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Sexy Naughty Bitchy Alois ~ Kuroshitsuji II

by 22ChibiChibi22 • 923,608 views

For my sister ^ ^ Video - Kuroshitsuji II Song - Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me

looks at Kyoya Hey. points at screen Is he related to me in some sort ??
Even though Alois is bipolar and relieve his frustration through gouging out eyes i can't help but think this song suits him 
Sexy,naughty,bitchy me
well I do say, turns around and shows booty shorts I am pretty sexy
Sure keep telling yourself that Trancy... XP
lets be honest here every one in Kuroshitsuji 1 and 2 are some sexy bitches
...admit it you wish he was still alive.
I have seen this video like 5 times before <3 it's a favorite
I love this wayy too much
Alois!!!! <3 naughty ;)
+brijae Sibby  Yes, for examble Troll-Face smile 😁😁😁 ;)  
Even Alois dresses more feminine than I T.T
Am i the only one who loves alois for how evil he could be... like for real i fell for him the moment he took hannah's eye out
the truth has been spoken!!!
perfect song for him
HAHAHAHAHA bitch bitch bitch
/laughs soo hard I can't breath/
Homoeroticism at it's best.
Maybe i the only person in the world who prefer Alois xD :3 (sorry for the grammar my original language is the spanish... i have a "ñ"... )
Those booty shorts tho LOL
Sexy Naughty Bitchy Alois ~ XP
:D I remember seeing this a long time ago! It took me two months to get this song out of my head. XD
Sexy, naughty, bitchy
everone says this song is perfect for him (i agree but...) song:' my mouth never takes a holiday'  O.o alois ... explain
Alois is the only reason why I like this song XD
smiles I'm so sexy.
Im so happy he died... all of you know he is a boy? Spoiler alert also
Ciel your happy what if that happens to you he wouldn't love you still
you love to kill people and see people die, dont you ciel,   . . .   yet your still amazing and everone loves you, . .  how do you do it
Sexy sexy sexy! Naughty naughty naughty!
Okay, basically, type in "Sexy naughty bitchy me nightcore", click the first result, and behold Alois taking over the world in the comments. x'D
I didn't know he went to school >.< ^_^ he a pain thou I'm glad Ciel stabbed him
This song was written for Alois! I just know it had to be!!!!!
Well, he's broken. Not many people will understand, but psychological traumas change a person. I like Alois, he's even my favourite character. Not for being a bitchy boy. He got sexually abused and acting like a slut was the only way to escape it, maybe, because of this, he just feels safe when he's all naughty etc. Claude who was with him during this hard time was the only one for him who understood and never questioned his behavior. Although he lost not only his brother, also his parents. So he grew up -fucked up. There is a soundtrack which is called "Fragile Mind" from Kuroshitsuji and I find it very fitting to Alois. It's like "The Full Moon Slightely Chipped" but with much more shivering. He never had a normal education and never got the chance to live a happy life, so it's not really fair to judge him like others. Unless like Ciel who had his Aunt and Lizzie at least, he had absolutely no one and also he isn't as clear-minded and self-confident as Ciel. I can understand why no one likes him, but still I find this very tragic because Black Butler fans who don't like him are like the people he shared his life with. None of them ever did like him and that's just horrible. I think he's just the saddest human being alive and I'm so sorry that he dies with that burden of a live on his shoulders. He's just misunderstood and he didn't deserved anything that happened to him. Yeah, he's bitchy, but that's not ridiculous or dumb. It's tragic. Just tragic.
I will give that a watch
i fell for alois bc he reminds me of myself for some reason. ;-;
//This song fits Alois so well. He's such a sexy, naughty bitch. c; 
What's funny is that it took me a while to notice he doesn't wear pants but a miniskirt. Who doesn't wear pants and pulls it of (not to mention get away with it) Alois Trancy
This is too perfect for him I think I love it
This song so suits him on so many levels O3O
Alois is really messed up in the head
Yes I do feel bad for the poor devil, but I have to admit he does carry some swag and sexiness in the yard ;-)
Alois is just so frigging EPIC!!! This AMV is amazing!!
Alois Trancy needs to come back. It's not right that he died :(
Ok this is the only way EVAR i will listen to this song XD
Damn where can i get 0:58 playing repeatedly?
I was wondering the same thing...
#lol at . Least I don't want to miss my master
I always question Alois's sexuality.... And gender.... It's confusing.... Show might say something but I know it's not true!!!
This damn song is now stuck in my head now
My friends call me alois because i've got the same "hips" like him ....but now i can sing this song everytime when they shout:"ALOIS!" :D
Sa lui va telment bien lol
I always thought Alois was a girl...
XD Pretty sure everyone has at one point
I did I at on point too his voice at first >.<
listens to this song whilst shaking his booty
Great now I'm going to be singing with in the middle of class XD
My mom named my baby brother after him :I Can't wait till he grows up and discovers his namesake cx
"I like all my shorts to be a little bit too short-ie" Alois, we can tell ;3
I want the link to the pic of him with the card in his mouth, plz! I really want the link!
Sakura Anime Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Guys can we agree that Alois Trancy is fabulous
He's sexy naughty and fabulous
Alois was molested when he was 10 -3-
Its sad that Alois matches this song perfectly
This describes my friend I had made an anime character apples to apples game... She turned it into what she wants to do to them Im glad I can control my dirty mind, while as she can't
I gave the bitch Alois. Bitches love Alois.
Uuugh. I'm not going to waste my time. /walks away/
Love this and it's true alios was abused and he changed into this sexy naughty bitchy person. But he is one of my favorites!
I know he's broken and all. But still... And want him to be a bitch, so dont tell me he's a poor boy. <3
sexy naughty bitchy alois
. . . I wish Alois was still alive, I loved and still do love him. Almost all of my roleplays about the Black Butler have Alois in them. I miss you Alois. . . /3 ~ Jill
Why? I tell that to you. :D And Claude is better and hotter than Sebby. ;D
I love this song/ this video! :D
Sexy, naughty, bitchy me 😄
the title of this song describes perfectly Alois. ANSAHGFDFHAJK LOVE HIM
This song is perfect for Alois
no affence to you lovers of alois but he or she idk idc is a slut
alois-sama is the only really only reason why i watch this Video
Oh lord. The bitchy part is correct.
He is so meant for this song.
Alois is all 3  of the words....
Half of me feels mildly disturbed, but the other half of me is really turned on... Weird.
Stop pushing Hannah around :(
I don't know why but I can't get over this video.  I swear like half of the views are from me.
His theme song!!! Try not to life while watching this
This Song perfectly fits Alios.....
oh mai alois is a enbidioso 4 mai bodi sheik
nope never happened in the manga Alios doesn't exist and I love that. Hate the anime for doing this bs. 
I'd prefer there wouldn't be a repeat of.... the nun scene...... laughs eerily wouldn't to have to go through the same trouble shoves what looks like a female corpse out of view
I loved Alois! He's almost perfect! His character design, his background, and his actions! Ah! So freaking amazing! XD Sorry fangirling :P
he's the kinda brat that i don like. i liked this song way before alois turned up. i have despised him from the very beginning. the only thing he is is bitchy. seriously, kids like this should not exist. sorry if you disagree, i'm just stating my opinion
I think this song is perfect for mean girls
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