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Hitchens: Properly Going Off Script

by CommonReason • 182,846 views

Hitchens doing what he does best. Part 2 :

The host is pathetic, trying to box his caller into a corner and when he gets a stern reply he says he is only being hypothetical when he is actually being insulting and condescending
The host thought that he could trap Hitch into admitting he was a reprehensible person by using the ancient screed called the 10 commandments by which to 'nail him' (pun intended). A classic use of strawmen to trap the unwary. But Hitch played along, and challenged him all along the way. I think perhaps the most telling point is when Hitch says, contemptuously, " I'm glad you think it's a game". Priceless!
You might like the video, Christopher Hitchen's 10 Commandments. Very humanistic, the world would be a wonderful place if we practiced them.
Ha! That was my favorite part too. I found his stupid game irritating so I'm glad Hitch stuck it up his ass!
That idiot Hovind ran smack into a freight train on this.  He had absolutely no response to Hitch's arguments.  Such a pathetic serf.  
What Christians do not understand about the relationship between god and humans - If gods power is so grand and infinite, and it was so easy for him to create the entire universe. Then there's no reason to thank him. Honestly by the description of god I'd expect those things. I guess it's a matter of being humble. but if you're charitable to another human, and don't expect a thank you, everyone knows that there is something far more admirable, far more respectable, and far more modest about that. Than deliberately asking someone to thank you. And that's why every atheist you ask will tell you. god is a pathetic, petty deity, and he hasn't earned my respect. Of course he'd have to exist.
I laughed so hard at the end; "None of your f**** business", "Who give's a s***". Priceless.  Beautiful, as always. 
Only smart atheists may think that wondrous human digestive system (with complex organs and glands that process a wide variety of foods, channel energy and nutrients into the bloodstream while diverting waste out) -- basically an amazing little factory could have come into existence as the result of chance/accident/undirected process.
The human body is of a design so flawed and prone to malfunction that no self-respecting Supreme Being would be willing to claim it as their work.
"I am glad you think It's a game by the way, I rather agree with you!" He may have been a drunk and a smoking idiot at times, but this man's eloquence has presence, it's inspiring! Rarely does a big political conflict news story go by without me thinking: "Damm, I wish Hitch was still here to show these muppets their place!" As he did here.
Christ. Can you imagine the sort of person who would listen to this guy's radio show every day?
"Well, not sure that god is Kim Jong Il..." "Ask Kim Jong Il, he has a different opinion." Brilliant.
Trying to box CH in, and every time CH broke out, he was told IT IS ONLY A GAME... This is schoolyard level stuff.  CH shines as usual...
He was so brutal I love it!
Wow, the DJ is a real turd! that fake articulation in his voice is hilarious...and to think that his inane, emotional hyperbole and presupposition would even ruffle Hitch's feathers is absolutely laughable..water off a ducks back, and dealt with by casually and indifferently delivered intellectual atom bombs.
Host got his ass handed too him, lol. Someone should have threw in the towel for him! TKO for Hitch. Host was so completely out of his depth with someone with so much more intellect.
Hitch always made me think and often made me smile. In this case, I was laughing out loud. When he sets up on adultery and how he'd measure up on living by the Ten Commandments? He tore it down right there... Made the buffoon talking to him sound like a proper asshat.
"What if" the host would STFU and listen?  Maybe he would learn something.
This is one of the most brilliant things I've ever heard... Christopher Hitchens was on an entire other level intellectually then these talk show hosts and so many others.
he is talking about the "ten commandments" but doesnt realise they were destroyed. it confuses me that if you believe in this type of religion you should know that another and different 10 were made.
wow, beatdown, straight up, ice cold, fuckin beatdown, I dont know whom this radio host is, but as soon as I heard that whacky ass, fake, pandering radio voice I knew he would be no match for the superior intellect of Hitchens, But the outright condescending tone of which he conducts his poor excuse for a segment truly makes me happy NOT to be on his side of the argument, Hitchens was bombarded by sunday school Christian nonsense questions, and rhertoric under the 5th grade guise of "What if I (the radio host)  do not listen to all the great points you are making, and instead try and convince people that celestial creation for the purpose of slavery, is not only justified and alright, but superimposed as correct because I have a book Ive hardly read, that says it is GREAT amd COMMANDED therefore nothing else matters.!" Hitchens once again, wins every single one of the many childish argments presented to him whole handed and flawlessly, and avoids the OBVIOUS traps for soundbytes put forward by a miserable radio crew, Yes, nice try on that one because thats clearly what they were fishing for, and he didnt give them a damn thing.  I suggest knowing your opponent and knowing when you are overwhelmingly beaten before you even make the phone call next time.. 
Excellent premise for a show, start by getting the host to ask absurd questions, then contradict the guest for trying to apply logic and common sense to the argument. Hitchens did have the patients of a fucking saint, with no divine sanction required!
