Kyrie Irving Wins the 2013 Foot Locker 3-Point Contest

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Check out Kyrie Irving's final round and trophy presentation after winning the 2013 Foot Locker 3-Point Contest. Visit nba.com/video for more highlights.

He owns Allstar weekend , 3 point champ , rising stars MVP and all star game MVP
LeBron rules this guy is garbage
17 of first 18.. wow
Antonio Navarro you didn't spell kyrie name right
coming from a clevelander and huge cavs and kyrie fan, as awesome as kyrie's performance was he only won by 3 points. Massive props to matt bonner for putting on a strong performance.
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In the groove with Kyrie Irving. Wow.
no it does not. go to orthopdics.about.com it takes 7-9 months for a standard ACL rehab. in no standard acl rehab does it take a year.
No dude, real fans will support his decision to sit out. It's career and hes the future of the franchise. I'm all for what he decides to do because only he knows whens he is ready. Even if he did come back then got injured again (god forbidd) the same people that told him he was a "pussy" for sitting out would say he was stupid for comming back and ridicule him for it. It doesn't end with these people so fuck it, let him do what he needs to do.
It's all about buckets like Uncle Drew says ^^
Explain that logic. Just because a bunch of cavs are in the rising star doesn't prove much especially when they play against the elite competition and are mediocre at best excluding irving who still has mediocre defense. Thompson ceiling point isn't high and he's there 2nd best player. The reason why people will leave to other prestige franchises is because they are capable of getting a championship team. Pat riley for the heat. Buss for the lakers, etc. Cavs you got who? Draft picks and pray?
I knew as soon as the Kyrie hype sped up the Cleveland vs Everybody Else sh*t was gonna start up again. I guess it comes with the territory. I just want to enjoy him while he's here and hope the team grows and are able to accomplish big things. But I'm not gonna pretend that I can see the future. You know how the Lakers are championship contenders this year?
my form looks just like his...well except my feet
when shane battier (im sure i mispelled the name) is playing (which is the majority of the the time) he is the 3 and lebron is the 4. lebron will still gaurd the best player on the court (outside of the center) but lebron is playing the 4. david west will be covering lebron because the pacers are not just going to tell him to go waste his post D by covering a strictly jump shooting person. you really need to just shut the fuck up. when lewis is in the game then LBJ is playing the 3 spot.
why would i stop when i know im right. your clearly just another dumb fuckin hater who will try and find fault with kyrie just because you dont like the cavs. im guessing your that guy that everyone hates talking to at a party because you will butt in on a conversation and just sound like a complete jackass because you say shit when you have no clue what your talking about.
Yeah and they played horrible those 17 games. The lakers are on the decline, while the Cavaliers are on the rise. Kyrie doesn't need to take the easy route like LeBron
When Wade is 100% healthy, he is better than Kobe, better passer, better rebounder better driver. Kobe beats him only in shooting. But Wade is as clutch as Kobe. But better than LeBron? Not anymore, but two seasons ago he was better.
CLICK HERE! For the dumbest and longest youtube argument ever
it takes the average guy 7-9 months to recover from an ACL tear. its been 12 for d rose. he was cleared to play by all of his team docs how many weeks ago? about 7 or 8 weeks ago. he is clearly scared, which means he is clearly weak minded. also i watch alot of bulls basketball and when d rose gets dinged up his play goes to shit. i watched him jam a finger on his non shooting hand in a game early last season and he missed his next 8 or 9 shots. dont get mad because im right. thats a bitch move.
I never removed the comment. Its there, in fact I just found it. But to sum it up, Lebron has always been disliked. It may not on the same scale as it is today, but its been there for a while. I even remember the day I started to have issues with him (watch?v=HjXQCT47EAc). And yeah, it does make sense to bring up the face that Deshawn Stevenson had issues with him. Especially since you just said that Joakim Noah was the only one. You're the idiot, not me.
You said lebron being hated is not new then list players who hate him. You do realize that many people who are liked a long masses and has a ton of popularity will have gasp people who don't like them. This isn't new. "People hating Lebron isn't new." Kyrie is humble and a good kid because of? Lebron isn't humble and a good kid because he left your shit team? Remind me to check the graduation rate in Cleveland. You're retarded.
