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Slow Jam The News with Barack Obama (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon • 11,004,442 views

When Jimmy talks to the UNC audience about student loans, he decides a slow jam with President Obama and The Roots is appropriate. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:...

See America, some of you complain about Obama. You try living here in the UK. Least Obama is cool, like, we are very envious of him and his style.  Over here, they're just boring and clueless and wouldn't know cool and fun if it hit them in the face.
Alrigh bitches we all know that Putin is cooler than everyone. 
People who call him the worst president ever really have no understanding how checks and balances work...
Baracks voice crack at 4:29 though.
Bro, try to point out positive things in the future man.  Just a suggestion.
Plenty of people would like to SLOW JAM something up Obama's ass for that ObamaCare stunt.
Could be you'd like to slow jam something up his ass because your gay
+DARIVS ARCHITECTVS if you call obama a socialist you really have never experienced actual socialilsm...
Have none of you ever heard the phrase, "a good king is he who walks among his people and knows them?"
This has been the best comment so far depicting Obama, respect.
I don't like Obama but this was hilarious!  Glad to that he at least has a sense of humor.  The Barackness Monster.
At first I was like fuck you. But then I realized that I think everyone should be like you. Find some good in everybody even people that seemingly have nothing good about them. Good job man you're cool.
+Kiltynachess These two comments made my day.
5:00 when the president drops the mic, you better also drop that goddamn mic! :D
Everybody do the president drop mic
He's Mike drop was a cute attempt but a fail. Haha this was cool though.
I'm so entertained by the comments on here. Do you understand how our government works? Do you get the concept of checks and balances? Do you guys really think the president can do anything with congress intentionally stonewalling every bit of legislation that comes up? That's not an exaggeration, there are reps who have said they will not pass anything while Obama is in office. Tell me, how is he supposed to do all the things you're mad that he isn't doing when bills are being voted down without even being read because there are a bunch of old white racist men and women who think that an African American liberal is going to be the downfall of our country and are absolutely blind to the fact that they're acting like children who didn't get their way instead of like representatives voted into office by the people to work FOR the people. 
Almost the same here in Brazil.
Calling him the worst president ever is fucking bullshit. Try it yourself. Im sure you would be a million times worse.
thats why i wouldn't run for president, Obama is like us, he thought oh, hey i went to Harvard Law school, i wanna become the first black president, but when he made all those promises and then didn't deliver damn dude, i bet you didn't know the majority of his votes came from black college students who knew nothing about politics. bruh
+T.H.C Mcgee Don't be ridiculous, come back to reality.  There is no way in hell that Barack Obama could have become president with even the entire black vote combined with the entire latino vote alone.  He had to have a lot of white people vote for him as well, and they did...twice.  Don't let your dislike of the man get in the way of the facts and what really happened.  As to what he did or did not think...that's merely speculation on your part and no president can deliver all their promises...especially so with a congress and republicans that vowed to oppose anything he did before he was even sworn in...they have openly stated that they wanted to do that and make him a one term president.  President Obama could say the sky was blue and the grass green and most republicans would disagree.  He is trying to bring attention to an important issue...The Stafford Loan interest rate doubling and you have all kinds of ridiculous remarks being made about him and on how wrong it is for him to be on Fallon. I don't agree with all his decisions and I don't think he is anymore perfect than any other president before him, however I don't think he deserves to be demonized the way he is either. Some of the stuff said about about him is literally incredible and the fact that some people actually believe it, even more incredible.  He is a far cry from the worst president ever, that is beyond hyperbole.  He has done a lot of good that evidently some people just refuse to acknowledge  during his time in office, but as a wise man said, "'Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts."
Watching Obama reading the teleprompter lol
It's funny to see when it's NOT his turn to speak... 
I wonder why getting a degree is so expensive Mr. President? Maybe colleges know they can charge outrageous tuition because the government subsidizes the loans? No, that can't be it....
Shut up Obama is Illuminati guyse
+Lovegreaterthanhate I'm not saying it is the right solution to the problems that USA faces today. And yes, the wealthier people do pay higher taxes, but not much, not anymore. I do realize that the Scandinavian countries are small compared to the US and while our methods may work within our countries, it's not necessarily the solution in any other country. But, I think it's important that education should be available to everyone and that is not the case in the US right now because of how expensive it is, not eight years ago, and not today.  
WOW america you are well and truly fucked. 
+Erik Coreas ya I did. Tell me why you think Obama blows
The US is doing very well, the US currency is at gaining ground on the pound and euro and the economy is functioning much better than it did under Bush
Bernice Nelson Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
I am SO impressed! ‪#‎BarackObama‬ is awesomeness n how every pressi should be! With the people! ‪#‎JimmyFallon‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎respect‬
Nice propaganda move, Loser. You are still the worst president ever. Only women and children like you, because they are basically...dumb.
you are just a racist
Hilarious. Barak obama. Slow jamming the news. That made it much more interesting.
