 3.2 ghz on 2 cores? Are you smoking crack or something?
the iMac resolution is 2560x1440!!!
Well, 2 yrs old macpro still can run very well on heavy task I guess. I'm sure apple has something up their sleeve for the Mac Pro. Just wait. "More powerful" is subjective. Maybe you refer to the hardware, but for me, end user experience that matter most in computing. Optimization between s/ware and h/ware is very essential. The s/ware must be programmes for the h/ware, if not, it's a waste.
how many gb of ram do you have installed?
ppl stfu about mac vs windows linux ftw!
so you want to say that mac computer has subpar hardware? ferrari with toyota engine?
@Agent6415 suggestion: run it with everything maxed out except anti-aliasing. it will look better & smoother since AA consumes a lot of GPU power and is somewhat unnecessary on 2560*1440.
@tomeczek111111 I know, Believe it or not almost too big...would almost rather have infinity with 3 monitors than 1 big one.
@Busegry Yeah.. not really. Though you can try again with a better arguement..
@eXecuteD3101 i do not agree, however the graphics are not of top quality. it takes a strong processor to run it smoothly.. WoW is actually a game that's very hard on your pc (average pc's that is)
you cant tell the difference from 45 FPS and above BUT you are right, you want 60 so your dips dont go below 45 FPS
do subtitels on and watch from 1:10 and look what the subtitels say, subtitels can be found in the right lower corner its the two c's
oh god my life is over! your hacking my youtube account #dead
who cares. can you run BF3 on ultra with 60+ fps? fuck no.
@KatsisGaming They're getting more homogenous every day! Case in point, I'm a graphic design professional, and I use W7 to do the bulk of my work. And I use a laptop running Ubuntu as a testing bed/coder. But really, these days you could get away with using either popular system you mentioned to do everything but work with Final Cut Pro, or Shake (RIP).
Пздц а в кинотеатре не пробовал запускать ? P.s. вот потом и качают сраные аддоны, мол глазами по экрану бегать приходится (facepalm)
Everyone's complaining at the mac, i just died a bit inside when i saw that he was clicking spells...
Im a fucking geek to computers, and I have just bought an iMac. You're completely wrong, some people just like Apple, others don't. Apple are quality.
@MsHarain yuck lol. I get 60fps while maxxed out on my $850 Laptop. lol. And yes even when hooked to an external monitor with 1080p
clicking abilities as a rogue? oh lawd.
Douchebag says his custom built PC runs at 400 fps......so wasteful that the human eye can only see 60 fps but waste yo money for 340 frames you can't even use.
@Darkflay123 no, actually my comeback is that your information is outdated. Learn to read, dumbass!
Don't try to show off things with a Mac lol. Leave that the the real computers/.
Haha, then why on earth I see so many artist/recording artist use mac for video and music creation? You cannot deny how Apple excel in video/music/graphic/photography. In US too, most student prefer Mac ( for one who afford ). I think you just bluffing. And how you define PC blow Apple? In term of market share, yes, but in term of performance, that's a lot to argue. I use mac for music/graphic, I know how well it perform
gayfag fanboy go cry whilst everyone else just uses both
Just cannot get into this game. Clunky' and uninetresting. Oh well, you guys play it until your parents kick you out.
ye its really good but your gnome sucks!
@Magi191 The fact of "Does it run" is not why i posted the vid. It's to show how well. Yes wow will run on a six year old PC but show me WOW running at 2560x1440 Ultra Settings, 4x Multi-sampling on it running at 30fps or more....then i'll retract my comment of it running well.
@Agent6415 Yeah. I want buy iMac but i must wait to money :)
hes saying its a gaming machine! not a workstation. 2. Thats like saying people build your house. they buy bricks etc form companies, and build it. assembly/building is the same thing. apple dont do the mac pro that much any more, they dont choose the best parts they can, and a mac pro is 2 grand. fuck me my computer is more powerful and it was 941£
@OoNopoO A lot of the hardware used to throw together computers in general these days are made at Foxconn anyhow, so quality of parts is essentially moot.
My Imac is mid 2007. My setting is between low and fair and playable. I'm on MOP. Certain LFR bosses gave me trouble ( terrible FPS) but overall it wasnt so bad. Going to upgrade soon though.
Como fase isso,vey eu naum consigo loga a minha conta
@Agent6415 lol still sucks like not the game the mac apple in general sucks lol rage please because its fun to watch apple fanboys rage on how "good" it is because they know how much money you wasted lol loser
Guaranteed that Skyrim is a powerpoint for you.
looks like this person is a retarded human. well, maybe i should just leave you alone. such a waste
@ErwinNation1 And what screen resolution does your computer run it on?
My 700$ build runs SWTOR at 100-ish FPS. Lol, mac, u so overpriced.
On an iMac you pay for a screen, a high-end computer. Plus, mouse etc. If you calculate, the money you pay for those things, and then compare to other PC's, I mean Windows, then you actually save! I bought an iMac for editing, and creating picture's and small movies. It works superb! I also looked for a Windows, but to get the same stuff, I actually paid more. +, I needed a screen, mouse etc. The Macbook's, are overpriced. Apple stuff are overpriced, BUT you get quality! You can't say no to that
Wtf is that noise lol is that your fans
At least I wasn't talking with my mouth full of smoke you cancer breeding fuck!