There was no "game" or "fantasy" here, the presenter was obviously a religious believer that wanted answers to his paltry understanding of his own silly religion, without having to explain how stupid his questions and ideas about the nature of his hell-creating and infinitely loving god were. Hitchens knew this and absolutely would not let him control the entire thing.
Didn't the producers of this sunday school game do any research on their guest. Or did they. and think we'll stump him with the "what if" questions. Either way they got what they needed, an education or the wrath of their God for inviting Hitch on to rip Him an new asshole.  
"None of your f%#@&! business" "Who gives a sh#@" lol such a shame he is no more
God gave Hitchens cancer, not a God we wish to associate with !
Belief in god is the one true cancer.
Hitchens was slapping him right and left
Hitchslap!!!  I sure miss him.
Fucking hell, Hitchens is so calm about all this... I would have gone apeshit on the idiot asking these childish questions as a grown up adult fucking man... you have to be kidding me..
That's why Hitch was Hitch. This guy was HitchSlapped all the way through!!!
+Atheist Clown The host was too fuckin' stupid he'd been HitchSlapped™.
Those presenters were a pair of cunts. Even more credit to King Hitch for persevering and having the patience to pander to these pathetic pair of pricks.
"Ask Kim Jong Il; he has a different opinion." so witty
"So ownership is a BAD thing??"    "Of people, yes."   
Oh man. Christopher was one funny mo fo.
I really do miss Hitch and his razor sharp intellect.
Wow. I really miss Hitch.
"So ownership is a bad thing?" "Of people, yes." Flawless
"So you broke the commandment of adultry right?" "None of your fucking business" "So it seems that on a judgement day you wouldnt measure up to God's 10 commandments" "Who gives a fuck" LMAO
Herrin Larkan Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Hitchens on the radio playing along with a christians 'games' with hilarious results. #Funny #Religion #Atheism  
"It's none of your F'ing business." Classic Hitchens! That man was awesome!
One of the greatest polemicists of all time.
"None of your fucking business." He is such a legend. 
Gotta say, very clever attempt to try and use the framing of a "game" as a license to make straw man arguments and provoke opportunities for quote mining. Too bad for them that Hitchens, like always, couldn't be outsmarted.
Y'all do realize this is fake right?
+Greg Staddon I must apologize, I was completely wrong. Sorry. Thanks for correcting me and saving me from my own ignorance. A quick Google search left me with overwhelming evidence that I was wrong.
I don't understand why Hitchens would spend his valuable time on this dumb shit?
If I had his mind, I would have fun too
What if America was locked down by the Zionist American government? That radio host deserves everything he gets. And who the fuck ever is paying him too, what a dickhead.
"He is a contributing editor, ironically, for Vanity Fair..." Why is this ironic?  Are these dumb shits calling Hitch vain?  If so, how then would it be ironic that he writes for Vanity Fair? Holy shit.  Less than a minute in and retardation++.
I believe you are a programmer
LOL this is the "intellectual" equivalent of a 1st grader trying to take on the biggest kid in school and ending up with 9:51 of "why are you hitting yourself?"
He just intellectually bulldozed that motherfucker.
the host seems like an idiot
that host is a moron. he doesn't understand that hitchens answers his question. dear host, you keep saying 'what if what if', and hitchens answers what he would think if what if. try to let it through your skull. you clearly have never really pondered existential questions.
"Have you made any graven images?" This is painful. Poor Hitchens.
I love how he 's probably the worst possible guest for this game, hillarious
The scary part is that the "host" is sitting at home right now thinking he won....
I love how he keeps reminding hitchens they're playing a little game because he's not getting the answers he wants
The radio host sounded like Glenn Beck
what a fucking surrealistic loony interviewer is, seriously frighting
What a pathetic little shit that interviewer is. Stupid game and the whole premise is stupid. Such loaded questions. Well done hitch for staying calm and playing the game with this moron. 
Hitchens kicks yet another Christian's ass!  LOL
Answers to questions: 1. Yes. 2. If you phrase it that way: "allowed"... then no. Would you call my (real biological) father kind if he said: "Weeelll... I just thought that I'd allow my son to live"? No! You would say that he is a monster! 3. No. 4. He doesn't own me because I say so. This might sound like a cop out but that's what you get if you ask silly 'what if' questions. Rights and ownership are  human made concepts. They are tools (like mathematics). It's like 2+2=4: It's true because we all agree on them. Yes it is a part of that game show. You made an argument and now you want to ignore it when Hitchens asks clarification. How dishonest! 5. Same as Hitchens. Owning another human is a bad thing. Slavery: Leviticus 25:44-46, Exodus 21:2-6, Exodus 21:7-11, Exodus 21:20-21, Ephesians 6:5, Luke 12:47-48 Genocide: I'm a bit lazy so I'll just give you one... Deut 20:16-18 6. According to bible? Horribly! 7. The real 10 commandments (check the bible.. these are the real 10 commandments)? - Thou shalt worship no other god. - Thou shalt make thee no molten gods. - The feast of unleavened bread thou shalt keep. - Six days thou shalt work, but on the seventh day thou shalt rest. - Thou shalt observe the feast of weeks, of the firstfruits of wheat harvest, and the feast of ingathering at the year’s end. - Thrice in the year shall all your men children appear before the Lord God. - Thou shalt not offer the blood of my sacrifice with leaven. - Neither shall the sacrifice of the feast of the passover be left unto the morning. - The first of the firstfruits of thy land thou shalt bring unto the house of the LORD thy God. - Thou shalt not seethe a kid [ie, a young goat] in his mother’s milk. I have broken like 2 of these. So not bad at all. 8. Not according to your explanation. 9. I don't know what that means. Why don't you ever ask: "Have you ever put oxygen first in your life?" No, but I still believe in oxygen. What the hell? 10. Sometimes. My parents actually said to me once that they were a bit worried because I was such an easy child to raise. They thought that I was just good at covering my mistakes. 11. Yes. 12. No. 13. Yes. 14. Which god? We haven't identified him/her/it. If it is the god of the bible, we still can't know because of the contradictions. Again the silly questions...
