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Firing Line: Willow

by ThrasherMagazine • 45,799 views

Willow starts it off small and ends it big in this back alley line.

DAMN one of the sickest nollie flips on flat ever seen
what stance is he ? was the first trick nollie or fakie
i knew there had to be a hardflip in it, fuckin great one
Ive replayed this about 38 thousand times..
German style willow the best willow der beste
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck thats a nice gap
His 5-incher part was full of rad stuff like this!
Should've put an emoticon at the end to avoid kids like them to hate you. lol :)
line (engish word) definitions 1 noun: a formation of people or things one beside each other. Fat nollie flip beside a crazy hard flip down a gap...
who ever hasnt seen almost 5 incher go see it now willows part is pretty damn sick
idc wut it was (even tho it was clearly a nollie flip then hardflip) it was dope
Was that a frontside shuv or a hardflip? Either way pretty large
an arial view from the roof of that carport on the right would be nice
daaaam that nollie flip was high as fuck
i love it when out of control flip tricks get wrangled back in time
Hardflip like the deserves trick of the month.
no he wants to say that a firing line as this isnt possible at germany
Yea unfortunately by I new that going into it. They said he's working on his own part in the near future though.
I guarantee if the cameraman kept following him... he could keep going ... dudes beast
GOD Dayum what a nollie flip. Holy shitt
Judging by the your grammar and the way you worded that sentence, you can hardly speak English either.
New Carlsbad? Where is that so we can name it after its home?
If you have to even question if weather or not he does a hardflip at the end.....gtfo.
Someone Translate the Top Comment To English :0
In Deutschland wären da sicher schon 2 Zäune, ne Hecke und 5 Schilder.
GERMANY FTW!! willow is the real deal fellows!! xD
"In Germany, were undoubtedly the two fences, hedges and 5 signs " I think the guy wanted to say the Firing Line Is at Germany
der nollieflip einfach nur krass ! soo viel FLOW!
The screensaver on my phone is willow heelflipping that gap, such a beast!
big nollie flip bigger hardflip haha
if you're not sponsored, then this video is enough to get you one..
god damn. goes from just a nollie flip to a huge hardflip, and maintains style.
he stomped the crap out of that hardflip
I guess 9 ppl can nollie above their waist line....
did anyone elses screen get fucked and move to the right, right before he did the hardflip
i know exactly where this is... right next to my grandmas
i think its called an Unward Flip,but i think this is a hardflip...
wish i could see the hardflip from the side..
nah not really a line. dont argue with me either
Just saw the new Almost vid, sick as fuck
"that wasn't a fucking hardflip dumb fucks" thank you for being so AMAZING at sarcasim.. and also thank you for making a correction that every one with a computer makes these days. your not special for correcting my spelling of your. go fuck yourself. and good bye
okay so idk what the fuck all you idiots are saying, because when i do hardflips, thats exactlly my foot position n thats what the board does, which means i can hardflip not outward flip? and honestly id bet you 100$ cash that if you called and asked willow he would say it was a hardflip and any other "names" you have for it he'd just smack you
That fakie flip was so smooth.. Love when it does that :) an the hardflip was just super G
is that gap in san francisco? does anyone know where is at? haha
me bein serious isn't sincere to who I am. above all, to thine ownself be true. -shakespere :)
And the fisrt one says:"The gap Isnt at Germany ...right" Im speaking German xD
I wouldn't exactly call that a line...
lol text alone doesn't capture emotion well, and sarcasm is generally really childish and only miscommunication causing
Thumbs up if you cant do a hardflip
People seriously think this isn't a hardflip?
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