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Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me (Audio) ft. Big Sean

by JustinBieberVEVO • 43,105,033 views

Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me: iTunes: Justin has 8 #VEVOCertified videos and counting!:

Please don't take drugs, you're an amazing singer with tons of talent, people have lost trust in you, so far I haven't though. Please make more songs like these, they're great.
I ♥ loveeeeeee thiiiiis soooooooooooooooooooooonggggg!!!! . ^.^ ♡.♡ xxxx x》x》x》x》 As long as you loloolooooloooo》》》》 Love me ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Askshjdh... ♥.♥
I'm probably going to get a lot of hate here but I don't care. I don't see why Justin gets a lot of hate. He's a very talented human being. And even if he wasn't talented, he would still fit in with most of the other "artists" in the industry. I can see why people hate him because sometimes he can be an asshole but do can everyone else. He's only human like the rest of us.
This song is intended for young female audiences and homosexual males.
hombres homosexuales??? .l.  me gusta esta cancion y no soy homosexual
i love this sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
R u mad at me 4 callin u that
You Are my favourite singer
As long as you love me ❤❤❤
Get over it loser +Asiankayla1130 :3 😄 She's happily taken.
Never ever liked Bieber, but I gotta admit this song rocks. Bieber actually has a lot of talent, its just what he has done in reality isn't very good. If Justin was just that same good kid in 2010-2011 and made catchy tunes like these, he would get a lot of praise and respect.
as long u dont take drugs people willlllllll love u but a lot of girls love me haha
Fucking Psycho, HAHA!
I love this video because he gets beat up
That just means you hate him, right,eh?
I know he said "as long as you love you me, we can be homeless, we can be broke" Me: No offense Bieber.. But... I'm not dating no homeless dude.. And I'm not the homeless, broke person, I'm da BÆ type of person, and I like people who are bæs! (LOL OK THIS WAS JUST A JOKE I HAD TO SAY THIS 😂😂😂)
Best song of his, even thought I'm not a Belieber. I wish, he would act more normal, don't take drugs and write songs like this more. This one's lyrics make sense and it's... just great. ;)
This is the only song i like of JB , good work JB
I dont know why some people hate him hes so perfect ♡♡♥♥ My parents hate him too but i love him and i always have to cry because i and my parents have trouble because i like justin bieber : ( But he is in my heart and he never go away LOVE YOU ♥♥♥♥♡♡♡JB
Best song ever! I Love Justin Bieber! He is BEST!!!
"I hate Justin Bieber, but i love this song!" ...Apparently all non-beliebers feels that way about a many of his songs.
I love this song. "-" is perfect
Justin I'm Believer And You're The Best For Me... I ♥ This Song...
Amo a este chico canta hermoso☺😁 this is favorite música de justin bieber ☺💙❤💜💚
as long you love me llalalalalaallala justin (~.~)
I'm not a fan of Bieber but this song is amazing3
I love you justin bieber ❤💗💋💌💘💞💖💑
as long as you love me justin 
People misunderstand Justin if people would get the Fuck out of his face maybe he wouldn't get mad like that one stunt he pulled when that one guy called him a prick he got out of the car and asked "what did fucking say" and his bodyguard told him to get back in the van he was just defending himself so for all you haters out the Fuck off I love you Justin your my bro.
.Do any of you understand the times we live in and the truth about our world? Put Jesus' word(Bible into practice to draw closer to him. Dont just read it. Repent of your sins daily, accept Jesus/YAHUSHUA(true name) as Lord of your life, be reborn by Jesus' Holy Spirit(John14-16) which leads to ALL ttruth about him and his word. Strive to obey the commandments. The end of our age is near. Jesus loves you enough to warn, wanting a loving relationship with you. Love joy, peace, respect, faith, knowledge wisd
Te AMOADORO Justin Bieber
Love thuis song+Justin
aaaaaaaaaaa  me bolvi a enamorar
Canta Hermoso Soy Medio Belieber Pd:Lo Puso Una Directioner Aparte Bieber Esta Guapo ❤
omg! ♥.amo a este chicoo con todo mi corazon i ♥ u jb! ----- ^.^
Answer my poster Justin Bieber the protesters that say luis gonzalez are from me karen
I love all the songs of Justin bieber and I love Justin bieber💞💗💜 🙌🙌🙌🙌
If you hate Justin beaver you're a crazy
you're SO special to me, thanks.
Canción de justin biber 😘😘
That's it, I've gone far enough... But I have no shame...this is good music.
Still love it. We're under pressure. Sever billion people in the world, lalalal 8)
Im not much of a bieber fan but.... this is the only song I like from him -_- hahha
As long as there's pork cubes I would be feasting None for the needy Cause I'm greedy
I dont like Justin buth this song is good
I Love You Justin bieber
l love belieber forever 
loving this songg!!! see why i live for pop music on my page! ^_^
Not really a fan of justin Bieber but I gotta admit this song is amazing
Good song 😄👏👏👏👏👏☺️👌👏
I hate bieber i like is songs
I love it!(*‘∀‘)
Por Fin Una cansion Que Me Gusta De Justin Biber xD
Perdón de que me meta en tu comentario,pero no es Biber, es Bieber.
I love this song😍✌
- As Long As You Love Me
salo lopez Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
otra de mis favoritas :))
im not gay but im a boy who likes justin bieber
Love Like......... ®©…!!
Hi I'm fay look me video
Girl Link Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
I don't understand the chorus. As long as you love me, We could be... That stuff. I still like this song doe.
He's basically saying, as long as you love me, nothing else matters. They could be starving, homeless, and broke and he wouldn't care. All he needs is for the one he loves to love him back.  I love this song too!!! :)
Deliabaena:-) Yam yo u fans y han te lo ve much :-)
I like his songs... but not him...besides that isint he a womanizer?
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