Red vs. Blue: ODST Episode 01

by Rooster Teeth • 3,362,690 views

http://redvsblue.com for more new Red vs. Blue videos. "Guys Like Us" - The RvB crew gets an early look at an upcoming ODST mission.

they broke the 4th wall!!
wow exactly 10 000 likes... FTW!
I'm scared...and I don't know why.
CABOOSE: I'm scared, and I don't know why. LOLOL. Oh Caboose you sure know how to keep the web show popular, you're like their Mascot or something.
No, in one of the earlier episodes Tex said her codename was Nevada
not that often but fortunately i am finding it funny and though i may have no focus on it's story, i will pick up the characters' names and laugh even more as i watch it.
Caboose and Church are awesome!!!
Master Chief, if I were to state the obvious and ruin the joke.
how did i get here from skrillex
ODST's are awesome. Just at how they killed that brute chieftain in Halo ODST
The ODST phantoms were the best, they should keep those going forward
People don't play that anymore. It should be repopulated.
Hey Grif don't fuck with the ODST!
So where are the regular soldiers??
And I thought Master Chief kicked ass.
explodey fiery things sound awesome
im scared and i dont know why lol
caboose is a unsc marine and he has no idea what the fuck that means....MINDFUCK
what's a marine 15 secs later scrimmage sounds delicious l. you have no idea what that word means do you. no idea.
are you kidding me? do you even watch red vs blue, cos i really dont think you do :/
i love how caboose and simmons stare at each other in the middle of the promo clip
just a bit of a badass? more like alot of a badass
it grate video thing the don't have lot halo reach videos and i wonder is rooster teeth fight kos on halo reach because kos controls halo reach
How do you get your character to hold his gun like that
1:46 Notice there was one KIA out of the four ODSTs
Ya know what. Your just making comments that have nothing to do with the vid, if u even watched it.
Oh man I can't wait for the halo 4 gamplay
So far? about 6. But Be careful. everyone is trying to be Caboose. But My friends know which one is real.
millie should have her own character
We need to make youtube design a voice comment and similar to show comment you just click and you can hear what the person said rather than a typed comment. This way, comments like this will receive their proper respect.
Church is not a freelancer. It's Tex that's a freelancer. Church is just an AI called Alpha (xD spoiler alert)
how does this fit in the story? O_O
i wish you could wear cabooses helmet like dlc or something
...I'm scared, and I don't know why.
"I'm scared, and i don't know why." possiblty the best line ever.
It's just special episodes, it doesn't effect the story at all :)
I'm scared, I don't know why.lol
Um, so where's the movie with the regular soldiers-Haha Griff is awesome!
Well at least they won't be fighting against master chief this time.
2009? Should i be watching this right now?
You hold down all the buttons: a, RB, LB, down on the plus pad and crouch, there your weapon is down
This is why ODST are better than Spartans. They're ridiculously good but aren't drugged.
Those were ODST's they are elite soldiers normal marines well lets just say against that number of enemys... Not pretty
well caboose a marine is soildier who fights the covenete and they are pretty much only good for 1 battle cause they will be dead and i know this cause my squad always gets killed in battle now im requesting for odst squads marines arent as good as them
And 2 this day, I still dont no Y i was scared
Didnt i sey that? I dont like it wen peepol steel my lines.
You're Just a Stupid Troll. Die you stupid Blue Troll.
For those who don't know what ODST stands for it is: Orbital Drop Shock Troopers or Only Death Stops Them
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