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MW3 New Map U-Turn SPAWNS ARE FU$&ED! (MW3 New DLC Map Pack)

by jahovaswitniss • 29,225 views

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To be honest, if i were to play Mw3 again, id have to be gaming with you and the "crew"
Well I couldn't tell do mostly to the fact I was texting at the time.
Says they are fixing the spawns. Spawns are more fucked than before. Scumbag Infinity Ward.
I'm assuming a lot of screaming was involved in this.
they tried to make bf3 maps xD
I need a dancing hamster at end of vid
DAMM I Would have loved hearing Jahova's reaction !! XD
you obviously don't know that sp33dy and jahova know eachother, play mw3 together, and sometimes make vids together.
Can you guys help me hit 100 subs by today?
Spawns were better on black ops and W@W then MW3 , the modern warfare is all infinity ward
Jeez what are you expecting? They fucked up the spawns on every other map why not this one too... >.<
Its not just IW or Treyarch.... its fucking COD
i though all of mw3 was like this? whats new hova??
Infinity Ward makes just the same shit as mw2. Horriable spawns, boring maps and overpowered guns. They havent learned anything from MW2! (MW2 is better, much better!) And stop saying that Sledgehammer made the game, they have access to MW2 also, so why dont make it a little different. At leaste Treyarch tries!
the 15 people who dislike is gay lol
still waiting for those nipples .....
thay helped with the programming at the and with the capmaign
please balance your audio YOUR RAPING MY EARS
So here are those nipples we hear so much about.... ( o Y o ) Nice Right?
Those are the worst spawns I've ever seen.
i click the like on all the videos but still no tits! =(
What the hell is trayarc? Infinity Ward made the game smart one!
treyarch* and no they didn't...infinity ward did along with sledgehammer games
But its really fucked because the enemy spawns on his back..
if u knew it was a joke then stop pretending like you didn't know
thats infinity ward for u, get use to it lol
that happened to me on any map. so i broke mw3
THIS IS the same as all the other maps tho, whats the diff? they havent fixed anything (on PC at least)
bill murray killed my father and fucked the spawns
iw fail again fucking shower of shit they are
Fuck DLC the spawns are even worse on these maps
The spawns have always been bad, not just on this map. I once spawned in the same spot as three people on Lockdown. Yes, that huge map with many different possible spawn points, in a free for all with 8 people. Unfortunately this stuff happens daily with me.
Well that's just a normal day on mw3.
All the spawns in mw3 are like this.
straight merry-o's voice annoys me
Actually your wrong, Treyarch made MW3 for the Wii.
ive been waiting 3 months for nipples :)
Map should be called "U, turn around or DIE"
Damn it, Steve Jobs really sucks at making spawns! :D
I know how to spell Treyarch. But the other guy said "Trayarc".
*Spawn* *KNIFE* Me... o.o.... u.u...
turn the outro volume down, geezz
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