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Black Ops Helicopter Tomahawk Ricochet Kill by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 402,978 views

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add me on psn to see my tomahawk DESTROY a helicopter my psn is SKILLZTHTKILZ
the guy getting killed probably freaked out like hell
That's what's called being in the wrong place at the wrong time
thats what happened to me to i keep aiming at the airsupports bc of that
his face when he watched the killcam
Wow. I wonder how the kill cam looked for that guy..
Click on the link to see someone taking out a chopper
i threw a tomahawk at a helicopter once it bounced off went back down, and nothing happend
Now thats what i call air support.
LAWL that noob didnt know what hit him!
holy crap thats some insane gypsy witch craft haha,
I remember when I got my first random-tomahawk-bounce-on-helikopter kill, I remember it like it was tomorrow xD
nice man you put that guy a humiliation man and gears of war dude dont play cod if you dont know what a granade is ????!!!!
What is better tomahawk or trowing knife
Hay whiteboy7thst i heard you say cal of duty movie i think it a good idea so if your in with me i have some professional cameras so if your in bring a crew,(actors) by the way im just a kid but im a great actor my cousin(17 years old) could be the director. any one intrested post a coment on my channel and and say yes so i can meet up with you any one else could come to in LA of course.
@avschase And i hate it when you drop your lucky pineapple through a drain and onto a hunny badgers head causing the armidillo to steal my cheese.. Can you help me out btw?? i tried searching the whitehouse but all i found was a purple gorilla measuring his horn. After we get the cheese we can G-roll our one-legged zebras off into the sunset.
dtxhuyedrzymjeedc zertawerb786554rwseg4nhdfryumrftgyrfkcgdghhhuirgkhsjdfysrbhdufsgeef. How did I type zertawerb?
fake, he didnt knife the air after he got the kill
SEND IT TO AMAZINGFILMS247!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I always pee on the side to make lesss noise =D Thumps up
best kill in the world thumbs up
:O - thats what happens without marathon pro
watch the last tomahawk on my montage for an epic tomahawk bounce!
Why doesn't that ever happen to me...
anyone who doesnt like this is lying
AWESOME hey whiteboy7 that I know u have the maximum number of friends so please tell me what themazimum numba is :)
its common knowledge everything in the world of cod is made of rubber
Great vid this guy is a beast just like you WhiteBoy. I love you WhiteBoy your awesome and can be hilarious <3
how do yoy make it slow mo like that? can you do that on thearter mode?
Out of all the places a random tomahawk can land lol.
thumbs up if u think it missed the guy when it killed him ;)
tomahawks have a magic taget about about 2 feet on either side of the guy i swear it!
i usually use theatre mode just for fun. kinda like a war thing. ITS IN MW3 TOO!!
The hammer of Thor lol or tomahawk :)
WTF that was me I've been looking for this vid everywhere
I wonder if he watched his kill cam. I would be beyond pissed/amazed
its modded theres to cobras im the air
really:( didnt evn hit the guy!!!!
I hit a helicopter with a tomahawk once and all it did was explode...
@NtnseSkatr sittin on da toilet, sittin on da toilet, sittin on da toilet, sittin on da toilet, sittin on the tooiiillet, sittin on da toillleett, sittin on da toilet, sittin on da toilet, sittin on da toilet, sittin on da toilet sittin on da toilet, gotta flush
he was at the wrong place at the wrong time
WTF the helicopter tomahawked me... noob hehehe
fucking collision detection is awful that was never a hit.
dam i forgot to skip the add again
That was sick man nice job you guys should check out my file share on xbox 360 my gamertag is huntar48 no caps no spaces thank you.
the guy who died must be the angry german kid
Oh... so thats what a chopper is good for!
the dude that called the attack chopper shud get NO FRIENDLY FIRE ALLOWED cuzz it rebounnded off his helicopter
Wtf!! That was amazing but it was obvuoudky flukey though still awesome shot
Holy crap! I didn't know you can do that in black ops, but I know you can take down a harrier with a noob tube in mw2
I get a 3 in one rc-xd take out with a tomahawk on summit s and d :D
Good shot!! But you theater mode skills are even better, i have tried but get nothing like that :)
thank you lag and $#!" you!!
the red bar is the size of justin biebers nob ;)
Anyone notice it didnt hit the guy but Teleported
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