How do you life with yourself since you're a retard. Hey I'm going to throw this accusation right here about a book that I have read in which there was no news circulating a book about anything involving the fallout with lbj/cavs and it just so happens I can't recall the title of the book but I can recall this one piece of information. It's okay retard, you've been caught in your lie. Why didn't you just say your assumption(idiotic) instead of lying? What does the GM do? Such an idiot.
That's the reason they lost him. They were trying to keep him instead of trading him. Poor management shouldn't have another chance with one of the league's best players.
He won because those youngbloods don't know the fundamentals.
lol i can't handle retards so i guess we're done. yes, star players have a say in who comes to the team. a huge say. if the clippers want to bring in somebody, they're going straight to chris paul. i'm sorry you didn't know that before..? and the book was my friends dads, so no i don't know lol. and you're right, just because you don't know it, it must not exist. you don't even know that star players pretty much rule their teams so i don't expect you to know much lmao.
You don't know how they played, you're just saying that. I believe the Lakers still have the best Center in the league who is only 27, and a whole lot of cap space opening up in 2 years to sign free agents. The Lakers will always attract great players because they are in Los Angeles. Why do you think they've only missed the playoffs 5 times? Jerry went, Magic and Kareem came. Magic left, Kobe and Shaq came. Shaq left, Bynum, Pau, and Odom came. Kobe leaves, ....... comes.
Buckets Uncle Drew gets...BUCKETS!!!
this kid is only 21 he has 4 more years until he enters his prime.
Is he good or what. My fav. PG.
they will still give them a run for their money. im not sure indy will make it all the way to the eastern conferance finals this year, but if they do i believe they will beat miami in 5 or 6. paul george has been great this year, granger is coming back and he is a rare player who is a great shooter and great defender. and i would take indy's bench hands down over miami's. allen is lethal when open but outside of that the only decent player on their bench is norris cole a no name 2nd year player.
the cavs are going to shut him down to tank. just like they did his rookie year. the cavs are turning into a winner but they were so bad early that they have no shot at the playoffs. they will shut him down for a better shot at a great player in the lottery. you say he is injury prone? he had two freak injuries and then your typical twisted ankles and knees... D rose has not been heathy in two years yet you say nothing about that. and a blowout is when your down by 15+. 10 points is no blow out.
yeah, because every second year player can do that on a rebuilding team
No good guards on utah since mo williams is injured. A very good team? More like a mediocre to a decent team at best. If a bottom seed is consider a very good team then what is OKC/Heat/Spurs? A ballhogs that tries to take control of the game while other stars share the ball. Scoring in the 4th quarter for irving has translated to a lot of wins for them. What are they right now? Near dead last lol?
I luv kyrie i want to play just like him.if only you came to the lakers
this is why he is head and shoulders better than every other PG in the east. I still say CP3 is the best in the league but kyrie is better than rose, rondo, williams, and jennings. rose and rondo couldnt hit a 3 in the clutch if they were all alone on the court (plus they are walking injuries) williams is a punk bitch who has lost all motivation this year and jennings is very under rated, but he just isnt on the same level as kyrie.
The 3-Point line is a gimmick...just get BUCKETS.
you just let me rape your arguement again. D rose has not played at all yet the bulls are tied for what spot in the east right now? and how high do you think they would be if he was playing? not very much. and your point on parker owning irving is invalid because 1 irving was playing through an ankle injury suffered the game before against the t wolves and 2 one bad game does not make you a bad player. another note, cleveland is averaging 107+ ppg this month, something CLE has not done in 20+yrs
It's all neurological at this point. Re-training the brain to the muscle. That's a long process, and any man knows when u go into work you want to be mentally ready, and confident. Especially on the floor... Rose is one of the best young respectful players out there. Humble and does his talking on the court.
lebron hyped up return? he scored 23 to say to lebron come back win a few
they bumped it up to about 89 after the all star weekend.
mmmmm, 1st read the full report of his injury 2nd u half to retrain it as in get your confidence back and make sure u can trust you knee again, that involves using YOUR BRAIN. and 3rd this is Derrick Rose. So you didn't go through the same therapy he went through. he gets the best doctors. And let me through this one in there for you. Your not a professional basketball player! They need those knees in perfect condition. Just cause u tore ur mlc doesn't mean you know what hes going through.
