Juicy Couture Presents: Eticat Lessons with Derek Blasberg

by Juicy Couture • 65,433 views

With the help of some feline friends, sartorial genius Derek Blasberg provides helpful tips on manners and etiquette for the holiday season. Shop Juicy Couture: http://www.juicycouture.com/

hes so hot. but whats up with his make up.... ew
omg. that was dreadful, even for Derek.
Hey, commercial's full of kittehs, you go down in hiiiiis-toooo-ryyyy!
this is so adorable..and the tips are awesome tip#3 i always make sure i do that one right
OOOOH I love MESSY Kitty. I'm telling you what's rude is getting bitch slap by other guests during the party. I would be on my cell phone telling everybody and calling the cops about that! So I think Messy Kitty handled that well. As for the drinking the eggnog, will I do like seeing a guest of mine enjoying herself or himself at one of my parties. Beside by the time Christmas rolls around next year all will be forgotten.
best holiday tip; "stay off your phone! it is abominable... talk to the people in the room" I cannot agree more :) earnest communication makes an honest person. cheers!!
messy kitty is so calm, too bad he's ugly lol
I'm glad he came around- Messy Kitty is the best!
this video made my day ahahah who doesnt love derek
I'm so the 'messy kitty'. In the end everybody thinks I'm cute and loves me
Very cute vid. Made me smile this morning. :)
OMG kittys and juicy my 2 fave things! :)
Holy man Derek Blasberg is CUTE.
Love the Classy cat and the Red tabby especially since they are my cats.
"Oh you messy kitty! you're a mess but I love you!" My favorite part!
Aww a silver persian! ♥ The orange tabby is adorable. They're all adorable!
no one likes a messy kitty. that's what she said.
I do not like the bitchy cats, poor sweet Persian getting slapped by street cats...gorg Persians btw
finally, someone who appreciates cats as much as I do #thisiswhyimsingle
Seriously? I'd take Steve Buscemi before him! Derek has that annoying fat face that you just want to land a punch on!
Could this be any more perfect? Derek Blasberg + kitty cats. You just made my day!
poor messy kitty getting slapped in her flat face lol
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