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Easter Bunny In Space - The Movie - Parry Gripp

by ParryGripp • 170,512 views

Happy Easter! Starring Bruno, the rabbit. Song on iTunes:...

What is this bunny? So cute
Oh... My... Gosh... This is just... ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bunnies are the world~! peace
It's a TARDIS Easter bunny basket! What if the Easter bunny is a time lord?!
Best greenscreen ever
This is better than nothing.
Dont keep a poor bunny in cages
lol @ the random chickens X3
awwwwww he`s so cute even his ear`s always up
gathering all the candy in milky way!
+ Definitely coloring eggs with this one playing. Thanks.
That bunny looks like my rabbit butch
My mind has jumped out of my head into the next video. AWAY! (Really cool, but Weird...XD)
i'm motivated to make movies like this, it is hilarious
gosh, that's so sad GydaEmber and lilxElfmo
isent that the bunny from bun bun bunny bun
OMG my vision of easter changedO.O
12 people doesn't have a bunny with a spaceship.
yo parry how many animals do you have id say about 20,000 :o
One of my rabbits looks like the same :D
so i geuss its.... MILK CHOCOLATE ahhhh~
i wish Parry made an Easter song this year!
AMAZING his songs always cheer me up cause there so funny and random =D
Oh yeah, that bunny's going places. ;P
sooooooooo thats what it looks like inside the spacebar
22 people already ate all of their easter eggs
Dat bunny is cute but not as cute as MY BABY BUNNY hopedy hop hop
I think this vid might be fake... if you look closely you can see the lighting/background change a little every few seconds
@randomeese Let me think about it for a minute. Erm... No,
i liked the part when you can see the hand of the man holding the hamper
that bunny is cuter than my bunny's
he's from bun bun bunny bun! he really is famos!
Space has made easter bunnies ears wonky.
AWWW!!!! My bunny looks the exact same!
@bluething518 then why the hell are you watching this?
so that's where the Easter Bunny gets the eggs from, a chicken farm on the moon
@RandomFoodLuvers And you thought that I thought that you thought what @Lukorz said was real? BEAT THAT! ;D
Space, space. I'm in SPACE. SPAAAAAAAAAACE. Gonna spell space. S... P... ACE! I'm in space.
@1danyol1 Well of course,they arn't going to put a rabbit in space in a basket?
thumbs up if i'm not the only one that thinks that jelly bean bot is creepy!
thumbs up if you thought the bunny had one ear
hey!! that bunny's from Bun Bun Bunny Bun
Easter bunny in space is Chuck Norris' favorite movie.
@brainlesnerd42 My favourite thing about space is Space Unicorn :3
Bruno is so tolerent... I guess he kinda has to be, though, what with all the crazy stuff he has to do....
Every video i watch a doorbell goes off before it starts!!! IM GOING MADDDDDD!
If it rains water on earth then in space it should rain tacos
that would be awesome and when this was like the last song I heard I was like I got parry down I know what he is like then stuff even weireder and funnier happens like thios
Dear god, who gave this man a green screen?!?!?!
Bruno looks so chill in that basket and you know he must have been very excited to be playing someone as important as the Easter Bunny, so he must be a good actor!
Screw peter cottontail, The space bunny is ten times better.
lol @ people taking my first comment so seriously
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww cute bunny :3
Is anyone else reminded of some strange of the shows that came out in the late 70s/early 80s?
27 bunnies want to be in space too
*sniff* this made me cry :,( I miss my pet bunny... (and yes that was his name... don't judge me I was young!)
Where does he get these ideas...…...?
Is that the buny from bun bun bunny bun??
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