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Slow Motion Muzzle Flash Tutorial

by BrandonJLa • 720,210 views

Brandon walks you through how to make muzzle flashes in slow motion. Check if your camera has a 60p mode (usually it'll shoot 60p at the 1280x720 resolution)

still can't believe they use max and AE for vfx
Wow thanks for the 2 free explosion stock footage!!!
Lol is that Freddie typing in the background
how did you do the heat distortion?
Get the fuckin Anti ACA adds off.  
are they using CS6? or CS5? or what? thanks!
twixtor > timewarp.
+Dylan C. Didnt work. Is your video up?
Someone playing air hockey in the background?
it's freddie typing.
Hey umm how do you get after effects on a mac
There's a free 30 day trial though
+druggelino not worth it. The projects you do take more than 30 days and you run out of time before youve finished your project
damnnnnnnnnn!! you talk very fastttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!
Hey if you would like some Slow Motion Stock Footage check out the stuff I made on my channel. it might really speed up your editing process. The video includes: Side angle, Front, Left angled, and First Person! hope you like it :)
just a tip since i use airsoft gas blowbacks for my vids too, instead of holding the slide release, pull the follower in the magazine down and load it with gas. The slide will cycle without slide release manipulation
hey you should make more tutorials how to build the effects or the 3D stuff that would be very very helpful .
The tip of the gun is orange. Smooth guys.
Not really, i guess you could get something decent out of add ons like Twixtor for AE, but i'm guessing it doesn't shoot at 60 fps so you wont be getting the same feel but its perfectly fine if you edit it correctly.
whats wrong man? i used the link i gave to figure it out myself, he couldn't find the one by them, so i thought it might be helpful.
you never went over the displacement map brandon!
Check out my video "Slow Mo Action" for some slow mo muzzle flashes :)
I can believe the Ravens one the super bowl
How come you didn't discuss the shockwave?
what camera do you usually use ? is a go pro 3black edition is good for slow motion ?
What I'd do is mask the part you want distorted and then add a blur, distortion or bulge effect to that, then figuring out how long you want the distortion to last and key-framing accordingly.
like if you herd 2 and a half men in the background?
where did u get the smoke?? cus i have action essentials 2 pack and i can't found any good smoke
this is a really cool effect but I couldn't really understand him but I understood freddie
sitting and waiting for my new Mac so i can follow along you guys ;) (Macbook Pro w. Retina Display) can't wait!
yeap It all depends in the hardware, if you pay for a pc which price is the same of a macs I bet It will be way better...
dude Try n try until u die and if u die at least u try :)
look at her left eye when she shoots the gun
It can't really shoot super slow-mo, but it will provide you with some basic slow motion and i guess it'll do.
you won't know until you go try it yourself now will you?
Sounds like someone is playing ping-pong in the background. LOL
I tried this effect, check it out on my channel.
hey check out my slow motion muzzle flash on my page ! :)
if you use a toy guns as well LOL
@makingsomefilms theres a warp effect that goes over her face in the final effect. It looks kind of like a heat wave
@Brandon everything looks great, however, I personally would have made a 4th duplicate of the muzzle flash, and added a displacement map :)
I hear freddie typing in the background, your keyboard combined with your speed betrays you Mr. Wong
What's the name of the video-editing program you're using??
in my experience, no... mac can do everyday tasks alot better, but not processing video
It's just a tutorial, YOU DON'T SAY?
If you're willing to sacrifice some quality for frames, than yes. They could have been using any DSLR here, though.
Freddie typing in the background...
There is not that much blow back on the shooter when firing a gun...and can't you just use the youtube gun channels that have slow motion footage(like me) to get your muzzle flash? jw.
You were defiantly paying attention in the classroom... ._.
he did not go over how he did the heat wave in this edit!!! :(
which camera should i get for stuff like that? I have only 800€ to invest.
Hey which Video programm there are use?
Apply a bulge over the muzzle, make it grow large during the flash then back to zero by the time its finished.Thats what I did and it turned out fine :D
If your so ignorant that you think the operating system matters in a visual effects artist skill you really shouldn't be working with computers
Can't you just right click, select time/duration increase it to about 150-245% and you have a very slow motion muzzle flash scene? Then just add the flash and do the exact same thing although you will have to shorten it to line it up. that is what I do and it works rather nicely :)
Where is ejected empty cartridge?
just put the muzzle flare in the video that is rendered in 60 fps and the render it into 120 fps? is that possible?
actually i did do it. check this out. /watch?v=pWf6OoKgkSk&feature=plcp
Great stuff Brandon... I am just getting into fx and watching your work has been an inspiration! One question.. on your Kickstarter page it was mentioned that you highly recommend HitFilm... but also see you use Adobe products as well.. have you settled on one at this time or do you use both? For a beginner in the field, would HitFilm be a good choice? Thanks very much!
Hey what do you think of my first attempt on the slowmotion muzzle flash? Check it out on my channel
nice i phone vid i subbed :) u should check out my channel there not as good as yours but i just started :) i didnt sub cause i want u to sub be i subbed cause you have quality videos :)
what about the displacement on her face?? how??
hahahaha' but its just a tutorial guys
Freddie! I can hear you hitting your keyboard in the background hahaha
Hey guys love the videos you make, they have completely inspired me, but I dont have after effects I have final cut pro x is there any way you could do a tutorial with final cut?
freddie brandon make a youtube effect film school
LOL I saw a freddieW Doritos Locos Tacos ad on this video. xD
I think the only thing i will remember from this video was that he was drinking Dr. Pepper haha. My favorite!
Is a mac better for video producing?
whats that stupid voice in the back ground ...... its like a ww1 typing machine
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