Jimmy Fallon and Barack what a combination. I'd watch the news more if it was presented like this. Good find Rachel.
El presidente, representador oficial de el terorismo
Y tu papa es Fidel Castro coňo...tu eres un tipo hater por que piensas que Rubio y Cruz son presidente del mundo jajaja
+MAN I HATE WASP well his comment translate's to "the president, official representative of terrorism", so he did technically call him a terrorist. 
A president shouldn't be a celebrity, what is democracy? This is dumb, he's suppose to be one of the people, for the people... instead he acts like he's a celebrity and has his own tv show and slogan.. smh. Can we get a President that is humble and does his job and outside of it acts like a normal guy?
What's wrong with getting your message across with some laughter? I hope you can find some Joy and laugh or your going to have a sad life. Have a 🎈 for your troubles and smile.
Should "The Leader of the Free World" really be doing a late night comedy skit? What a fucking HOAX the United States is!
+Brett Wolk Yes. Why not? He is a baseball fan and he goes to watch baseball games often and he used to (/still owns?) be part-owner of a baseball team. So why not? Much better than declaring war on other countries and throwing bombs on innocent people like he did in Iraq. See what's happened in Iraq now 11 years after the US invation. Are things better now??? Do they have democracy?? Freedom??
I understand, i was making a point this person is saying the president shouldnt make himself public or do anything fun
The popularity game. That's all that the American sheeple care about.
+Lovegreaterthanhate If you have to take things that are so fucking clearly not literal and pretend that it is to try to prove someone wrong, you are either a moron or someone who has to pretend to be a moron to try to look smart. Which also makes you a moron. So you're a moron. I'm sorry to burst your edgy middle school angst bubble.
Obama getting into private industry again in an effort to improve his low PR. A real leader would be taking steps to move away from these rip-off ivy-league colleges which are in-line with the banks to take a few years of saving from a graduates 1st job. A real leader would stop giving money to private banks and start helping young people get a better start on their life by moving away from the ivy league colleges and begin the process of developing the much superior ON-LINE college curriculums: - No more running to class as online classes can be reviewed after as student returns from work (any time). - Live student on-line work groups. - Safety_ No more hazings, alcohol-drug deaths, car accidents, school diseases, rapes, rip-offs, poor nutrition, expensive clothes, - No more trying to understand a professor accent. - No more redundant colleges around the country. These facilities are very expensive to maintain. - No more banks tied into Obama and greedy college investors who together are planning to take many more thousands of dollars than is necessary for a good education. - No more poor nutritional habits, and expensive cafeteria foods. The best food is in your kitchen. - No more school-shootings caused by idiotic money aligned senators who use your tax dollars to hire guns for their safety - but outlaw your safety from psycho-shooters who now have a free safe school shooting-gallery pass called (The Gun Free School Zone Act). Yes all the paranoid psycho shooter know where to go thanks to your money aligned congress-persons.  We need an experienced leader who cannot be influenced by big banks. Someone who has the leadership skills to improve the lives of the people rather than to help funnel our US tax dollars to private businesses and big unidentified banks in Europe. Why are our tax dollars renovating mosques in the middle east? But no tax dollars to support a Christian Church in the middle east.
4:28 Obama is a pre-pubescent confirmed. 
Kinda like your icon picture and videos. 
+BrawndoScream I'm old enough to be your dad, nerd. 
For all of you saying presidents should not be on late night shows or on youtube- clearly you do not know how to reach the growing population of people in this country who were born after 1980. Shockingly people under 35 tend not to watch CNN and CSPAN. He is honestly trying to reach out to and help young people. Why else would he be pushing college loan reform? This is his last 2 years and the congress is majority red. The things he is doing now are the things he truly cares about, even if he knows they will not happen while he is in office.
Obama is a celeb?, of course!!! like in every democratic country!!! and like in every democratic country, presidents dont rule alone. Decisions are made by agreements between powerful companies and goverment, thats  LOOOTS of people, so before you say a president is bad or good, think about that.
they managed to get all the people that like obama into one room thats great that is
Man so much sweat on jimmies forhead.
Such a great president and great country you have there, America. You should be happy :)
People saying their president shouldn't be on TV, sure they elected Reagan as he never did anything on TV... jesus
Mary Murphy Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
This is pretty funny! #ObamaGoingViral on You Tube Slow Jam 
The Baracknest Monster doesn't agree y'all. ...this is great. I'm so glad to see so many people finally appreciating him.
the UK needs a real honest working class PM. 