"This game has always been – and will always be – about buckets"- 11 time Champion Bill Russell
i think uncle drew's opponent is having a HARD time .
rondo has the ball in his hands for at least 15 seconds on every play and then he will drive and kick at the last second because the defense will put itself out of position because they know the clock is winding down and they try to stop the guy with the ball. i dont typically agree with ESPNs skip bayless but that is one of the points he is absolutely right on. you call me an idiot yet you say CLE is better without kyrie because they beat CHI+TOR. but got blown out by LA in their last game.
and again you show you dont know what your talking about. cleveland has only been "blown out" two or three times this season. in addition this would mean that if he played more he would have more minutes and possibly be in 2nd or 1st. there is a reason why half of your comments are flagged for spam or hidden because of two many negative votes. its because your the only dumbfuck who believes the things you say. plus your arguement with @Alex Davila is retarded and you are dead wrong on that also.
The Lakers tanking? Where have you been for the last 50 years. The Lakers don't tank, the Lakers don't rebuild. Dwight has shown many indications that he'll stay in LA, and that's what he's going to do. Kobe and Pau's contracts are over after the 2013-2014 season. That is $50 MILLION dollars of cap space opening up to sign free agents who would want to play in LA with Dwight Howard and Steve Nash for one more year before he retires. Then Nash retires and the Lakers have MORE cap space.
no its "whatever" they say. because there are a hell of alot more people than me saying it.
Again, where not talking about the AVERAGE person. Where talking about NBA athletes. It takes 9-12 months.
they are 6th no, last night they were tied for 3rd. they would not be ahead of miami and i doubt they would be ahead of indy (who will beat miami if they play in the playoffs) please tell me who you think is better than irving in the east. if you say rose your a clear cut fucking retard.
why the fuck would the cavs bring in people without lebron's consent? how much sense does that make? i read it in a book about a year ago, don't remember the name. it involved why lebron left, how he left and all the facts that went on behind the scenes with him and the cavaliers.
they dont play better without him. until the trade that brought mo speights and wayne ellington to the cavs they were one of the 3 worst teams in the league. kyrie was the sole reason on many nights that they were even in the game. now they have a little veteran leadership that helps stear guys like waiters, zeller, and thompson. thats why they have improved so much. for you to say the cavs are better with kyrie is like saying $1000 is better than $10000. you clearly dont know the game so stfu
ESPN media analyst just said irving may have some greg oden itis. Just stop. No one supports your claim except some guy who has vested interest for the cavs. Irving is injury prone, deal with it.
you sound like MJ now taking kobe over lebron because kobe's won more. you clearly dont know what your talking about. cleveland is incredably young 4 of there 5 starters are first or second year players. irving is a very good facilitator but until the ellington trade he has had no one he could kick it out to who would hit the open shot dumbass and his "horrible dfense" shows that you have watched very little of him. tell russel westbrook about his "horrible defense" get the fuck outta here fool.
Coming from the idiot who thinks Dwade is possibly the best SG and better than lebron. LOL that hurts.
Sam Presti is one of the best GMs in the league. Cleveland on the other hand let LeBron walk away for NOTHING. BIG difference.
Bitch don't act like the Cavs didn't do their best to keep LeBron.
greg oden itis? if thats the case the guy needs to be fired because last time i checked kyrie irving in 2 seasons has 2 less knee surgeys than oden did in his first to seasons. also leg and foot injuries are common for 7 footers. just ask former cav Big Z and yao ming. kyrie will get beat up over the season as does every other attacking pointgaurd in the league. he has already proven to be more durable that D-rose and rajon rondo. missing two or 3 games a month does not make you injury prone.
What are you talking about? This has nothing to do with KG. Also, I'm pretty sure I already made it clear that saying everyone hated him was an over-exaggeration. Or was that in the comment that you somehow lost? I'm coming to the conclusion that you're a troll, because nobody can be this stupid unless its done purposely.
