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Dire Consequences: Hot Pepper Improv

by CollegeHumor • 193,509 views

PARKS AND REC BLOOPERS LIKE us on: Kevin or Murph must eat a habanero chili and perform live comedy. Whoever loses, the audience wins. See...

The more videos I see Murph in, the more I'm convinced that he is a real piece of fucking shit. I wouldn't want to associate with him or anybody like him. Its a shame. I gave him a chance, but he disgusts me. Its bad enough now, that I don't want to watch a video with him in it. In regards to this video, Murph is a dishonourable, cheating prick. Cheating kinda defeats the point of "dire consequences". Its cowardly, and by cheating he is saying he isn't willing to take the consequences. This isn't the first one he's cheated in either. They should just rename the series "Murph fucks Kevin over". Kevin seems like a good guy, so it makes me feel even worse for him that he has to work with Murph, even though he probably doesn't mind it and they're probably pretty good friends.
wtf man its a sketch chill out
brian murphy is a real piece of shit
I would willingly eat the pepper, I cook with habeneros all the time.
I have some Moruga Trinidad Scorpion pepper.  Better than Habenero
I love how that guy looks like Bob Ross, Art Garfunkel, and Malcom Gladwell all at once. 
Sold out meaning people paid to see this, I guess thats the punchline.
wow lol at the end he looks like a hobo that lives across the street
"I hope you had as much fun as my guts are on fire"
My favorite thing to do when i eat sumthing spicy is Soda and and some plain mustard..WORKS WONDERS FOR ME
Ok CollegeHumor does awesome sketches, but this is terrible improv. Granted I only saw little clips. I hope the whole show wasn't just questions and pimping. BAAD
I think the both of you should have ate the pepper not just one of you guys
9/10 people who say that can't back it. Unless you lost the majority of your nerve sensitivity in your mouth (like me), you should just shut up. Come down to New Mexico and say that to my face. I amaze the chile farmers in Hatch, the chile capital of the world.
that's not even hot enough! do it with pure capsaicin!
Now do it with a ghost chili...
Dammit, I want a beard like that. I can grow one, the only problem is that I need to be clean shaven at my job.
the lady in the advertisement is extremely akward -___- but sorta funny xD
true, but he probably needs to be able to function at least somewhat. Not just rushing to the bathroom
psh do that with a ghost pepper...then make a video
You just pour ketchup in your mouth. Instant relief
guy that won is a dick... jack ass
Umm, its all one...Im confused on why 152 people dont understand normal human facial hair..
Probably the only thing worth watching on CH now.
I briefly considered watching that enormous ad out of curiosity.
wtf? habaneros aren't even that hot; they're delicious!
amir already did... check out amirvalerie's channel...
A habanero? That's like nothing
Her name is Emily, she's in alot of recent harly working.
Yeah, I did mean that, actually. But even with the mistake, people voted it up for some reason. No idea why.
Well, he DID have to stay on stage for 10-15min, so Ghost was not an option. They would have to carry him outa there.
Dude, for the sake of mankind, please shave the beard and get a haircut. Starting to look like tom hanks in castaway..
Get two guys to build giant model ships, then flip a coin to see who has to tow theirs behind a speed boat.
they broke so many improv rules it hurts
"I hope you had as much fun as my guts are on fire." Hahaha what?
Awww! Poor Kevin!! I love him so much ;)
come on now, everyone knows you pull the wish bone with your pinky at the far end of it, that way its fair. Murph was just afraid of losing cuz he aint a real man like kev
just shoving bread in his face at the end lol
i ve heard mustard and ketchup helps
I personally think Murph should have to do the next one just for his douche move on the wish bone. XD
habenero OOOH BIG DEAL. i'll eat any fucking pepper in the WORLD and do better than ya'll pussies
@thakar98 no the ghost pepper is the hottest but those still are pretty damn hot especially for someone who dosent have alot of spicy food.
The 11 minute ad was waaaayyyy better than whatever that was.
Hottest Chilli in the world is the scorpion Chilli, followed closely by the ghost Chilli.
tbf its the seeds that hurt not the flesh of the pepper
Carbon dioxide physically stimulates your taste buds making it worse. Ethanol chemically stimulates them, drawing more blood into your tongue and thus make it more sensitive, but at the same time it does decompose capsaicine. So it makes the feeling worse for a while but then makes it go away completely.
lol try again, it has similar effects to carbon dioxide so it makes the feeling worse.
Kevin has lost almost all of the Dire Consequences
1 Habenero isn't even that spicy. Most hot buffalo wings are spicier than a habenero.
Now, I wonder who are better frenemies: Murph and Kevin, or Jake and Amir.
That could kill him. Besides most white folk can hardly handle a jalepeno. lol
always with the cheating. Fucking Murph..
does he realize he looks like a caveman?
Murph can't cheat. The word of Murph is Law.
what would happen if they both had their thumbs on it?
this reminds me of kenny vs spenny for some reason
this is one of the best series with troopers and what would kevin do for ricky's money. they should make more.
The toyota ad, where 10 minutes of it is the woman awkwardly talking to you in her car.
Actually no your wrong a Habenero pepper scores between 100,000 and 350,000 on the scoville scale, for perspective a jalapeno pepper scores at only 3,500 to 8,000. Seeing as jalapenos are spicier then some (Not all) people can handle, multiplying that by ten is nothing to shake a stick at.
Thumbs up if you watched the ad XD
Haha! Why isn't there more likes?!
Murph started to cheat after he lost the first challenge.
you shouldn't drink water after habaneros or any other product with the same effect, the water will only spread the chemical causing the burning sensation. Milk and alcohol are the 2 things you want to drink. Also eating white bread soaks up some of that.
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