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MW3 - Manipulating Spawns on Underground

by OzerecYT: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare + Tips! • 10,493 views

MW3 manipulating spawns on underground

Oz, your the reason why i know a lot of the spawns today, you have made me a great player. i have been subbed to you for quite a while now, even when you wasn't partnered. keep doing what you do your making a big impact on the community!
oh yea..time to get me some moab with this info lol
your a real clever player i was impressed
Depends on what type of game you like. If you like a fast paced smaller mapped game it is MW3. If you like a simulation type with tanks, helicopters and other vehicles and extremely large maps and slower paced gameplay thats BF3.
Does this strategy work for the B Spawntrap on Dome? From my experience, even if no one pushes up past either entrance to the B "office building," after a moment, the enemy team will inevitably spawn either in the dome (A spawn) or in the bunker (C spawn). But perhaps throwing down equipment in either spot could prevent this from happening.
i think its great that u understand the spawn system and predict the enemy, but do you think that placing a claymore to prevent spawning is not manipulating the game in an unfair way?
OMG i fell pretty bad watching this video cause i cant play MW3 from 4 months :D! My graphic card is crashed and its in service! :)
Oz you want a modded controler for free?(ps3)
Oz try using attack chopper, reaper, osprey gunner. when you go to use your osprey gunner put hardline pro on because the assists you get from your osprey gunner will count as kills towards your next kill streak.
what is better... mw3 or battlefield 3
Oz go check this video out because its a maybe you can improve your Intro by using this person's templete. :) /watch?v=iZc3x7Y9NVA&feature=channel&list=UL
How do the reaper and ac130 kills count towards his kill streak! Someone please answer me!
I just realized, it's 420 today.
Good game play, just shows everyone that there's more to gaming than running around shooting people. But at my age i have a hard time multi tasking. Lmao.
as long as killstreak rewards dont come from care packages they count.
ur right. thank goodness for linked comments i forgot that i actually wrote that to somebody
Thats nasty. I like this video,keep up the good work.
hey oz whats better for getting assault streaks: assasin or hardline
great info I did not know all that, very useful.
Nice! you really bring some quality information about that can make a difference. So tired of watching countless MOABs. Keep it up!
Hey Oz wat is ur favorite killstreak setup
Your aim is just to good the time inbetween you seeing an enemy and the time you shooting him is almost nothing.
Hey Oz what are some good tips for me I'm new to COD I play Mw3 and I suck
@OzerecYT How goes it Oz? Been subbed for a while. Return the favor?
Wait doesn't the Osprey drop off carepackages for you and your team?
Last I played with you you were 9th lol now I just got 9th
Let us see how many kills and deaths have u done
Ozerec deserves soooo many more views and subscribers. Spread the word around about him he is honestly the greatest commentator, we are the ones, the fans, who can make a difference post this to every video. OzerecYT the greatest commentator... /user/OzerecYT
The game gives the other team some slack
What do you think is better flashbang or stun.
Try posting daily, it'll please more subs and earn you more subs :) anyways keep it up :]
Once again a pleasure watching you play!
Out of curiosity, What's your ping, download speed and upload speed?
i was wondering what kind of headset you use
GENIUS.. Dude is thinking! thanks Oz. Class is in session what do I owe u.. LOL
loving the series man :) keep throwing out the tips on how to read the map
you sent me thiz vid and i saw it and imediately subscribed
Oz gives great advice that most famous commentators don't do and that's why he is awesome
Hey Ozerec what Turtle Beach Headset do you use again? I'm running the PX5s on my PS3 and am kinda wondering what the best soundwhore setup is. That could be your next vid.
Oz you're a muther truckin genious
You should be called "the most envious troll on the entire planet because this guy can get big killstreaks and you can't"
Hey man, I was wondering what sort of video Fx you use before rendering your videos, they look like they have very very good quality. please tell me. Do you use any colour corrections? sharpens, etc? cheers.
You sir are becoming one of my must watch commentators, I love you Oz!
ur very tricky sir!! lol! nice move man!
What sensitivity do you play on?
Yeah but he's right though.imagine if you were forced to spawn where the other team wanted you to so they could kill you easily.It'd piss me off.
Do you get money from machinima or something?
where u laid down @3.03 they can still spawn on a stairs. i was there one time, after i called in a killstreak and thats when i first noticed the spawn glitch at a
Very advanced but helpful. It's so nice when you've got a squad that can hold positions and spawns. I've gotten to the point I can't stand tdm because of the constantly flipping flanks!!! Seems not as bad on Dom.
WTF are you talking about if you stand at the end of that hallway and let them spawn at the staircase where you put that claymore it will be an easy MOAB. You just have to check the left room because they spawn there too.
You should rename this video: "How to strategically be a douche bag to your enemies in MW3"
Appreciate the video oz. I've been doing this for sometime now after I saw ur black ops videos on remembering where u spawn. Good video though.
<3 Legend. Iv been subbed since before you were partnered with Yeousch so a reply means a lot :]
Dang, I just saw your sent message and thought I would poke around, you're amazing. You're one of those people who has skills and doesn't show off. As for me, well, I'm rusty. I haven't played MW3 in a while (explains why i haven't prestiged yet) but perhaps we could play together sometime. - Legit Applesaus
me too i remember 3 harriers 1 pavelow 1 ac130 what else lol?
the thing is that i cant click the links on screen
Always great useful stuff. I use Portable Radar to monitor Spawns all the time.
what was your final score (as in points)? thanks :D :D
I miss how in MW2 their could be like 10 to 15 planes/helicoptors at once.
any body do ps3 gameplays that i can play with if so add me: xxBr0k3nxARROWxx
This was great, I had no idea that equipment would effect. Do bouncing betties work?
@OzerecYT I fucking love you, bro.
Hey Ozerec can you make a color correction tutorial, i was using Pacific tomb's but his was to dark for me. Yours is bright and lively :D
I tried thsi with a claymore inthe spawn point and got DOUBLE KIL!!!
As usual, another solid commentary Oz!
can you make a vid on whether or not a silencer is worth using. or when and when not to use one??
This killstreak setup is nice but the osprey gets shot down so easily.
can you put a link for that video with the spawns please love ur vids thank you
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