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Misadventure...... FUCK

by ggamerman • 1,757 views - Captured Live on Ustream at

Ahhh this has got to suck for you.
How the hell do you hit the part at 4:52?? do you use the hopos or do you just hack strum?
crazy synth = bridge 1 trill sweeping solo = bridge 1 ending chilled b - c = herman's - sam's solo mad verse = what the tree verse = twin solo crazy trips = red snake Don't choke in almost there
@joedamillio yeah, half of his videos are "Hey im streaming btw" but congratz! =0
Fukn Jesus fingers, cotdamn!!
definately gonna be people racing for this fc now
aaaaaaaaaaaaw. Nice. Is anyone else going for this?
you should do something about the lagging in your videos
Have you EVER missed on Tree Verse?
@soupedupskillz Strum faster than 16th notes but slower than 32nd notes. The HOPOs make it so your strumming can be kinda off...
@Elodius2 I'm always excited when he streams, and there are plenty of ppl who I like to speak with there so I think it's cool for him to send those ''im streaming'' videos... He could delete the old ones, though. I get your point.
Something else is ridiculously hard under pressure ... :D
this sicker than dcoln hmmm hmmm
@soupedupskillz Evidently, he doesn't hit the part at 4:52 :P
2:28 is where the had parts start
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