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Shakira Parody

by Laydee Gunz • 61,570,792 views

Check this game out! New game!!! This is a parody of Shakira's great song Whenever Wherever Shakira - whenever dont matter Done by Mo Collins from...

you're fucking ugly and your body is nowhere NEAR on the same level as hers. you look like a straight line which is the total opposite to shakira who is a massive babe. 
I think her body is beautiful. And Shakira's too.
damn fanbois...
This is a very stupid parody & NOT KIND !!!!!!!!
This is one of the best parody I've seen
I see lot of people completely missed the point of how parodies work. If anyone should feel offended it should be Shakira, but i doubt she would care about parodies and jokes, people who aren't completely stiff can laugh at themselves, PLUS she's still successful and liked and has tons of fans who are not as lame as You.
XD This is a pretty catchy and cool parody
The laughs make this extremely annoying. ._.
Really love this parody first time i saw this i was like my aunt and imy family cuz my aint found this on facebook i was 5 and like i laughed so hard,good thing im still alive
This isn't offensive, but it's just really lame. The woman in this video is making a fool of herself. That's all I see. There's little that has to do with the "Whenever, Whereever" song, or its singer. If you're going to do a parody, have some taste. Acting like a fool only makes people laugh at you.
lol she is like the girl version of michael jackson!
i think this is hilarious 
"I could sing about pancake batter!" xD
i was 4 years old !!!!!
wow this is offensive and racist to any foriegner u need a new spoof and ur just jelous of her
Worst parody ever.
Lolz, u r so cute. Bang!
mad tv´s shakira parody einfach genial
Was 2 when this came out.. Turned 3 30 days later 👍
Funny classic youtube!
you are so mean what if that was you and they were making fun and you were trying to get a good caer
Mad TV was awesome in the 90s.
meh late 90s early 2000's what's the difference.
Umm different decades..
OMG!! i remember this one i just laughed when i was 10 years old xDDD
Like si los vez en. 2014
omg I used to watch this everyday when I was like 7 or 8 years old and now I'm 16 and I'm still laughing like the first time
Well, just saying, Shakira has booty, you looks like a chair.
that person is taking the mick out of sharkira and has no life ot talent
9 years ago. People are saying this is stupid. People are stupid for not looking at the upload date.
This is sooo wrong, but funny lol. This parody has even more views than the original spanish version "Suerte" haha
omg i watched this when i  was like 9  and i still find this really funny...lmao
Gestoorde gek filmpje zetten dat
I love this song and it kinda messed it up for me but.... Awesome video
Oh gosh, I remember this! My niece sent me this by mail around 2004? The time when there wasn't YouTube :') I was 11 and didn't understand much English, but I thought it was funny :P
LMAOOOO even tho I'm Colombian and speak English as a second language this is So funny!!!! I remember the first time that I watched this video... Damn was a long time ago.
e tare  parodia::::::)))))
Why did I watch this when I was younger?
damn. last time i watched this was in 6th grade. i remember me and my friends used to dance like that and say stuff like "time to craaawl..intooo the mud AH!" lol good times
que buena parodia jajaja :3
Watching in 2015❤️❤️❤️
+Janasia Wilder lol why do you apologize? hahaha I was just asking. hahahaha
I was just being stupid
Ure so affensive who ever made this
haha oh god this was the first youtube video i watched!! loved this when i was 8! haha
It's not funny not cuz I like shakira it's just not funny
Go back to the jungle!
me after 9 yrs: ahhh I owner how popula-.... WTF!
Ik vind het heel aardig
She says at the end: "Que rica caca"...LOL!!!!!!!!
This is not funny and the girl is a total IDIOT
Es la parodia mas estúpida que e visto
OMFG! This is still funny.
Omg this is memorable xD When i was 7 i started to watch this parody and now ! I remembered it and Im now 12 years old omg <3
Oh lol ! xD But , its still the same . We grow up so fast xD
I remember watching this in 2006 
so stupid that it is actually funny!!!
It is not funny Shakira I don't like it I am your greatest fan girl
natan como vc pode se mastruba pra isso
make fun of someones language is discriminatory like having fun of a black kid for being black. That is discriminatory based on place of origin
kkkkkkk q bosta kkkkk
Non sempra divertente E VAFFANCULO a chi la fatto sto video schifoso
So f*cking silly. -_-
ıt's so ridiculous :D 
Jajajajajajajajajaja moriiiiii
jajaja que lokura es esta 
This is so shit its not even funny
Hahahahah cant stop laughing
You shouldn't post parodys it's stupid and making fun of people
Make fun of someone is not a good thing!
I dont get this shit it is not even funny
krava tapa..... ty si idiotka na celom svete naj trapnejsie
I saw is when I was six made me lath so hard I pee
hrozne.. ak by ste tak mohli dat nieco normalne
How stupid. And even worse: no ass, no curves, no moves. So, if you don´t have anything to say why not just shut up a little? ;)
You do have a smokin' body :)
This never gets old
this is for your fuckin sister
shes not gonna get laid.
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