This pc is not good for games,buy Imac i u want p0rn
what gpu does this one have? Im looking at the one with the 5750..
You say a Mac is not meant for anything? It's meant for everything, but mostly music-, video-, photo editing and science. Apple has always made superior programs for this and a mac is the most used computer for these kind of things for professionals, like for example most movies are edited on a mac. Apple didn't focus on games at all first, people just started making the games for PC. It's just how it started out.. And don't say I'm a mac fanboy, use both and typing this on my self built PC.
Macs are expensive ans shiny pieces of unsupported and slow hardware and software that are mostly bought by people who are not all that into computers, and like to avoid bothering with specs and that kind of thing. People who know a thing or two about technology usually buy PCs, and it's not a matter of opinion whether or not a PC is better than a Mac, it's a matter of fact. PCs are customizable, cheaper, and faster. Also they are the only viable option for gaming, which is important to gamers.
@OoNopoO u dont need to buy it if u dont like it.
9 Sec here. You'll never win this battle, because you can't control the hardware. Not trying to be a hater, just a fact.
i use my 40inch led lcd 120hz tv for my computer run and looks cool on every game i played i have a amd fx 6100 amd gpu 2x7770 8gb ram 60gb ssd 750 west black 64mb cache 7200 rpm
why do you have to put i5 2.66Ghz part?
I bought a 27" dell U2711 that runs at 2560x1440. I can say it is the best purchase iv ever made for my PC.
Why would you waste that computer playing a shitty game lie WoW?
i got both pc and mac and i actually prefer my mac for gaming. yes, i do have windows installed on it but it doesnt suddenly restart for no bloody reason like my pc does (have original windows7 and no viruses), its ultra quiet and there's no lags bought it coz i needed it for logic and then still played games on pc.. then rebooted and "wow" it actually runs games like witcher 2 on very high settings, not the highest but still amazing btw got 21.5in 2.8ghz i7 8GB amd rad hd 6770m
Well how about others? They may experience slow PC over time. So most PC use shitty software that they download from everywhere, and install useless application. Mac users always install useful app only. wekksss. People don't just do basic stuff using mac, people do filming editing with mac and music recording. And graphic editing. If people use mac for basic, it is them that not capable of doing amazing thing, not the mac. wekkkkkssss
two 5770s are not capable. one 5870 isnt either. mac pros are 2 years outdated.
sweet i play this shit ^^ on my windows pc and i have an 47 inch tv for this ^^
@ErwinNation1 Dude, look at his resolution. Now try getting a monitor that displays that resolution on ur PC, and them mesure ur fps. I have i5 2500k, gti560 twinfrzy III, 8gb crosair and a dell monitor "27 that can display that resolution. 34 fps. Satisfied?
Learn how to use window and it will never crash... or install linux on it!
@eXecuteD3101 lol wow at 30 fps at 2560x1440. i'm pretty sure that's fucking overkill for any game.
You show me a pc with 10x the performance of this with a 2560x1440 resolution screen for $2000 and I will go buy it now.
ill buy it from u for 1 pennie lol jk macs are the best in the world
i have a windows vista home but i like mac better
So because you say you are knowledgeable about computers, that makes it true? I have no evidence you know anything about computers, and you can't prove it over the internet. Apple's products are overpriced, and everyone knows someone who just forked out a fuckload of money won't acknowledge their product is bad, because then they risk looking like an idiot. Apple look nice, and thus people who don't actually need computers for anything serious (or gaming), and casual users, buy them.
is it 27" too large for a pc-monitor?
hm, so mac is very slow u say. But I never felt that way. So weird. You know, hardware alone is not enough, what's more important is the integration of hardware and software. Speed does not depend on CPU/GPU alone. I can play game VERY well with just built in GPU, which no WINTEL PC can do thath I guess. Mac is VERY efficient the way it use its hardware. Apple say optimization is very crucial for best performance, I have use PC for many years, and it is very problematic sometimes.
Really sorry for my bad word. Will not use it anymore. But is it 60 fps is like magic number? I thought 30-4- fps would be enough for gaming. Well, for me, what make Mac so special is the display, I could pay high price for that. And like everyone else said, Mac is a shiny piece of hardware. And that is true, and important
could i get a 2006 imac and would it run wow good?
If you read the whole thing, and understood what I said, you would understand what I mean when I way "high-end" :)
Unsupported? Whe tell ya? Ballmer? Very stupid comment. Mac users also know about technology. Mac also good for gaming, moron. Look at the video above. "only viable option for gaming" is just wrong. If you never use Mac often, just shut up. There are plenty of great games at Mac App Store, just take some time for dev to write app. Slow hardware does not mean slow UX, idiot. My mac never feel slow. Just like PC. Customization is not enticing at all. Mac does not need that.
Meh, I have a custom gaming pc with 12GB of corsair ram, Nvidia GTX 560 intel core i7 extreme 980 with a liquid cooling system. When I need a bigger monitor I hook it up to the 46" Samsung smart 3D LED tv 240hz. Still probably cheaper than Mac
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