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Sony E3 2012 Press Conference

by gamespot • 566,167 views

Join us Live for the Sony Press Conference from E3 2012! Don't have time for the whole conference? Watch our breakdown & mash-up! GameSpot US Breakdown -

The Last of Us Memoravel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lmfao everyone was so excited about Beyond Two Souls. Such a shame that it turned out to be a disappointment....
It's nice to play PS Vita on a bus heading to everywhere In north america ^-^
After ps3 was released I knew every E3 sony would beat the crap out of dat Microsoft.Last gen xbox 360 had won and I approve it.many people had said that ps3 was better because of free MP.xBox 360 was better in many reasons but next gen xboxone lost to ps4 and every E3 Microsoft just doesn't know how to impress the audience and all gamers.
Tim Stewart Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
0:26:24 Mighty morphin power rangers.
Spybox One £430. PS4 £350. Sony is going to win again.
Only Xbox fanboys disliked this video.
The console war is over before it even started, Sony is obviously the winner I mean they announced ALL the best games! and it has Gaikai! What more could you ask for?
I have been with Xbox since the very begining, but seeing this compared to the XBone, I'm defenitely getting this, I'll still love using my 360, but this one can play KH3, Star Wars Battlefront, and Dead Rising 3
We have gotten through 3 Xbox's in the last 4 months because they keep freezing! I have had my Ps3 for 6 years! No problems!
after 6 years, my xbox halo 3 edition still works, your friend your friend was cheated :p
*Talks about MGS. No game play of MGS. LOL
Where are the new ip's, they want us to keep playing the same GoW over and over... Good original games for this very simular to Microsoft console
it may be a piece of shit, but thats still better than xbox
Which playstation supplied their Playstation+ members with for a few years now. And its optional. You dont HAVE to subscribe to be able to play.
..............I've been watching this for an hour and 20 min thinking it was the e3 2013 Sony press conference!
If playstation did it for gamers than why isn't it free?
JA! The xbox 360 was really able to be hacked, while the ps3 wasn't so SUT THE FUCK UP, U fanboy
Oops this was last years e3... I'm a failure
I've been an all xbox guy but man, that xbox one reveal...
Xbox and Xbox 360 owner here, going PS4. Go fuck yourself Microsoft, and that DRM horse you rode in on!
I need help with something, there is this game I think was announced at E3 which involves you building shelter to hide from creatures. What is the name of the game?
Lol.. good one mr. PC elitist, now go shove that keyboard up your ass... sideways.
Im assuming 1,314 people dont like sharing games. Mother****ers
I got 36 mins in then realised it was 2012
I can't say I'm overly impressed, but I wish the PS4 the best in the console wars this generation. Anyone with half a brain should know not to buy the Xboner.
The Last of us was fucken epic!
ellen page is emotions. emotions emotions emotions and ellen page
ha ha ha we see super mega grapcs of x box one ? this is awesome ha ha ha
sorry guys, you don't have pokemon. great consolle tho
It's true. But you'll get great deals WITH PS+ It's a win and loss.
Ive played Xbox all my life and now I think I'm getting a ps4
Final score: xbox 1 playstation 4
thought xbox was better than ps4. i have never been so wrong.
Lol Angry joe got a voucher, He owns an Xbox, but he'll use it when he gets the ps4
This is why I like Gamespot over IGN fully in sync audio :)
can someone say where they start talk about ps4. thanks
All the games you see here were shown before their release. I think that you are thinking that this is this year's E3, this was last years E3, search for 2013 and you will see that the ps4 is better.
I watch 10 minutes of this only to realize this wasn't I hate my life
Lol you're evidently an Xbox fanboy who can't take it how Ps4's the better console. By far.
Omg people this is 2012 not 2013
1,296 dislike? 1,296 very bitter people.
loool u butthurt piece of shit go play with your shitbox1
I went 17 minutes before realizing this wasn't E3 2013
I think we all know who won the console war for this decade.
Where is the video for E3 2013!!!
Bro, this is before I knew all about James daughter and stuff. I thought he had a son. And I said Ubisoft OR THE PEOPLE THAT MADE THE PROTOTYPE GAME. Did you see the "or"?
I watched the whole thing and realized it was the wrong year
Finally a full fucking version, over some stupid highlights. Thank you.
Probably not. The days of backwards compatibility are over. It's too much work now, and would make consoles cost far too much. The only reason that the ps2 was completely backwards compatible was because playstation games could be played on just about anything.
my x360 stopped working... AFTER 2 DAYS OF GAMING 2 HOURS EACH :)
my fat 80gb ps3 still running with no manteinance after 6 years too! i hope ps4 has good durable materials inside like the fat 80gb ps3!
WTF just noticed is the fucking 2012 e3 feel so stupid now
I just realized it now that they're talking about Assassins creed on the vita
Well if they charge for it then they're doing it for money.
xbox = they did it for the money playstation = they did it for the gamers like me
after 6 years, my 40gb ps3 still works. In 6 years my friend needed to buy three xbox.
I just came to get more goosebumps on that Last of Us Gameplay crowd reaction. Too amazing
What else does it do but play games it's a ps3 with better graphics and that's why it's cheap
Hahahahahaha Xbox fan boys can go suck a bag of dicks now!!!
... and Solid Snake YEAH CMON SKAKE U R A BEAST
6 years? My xbox 360 has survived that long to.. guess you just bad
HA! the where actually hacked xbox I mean and we all know some of you fanboys will be butthurt about getting dick slapped but don't cry didums it'll be okay...he said lying
Am I the only one who realized they talked about beyond 2 souls LAST E3!
This is 2012. Facepalm. I should learn how to read.
can old ps3 games be played on ps4?
I hope you realize that you have to have PS+ to play online now...just sayin.
how does it feel that meanwhile xbox live was down you had to renew your subscription and in playnetwork just waited a bit for free :)
Subscribe to me if you like PS4... I hope this works. (Fingers Crossed)
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