I meant on his left hand he like throwing up a "b" lol that shit is nuts
you cant hog the ball in the 4th when he only playes 7.8min on average in the 4th.(2.5min less than other 2) all of his stats increase in the 4th and mo williams played and in his interview after the game he said he felt "good" and mo does not lie about his health, when he is hurt he ALWAYS lets people know. the jazz have the best bigs combo in the NBA. and what are OKC/heat/spurs? really the are alot better than very good, they are great. along with LAC. one of those teams will win the title.
brandon knight sitting behind him. heh
You're making it clear that you're the idiot here. I told you that people hating Lebron wasn't new, then I laid out an example. I never said the reason everyone hated him was because of his dancing. Get it together, dude.
so your saying the 20 or so exercises i had to do with my knee he has not done? no, he has better doctors and better facilities but he goes through all the same shit. just for a longer period of time. and you dont retrain your brain, you simply have to get your balls back (figure of speach) and watching the dunks he does in practice then he clearly has at least 95% of his knee back. he is hurting his team, his city, his fans, and the NBA in general by being a puss. thats undebateable.
turn up kyrie...ill do yall niggas w him n boobie in 2k
Did anybody hear Kenny saying "he said "Man I should have stay in Cleveland""? LOL
Deshawn aka the guy who started insulting lebron for no reason. Deshawn didn't have a problem with lebron because he was dancing you idiot.
Why you acting like your Kyrie Irving. He does not talk like this , so quit embarrassing him
yeah i did, it happens all the fucking time. but you wouldnt know because you clearly dont watch ball much. the bigs converge on the ball when the clock gets under 5 leaving people open in the 5-15ft zone. and you keep naming indivdual games. irving is in the top 4th quarter scoring PG (as of the all star break) 35th in steals. 7th in ppg. 27th in free throw attempts per 48min. while hitting 85%. he shoots 42% from 3. 47% total... my arguement just proved itself. case closed, get shit on bitch.
only hipicritical douchebags would criticise him if he came back and got injured. like with the RGIII situation. and im not going to bitch if he does not play because it means the bulls have 0 chance to win it all. but if he is not really not ready then there are some major issues with his body and or mind. and that is not debateable guy. you should know this. if you love the game and you want to win and your at 90% or better your ass better be playing. thats why people are bitching.
Itis doesn't necessarily mean that he has to have exactly the same symptoms as odon. Kyrie is injury prone even though they are minor ones. He still needs to miss games in order to nurse those minor injuries. How has he proven that he is more durable? If anything, he's proven to be the opposite. Those guys only went out with freak injuries. Kyrie gets bruised within a couple of games and has to miss out.
did you even read the injury report on his shoulder? shoulder sprain out 3-4 weeks. thats classic tank move because there are QBs in the NFL that miss no time or maybe one week. and their job is to sling the ball down the field. and you say no one supports my claims? really? so all the people that voted for him over D will, holliday, and jennings (that you say are better than him) just accidentally filled in the wrong space? do you even read the shit you say? you sound like a legit retard -__-
Removed your comment smart move. Using a player that doesn't like lebron is a brilliant idea to support your argument. How can someone be this stupid? Wait you're from Cleveland. Explains a lot.
Two seasons ago, wade at his best couldn't even get a decent regular season record in the weak eastern conference. Wade in his prime will always be robin to lebron. Lebron destroys wade always. Head to head 13-9 for lebron james. In the h2h, lebron averages more points/rebounds/assist/less turnovers/better fg%. Wade only trumps him in steals and blocks. Funny thing is most of lebron losses to wade came from the shaq era.
you dont have to worry about the pacers now that danny is gone. derrick rose is weak minded and an over rated defender. the lakers will most likely blow it. and the people that you named off that are more athletic than kyrie were all SGs and SFs outside of d-rose. athleticism and the abiltiy to jump does not make you great. if that was the case usain bolt would be playing in the NBA. kyrie has more skill than every other PG in the league outside of CP3 and westbrook.
Kyrie going after the dunk contest next year, then All Star MVP, then NBA Finals MVP
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