This president its a celebrity. everyone its gonna hate him especially cause at least half of the views in this vid are from other countries
That's an amazing idea! Loved it! Slow jam the news y'al!l
America has a good peesident who tries to make the country better meanwhile in my country we're getting corrupted like its fucking Christmas (wait... what?) and we cant do anything about! Almost 75% of the people in my country are oblivious to this due to the fact that dont have access to education and know absolutely nothing about the government's doings.
You are sadly mistaken.
The coolest president ever!!!
Wouldn't catch the Queen doing that (although she was a Bond girl for the Olympics)
hahah Obama's trying not to laugh when Jimmie is talking hahaha
Funny because Jimmy hates Obama, he always pick on him about everything...
Hate and critique are two completely different things.
американское вечернее шоу даже Гитлера сделало бы популярным!
Wow I just noticed Jimmy's perspiring so much... look at his forehead from 2:15 when they start zooming in on him :)
Obama is amazing! Stop complaining about him America. Feel sorry for Australia.... We have Abbott who wears speedos in public
Why does Obama spend so much time being on television shows. Go be a president and stop fucking up our nation.
Alright, I gotta give Jimmy Fallon my praises. It is SO hard to combine politics with comedy and not have every other person trying to bring you down. Of, course, there are always going to be the few people who don't like to take things as joke, but I think he did a great job on this... Just 'sayin.
1st black president my ass! YOU AINT NO NIGGAH NIGGA!
The Barackness Monster hahahah :D America is soo lucky
indoctrination at its finest
Puerto Rock Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
jesus christ, imagine if David Cameron did this. it would be awful.
Insert Obama hatred below. 
Anab Aajab Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Slow Jam The News with Barack Obama (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon):
Jimmy Fallon is hilarious! The Preezy of the United Steezy! >:D lmao!
Lol he attempted to drop the mic...much respect
Hey America, if you guys don't want him give him to us in Ireland well gladly take him! 😀
Obama is so cool ! And yo, education for all, with lower loans ! :)
75% of the audience bitches and complains about Obama to their friends, then gives him a standing ovation for being on Jimmy Fallon. 
Jimmy looked so nervous 
Billionaires can't be taxed because they understand how the tax system works and finds brilliant ways to not pay high taxes.
his coolness was never in question...but as a president he sucks
gil scott heron would be ashamed of questlove. obama does no good.
He is So cool, America is really blessed.
2015 and obama still hasn't done this...
Theres always a plan B, Remember Bell Knox? lol
Everyone is saying Obama isn't the worst President because he's cool... Face palm
Aca en el PERU  necesitamos un presidente como el Sr. Obama
I needed this in my life
And we have Tony Abbot. Say no more
Geoff Whyte Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
"The POTUS with the mostus"
LOL I cannot believe this!
kyle bird Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
such a good slow jam..
What a fucking BAWS!
You must be a special kind of idiot when you decide to ignore what everyone in America knows. The Iraqis were in control and your adored community organizer unilaterally decide to remove the rest of US forces needed to maintain the country stabilized. Bush won the Irak war and Obummer lost it because his sympathies are more with ISIS than with USA. He prefers the rule of the Islamic animals than the democracy and freedom of the civilized world.
The "community organizer" burn is lame and stupid. You do realize Obama was also a senator right? No, of course you don't, you're a retard who knows nothing about politics or reality. How did Bush win the Iraq war when it was still going on when he was in office? How was Obama "sympathizing" with ISIS when he left Iraq when ISIS didn't even exist when we left? How was Iraq stable? The place was in ruin, and we killed AT THE VERY LEAST 132,000 civilians. How would staying in Iraq make it a "free democracy?" Is your country being in a constant state of war and martial law a "free civilized" democracy? Also, you completely ignore that Bush got us into Iraq on complete and utter lies of WMDs, but you refuse to acknowledge that because you're a brain dead partisan hack. Should we have stayed in Iraq? If we did stay in Iraq, for how long? Should we just stay in Iraq and Afghanistan until the sun eats the earth billions of years from now? Please just never speak again you fucking idiot.
America is the worst country in the world stupid Amerifats are going to be the weakest country in 10 years Obama is biggest terrorist clearly u can see m8...
4:28 Noice voice crack potus
Jimmy Fallon features many prominent comedians.
Barack Obama's voice crack at 4:38 lol 
Worst potus America has ever had in our history, and will go down as the one who destroyed America.
I think we can all agree on that George W Bush was the worst president. Besides, try it yourself. Try to be the president. You would do so much worse. Without him you wouldn't have free medical service and equal rights.
Is this the fake president Obama, I mean the look-alike?
+Bryon MW Oh really, I couldn't imagine he would do something like this...
who the singer of the band is amazing 
"Black thought"he is the rapper/singer of this band "The Roots"
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