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Justin Bieber - Right Here (Audio) ft. Drake

by JustinBieberVEVO • 9,673,025 views

Music video by Justin Bieber performing Right Here (Audio). © 2012 The Island Def Jam Music Group

I am in love with this song
Really pisses me off when someone assumed a songs gonna be shit because it's by justin bieber. Just fucking listen to the song first bitch.
I actually hated the song until I heard it
+Bramo King its cause the put the best Rapper in it #Drake  
This song makes me feel so happy I love Justin so much
He shouldve made a video with this song.
Drake Killed it +DrakeVEVO  you guys should do some more #LOVE  songs Together (Y)  This is super kool :3 #Word_UP_Drake   #OVOYM   #Dc  
I don't understand how people say he doesn't care about his fans. He posted this whole album on here for anyone to listen to it whenever they want and you don't have to pay for it. Pretty generous and nice if you ask me.
dreamy song sounds like the music i can walk through a forrest like & start running really fast like in twilight with some glitter sparkling off my shoulders 
nope, you are just trying to hard bro i need that real emotions you know!
C'mon Drake! WHY!?!?!? Just cause he's Canadian doesn't mean you should do a song with him!
still jamin to this, love it
This album was 100% grammy worthy. The grammy's fucked up that year. 
Eisha Shrif Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
I am in love with this song  Check these tracks out... motivational yet banging... now that's the shit!!!!!
When are people going to learn to stop commenting and realize that they don't mean shit and no one really gives a fuck what you say or think becuase they only put it there for your own personal comfort. #becausethisisamerica and there are a million other things to worry about but remember to keep your mouth shut we have shit like the comment section to keep you tamed - you welcome
I miss his pop music
OMG!!! Favorite song ever!!
drake went full out on this shit, actually like this song.
Takes me back a few years lol :) still so good!
I swear this song is the shitt! 
Singing or raping drake is steel the shit
I LOVE YOU Justin Drew Bieber!!!
Music is music at the end of the day so for all the ignorant people hating, it's okay... I'm right here. Nobody's going to get mad at your juvenile behavior lol.
i am moist to say the least 
Noooooooo why drake why!!?
this song is really sweet. I bet if you sing this song to your girl, she will love you forever!
im not going to even lie this song is fire  
Brooke Finch Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
Omg i wish you were right here with me justin bieber
Honestly one of the best songs off this album! I can't wait for Justin's new music
today is July 21, 2014. cue the tears
I personally don't like Justin Bieber, but this is actually a pretty good song. Respect.
Love this song ever since my sister got believe 😍
Great Eric Bellinger writing!!
i dont really like drake but he did a good job  by the way justin did perfect <33333
Same i don't really like him.
+Caleb DeMoss Drake >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Justin Pussy
Call me at 9546388592 phone number now
But eminem is better than both
Eminem is a different genre of music than Justin, so they can't be compared.
I love you, love your voice, your heart, your love to your beliebers, I love your smile, I love your body, love your hear, live YOU, I love You Kidrauhl, I love you Bizzle, I love you my boyfriend
i love u justin bieber
Just loving Drake and the beat 😌
That Lorde ad before this song scares me
ElleLove JoDaddy Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Oh reason why drake sing with jb because you hate on him and now drake gonna teach you a lesson. Leave him alone!
this dude is fuckin awesome. ERMHGERD!!!! ERM SO IN LUB!!!! Me so horny for justin. 
I only like it cause Drake in it
I've loved Justin since I was 6 I'm 12 now #6YearsOfBeliebing
This song is the bomb love you justin bieber
Don't like him or his music
Justin is literally the love of my life omggggg
All that matters and this one are the only ones I kick it to! And sing in the shower haha
I love this song so much I think that he is right here.
I fucken hate this song it sucks
They why the fuck are you here?
Minha Musica Predileta Do JB :)' ♥
I love this song so much <3
A mi me la recomendaron jiji
seems to scratch  a disc
this is a tune xxx can't deny this
This song always reminds me of my sister' subaru legacy! I Wally's play this just a reminder that we lost a friend in the car family!
I only like his songs his hair and style.
I love Justin Bieber  sins i was 2 know i am 9
very much i like u beibs 
omg it is justin bieber
it is like he is big now
luv itttt n luv jb more
Fuck you justin. Drake killed it
can i marry drake...please?!?!?!
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