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PERSISTENCE (Pubertina #9)

by Shut Up! Cartoons • 809,662 views

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+Lorin ZeWolf Roses are usually red, violets are always blue. Get in my van, I want to have sex with you. Sorry I just wanted to type this ;u;"
Dagum 21st century. 11 year olds coming out of the closet. 
gay people are awsom an so nice i suport gay and bi rights(gay gose for both genders)
Bi means that you love both genders gay means a guy likes guys and a girl likes girls.But I like you supporting gayness. :) thumbs up to your coment
+B McCormick i know what gay and bi mean. and thanks :)
She was freakin stalking that boy! And I thought Debs was crazy!
she was twerkin young miley cyrus just without the toung
I was in 5th grade when this came out, just like pubertina, and I was in love with this boy Andrew. We dated a little before he moved away. Even though I've moved past him, this takes me back to it an it bring happy and sad memories with it. I almost want to cry when I see it but then I remember all the great things. Yes I may only be 13 turning 14 but I've ever been sure of anything it's that I loved that boy with everything and I know because I refused to date anyone else or think about anyone else for a year and a half. And he loved me too. Point is, this series holds a place in my heart. Someone should bring it back.
Damn bi tch is on some high drugs...YAYYYYY!!!!!!
2:16 SHES TWERKING lolololololololol 😝
Continue doing the serie is very cool😊👍
there this girl in my shcool so i ask her out so she said yes now we aew boyfriend and girlfriend
Man pubertina is like me I have this friend who I liked for a long time now. But he is going to move away next month :( so I was going to tell him tomorrow or when we go to a resort
My crushes name is Andrew 😂😂 I should sing that song to him
he snitch on his friend being gay, that was so funny
Bossgaming you are a retard i have gay friends but cause they like that u hate them
+Dylan Zuniga I didn't say anything about gays people did i
LOL watching this random video and I wanted to tag you guys to watch it too! +kassandra franco 
She was freind zoned 😬
The friend zone doesn't exist it's just an excuse for guys to be assholes
"I love you Andrew i poo" what?! XD
deb is such a lesbian
I love you Andrew I poo? Lol
"I love you Andrew, I poo. The last is just a fact don't ask me to explain it to you." Lol xD
The candles looks like dicks? or is it? o_o at 2:11
Da fuck 2:11 I just watch dildos candles tampons penises with condoms who da fuck knows
+Michael Tan  X'DDDDDDDDDDDDD youll never know
(Pubertina's song comes on) I'm frightened
(Pubertina's song comes on) AH STROKE!!!!!!
This show is really disturbing but when he said "Tommy's gay too" I laughed so fuckin hard!
This is really disturbing
Andrew, why did you kill the jazzy heart?!
When ya'll say she is like 11 and in a young class? Well girls can have puberty 8-16
Yeah but she is in a 3rd grade class when she should be in 5th-6th grade
I feel bad for that boy,not for being gay,because everyone laughed at him.
that letter was hella creepy o.a
What's wrong with being gay
I don't think violets are blue 
[song comes on]-WTF????????????!
What 11 year olds write those letters?
that leter esclated qwickly lol
Dat song is in my head I like it
We'll i don't love u cuz my name is andrew and I wanted to kill my self
same on episode pubertinas little helper debs says: do you think ill ever meet my prince-ess?
The thirst is real for Pubertina
Wow deb's is really desperate!
debs said "maybe you should try having a crush on a girl and then she mumbles< like me>
Worries me that my best friend is pyscho too.
The letter was hella creepy e-e but what's wrong with being gay?
I think pubertina was twerking
thats really fucking weird XD DX
lol :D my name is Andrew
I would miss those backwards hats.... XD
Sick sick siiiiiiick!
Lol, the song is so freaking derpy.
does anyone know the lyrics to the song?!
I love you Andrew. I poo, the last it just a fact don't make me explain it to You
Me: umm pubertina... Pubertina: I love you I poo I love you I poo.. Me: pubertina, why are there dicks everywhere? Pubertina: I love you I poo.. Me: are you lesbian? I ate your grandmothers pie btw :L Pubertina: uh what? Me: I wanted to tell you that I'm gay.. Pubertina: OH THATS GREAT I CAN BE GAY WITH CHU! Me: no I mean I like girls.. Pubertina: oh then will you marry me? Me: what no, no, your ugly, no, I like ur hair doe. Pubertina: oh okay... :she cries forever:
liking backwards hats is a sure sign of being straight
My lesbian friend likes backwards hats and I hate them.
+Vriska Serket sorry, that was an ironic joke. see, I was saying that liking backwards hats makes you straight as that is clearly NOT in anyway a prerequisite to being heterosexual and, therefore, makes me look like I am being both pretentious AND stupid.  It's called "tongue in cheek humor".
I like the song ❤ also in the friend zone
The tampon background HAHAHAHAHAH XD 2:08
That song got stuck in my head...for three days.
When I saw your picture I had to check if there was a spider on my screen XD
Lol I laughed so hard when i looked gay up on wiki
Debs says : Maybe you should try having a crush on a girl like me where did that come from I don't know
OMG THIS SHOW IS SO WEIRD......But hilarious! XD It's soooo weird....But at the end it's ironic.....when you like someone named Andrew.....But at least he's not gay! LOL +Sagher Ahemdi *WATCH THIS!!!*
Lol pee I got to go pee ohhh
Lol all of this happens in some elementary? Wow
So deb is a lesbian? What da f***
I love her dance lol and um did Debs say what I though she said at the end?
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