Dog trained in sign language...

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Shinook, 6 year old Shepard mix. Trained in Sign Language. Shinook is a Registered Therapy Dog. More videos to follow...

+Keemon Freemon Shinook does live like other dogs, he is just properly trained. I am Fred's neighbor and can watch Shinook play outside with Fred's other dog Thor. Shinook is a certified therapy dog(if I remember correctly) and Thor(Mastiff/Rottweiler) is in the process of becoming a Search and Rescue dog. They run around outside and play like normal dogs but just know a lot of cool tricks. 
(I'm Fred's neighbor) Always love watching you work with Shinook! It's amazing what all he can do. You should defiantly make a new video including Thor, and maybe show the people below that Shinook (and Thor) do have fun and live like a normal dog but are still properly trained!
Totally love it, never thought that could work :) 
That dog isn't reading the sentences fully. The sounds from slapping his hands, flicking, and rubbing his hands together are probably the only cues that dog is looking at. Hand gestures pointing down, and up, or showing palm are taught at most dog obedience schools.
this is awesome!! totally needs more views! so impressed!!
Absolutely wonderful, Fred and Shinook! Amazing! Shinook reminds me of my beloved (and departed) Raggy. He didn't know sign language, but he looked very much like Shinook and had a similar temperament. : )
That's amazing. I want to train my dogs by using sign language.
It is universally known what PC stands for. I did however guess you would think I meant 'personal computer'. It doesn't take much to spot an evident dumbass these days. Thanks for showing me what an illiterate you are, I hope these dog trick videos will improve your grades.
In the wild kingdom, those who are more powerful are dominant and dogs know that too well. You sir obviously prove no dominance over your pet and therefore you are nothing better than your dog. You must be proud.
have you heard koko gorilla did sign language on youtube? many people koko gorilla should allow going wild life
At least it lived a little unlike this robotic excuse for a pet. I'd rather go out and explore at the risk of eating some deadly plastic than stay indoors taking orders from my redneck owner who keeps poking me the eye with his hand movements.
Tell that to my neighbour who had a dog that loved the eat trash, like plastic, chocolate, paper etc. Guess what! That dog died!
*Looks up torture on wikipedia* *Looks up breed of dog and level of obedience seen in alpha and beta relations* *reads comment* I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
That's amazing ! I'm deaf person , I wish I had a dog like that could understand more . Love this video , yhu signing great and clear !
Sorry but this doesn't prove he knows sign language...
I know right. Although, i don't know why he's walking on all fours.
its good to see Bush doing something after his presidency
That seems unbelievable. Awesome training
But can he lower your credit score?
PC is decently known in the southern parts of the US, even the term "Politically Correct" isn't very popular outside of those southern parts. As a Canadian, I had never heard those words together except for when I heard them from a redneck. Using them as an insult is probably pretty redneck of you
Why is he torturing that dog so much?, It's even beyond the point of having Stockholm syndrom.
Trained dogs creep me out. They're more live slaves than pets. I prefer mine drooly and disorderly, thanks!
Err, PC as Politically Correct is FAR from universal, regardless of whether or not he's illiterate you've just shown how ignorant you are of the rest of the world outside of your own personal high horse.
Seeing as I'm not blind, this is my preference you fucking PC loser.
I'm kEEny rodGers and welcome to jackass!
This is amazing!!!! Beautiful dog.
Clearly a very obedient dog you've trained there, well done! But is it possible that the Clever Hans effect might be in play here? Can someone else give these same commands in sign language?
At first I thought your dog can DO sign language lol.. I was like but he has no hands!
This is a great video. What a good dog! I'm most impressed with his self-control regarding his treats. My dogs would have a difficult time getting treats without eating them.
All the dislike were jamcians trying to say "dis I like!"
"universally known what PC stands for" I dont think you know what universally means.
Tell that to the blind people who rely on their dog.
They should start teaching sign language for dog owners. ... Interesting how your dog might understand silent conversations that you can not ... just like how they might not understand some of our conversations.
of course they understand. I'm not surprised at all. Love from Brazil!
brb dog waited till he said you can have treat to eat it
How am I a fool for not knowing an abbreviation? YSM
I can't believe all the silly negative remarks! Your dog is clearly happy and healthy! And beautiful... Thank you for sharing. I am in an ITP and appreciate anyone learning sign language for whatever reason. And I have met a dog that definitely understood sign language( in a way a dog understands speech) his owner was Deaf And Blind. Pretty amazing stuff!
Awww, this is so awesome and adorable :3
I've witnessed torture before....and this isnt it.
You wish you had the life my dog has. Then again you think pets are born to do shitty little tricks for rewards. My dog is a dog, it's not a trained seal. Go to Seaworld you loser while I take my dog into nature. You scared of nature?
All these people thinking the dog understands sign language. Get real people. Lowering of hand = lying down. Raising the hand = sitting up (or standing up). Ticking on his palm = fetching. Etc. etc. Yes yes, that is sign language of course but all the other signs are as much gibberish to the dog as they are to people who don't know any sign language. Well trained dog though nothing special obviously.
Simply wonderful, you guys! What a brilliant team you make!
It doesnt pove we know sign language. but do dogs understand what we say? or what the words mean? or do they just get accustom to a noise we make and the reward or punishment that follows? he is not teaching them a language, only teaching the dog ques. i dont teach the dog how to fetch when i say the word fetch. i teach him to fetch when i make the noise that the word fetch creates. for a dog to know everything i say in english, he would have to know the alphabet lol.
What a beautiful, clever boy! And a very clever papa, too! :D
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