- Stupid question - Question and interviewer exposed as stupid - "No sir that's not part of the game"
this host is a tool...FAIL. "WHO GIVES A "BLEEP" ya Hitch
Oh my word, this is the most ridiculous interview, sorry "game", I have ever come across.
"None of your f**** business" hahahah
breaking commandments.... only relevant to xtians. 
Hitch was doing what he said should be done at every opportunity , ridicule religion.
Hitchens was the man!
"Heaven For The Weather"..........hell sounds like fun to me! 
Have a vision of the host, after the show, sitting in his car in a deserted carpark, smoking meth, while crying and laughing at the same time, before calling up his favourite rent-boy, and then his wife to say bible study is running 'a little late tonight...'
Great thought exercise here; Imagine you are a scientist in the future, and you create an sentient being. This being has all of the same qualities of a human, it has emotions, it can think for itself and so on.. do you really think you have ownership rights over said creature as if it were a slave? No. The act of giving the being its sentience or freedom of thought, you forfeit any ownership you can justify logically or morally. Thats not to say that the being in question wouldn't be held accountable should it do wrong.
You've been watch Star Trek TNG way too much,,maybe you should ask Data that
2 annoying as hell radio douches. I miss Hitch a lot....
How does this idiot dare to say that the Bible doesn't command genocide and slavery? That surely isn't Beck?
The radio host is so thick-headed, and his "what-ifs" are so asinine, I'm not sure how Hitchens was able to take it. 
what if Hitch kicked this guy in the ass
ownership is a bad thing? haha this idiotic host is trying so hard to undermine him, his stupidity keeps getting in the way. he cannot help but sound snarky and embodies everything I hate about people like him.
This interviewer sounds like a complete moron.I'm surprised The Hitch didn't hang up after the first stupid question, but that's not in his nature. He gave this interviewer way too much time. The world lost a good man the day The Hitch died....(What If..lmao)
"has God ever been #1 for you?" ah shit, I cannot believe the ignorance in that question. what a horribly despicable human being.
The host is like a negative of Hitchens. Every quality Hitchens possessed, the host had the opposite.
The host responds to Hitch with "but that's not the question" to every legitimate answer he gives. Terrible.
Oh, this is painful.  It's a wonder Todd Friel is able to walk around and breathe simultaneously.
Anberlin!!!!!!?????? Their best song?? Christopher Hitchens??? LIFE: made
What if .... the host had a triple digit IQ and could actually understand Hitchens' replies?
3:23 He owns you?! What. Not a god damn thing owns me except myself.
"non of your f@(cking business", "who gives a shit?!"   Oh man, I love Hitchens 
"Who gives a shit." This "interview" is a perfect example of why You should never bother engaging people of faith, It serves no purpose other than humor...But Htchens was always the best at the humor game. 
Now that's some funny Hitch...
Yeah I wouldnt not enjoy the representation of heaven that modern theist have given.
This host is a moron, period. Religion and god are man made fantasies, which are no more significant than a Hollywood movie. Humans gravitate to religion because they’re frightened by their own ineptness, lack intellectual acuteness, and unable to come to terms with their pitiable fear of death. The parties of god, rob its subscribers of self determination, of becoming self-reliant, intellectually resolved, and most importantly, that of becoming advanced human beings—free of religion, its childish superstition and fallacious narrative. “Secularism is the only guarantee of religious freedom.”  Thank you Christopher. 
Fuck yeah and that host is an absolute joke
Is seems that the game ends completely at about 7 minutes.
Have you ever committed adultery? NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS --HAHA
God makes Trees, but you have to supply the pen ... he made the brain - - but, you have to use it, God makes Kim Jong il.. but, jeesus wins, when he fights the devil - unless jeesus is tired, then he wins.. Gravity?  God made gravity - but, he can't change it - - so, he can't control it, so he's not god so much.
If the host (Glen Beck) is attempting to win the argument, with his ridiculous questions that religion is in fact a man-made fairytale, then he has won and made a better case for that point than Hitchens.  If he is not, and attempting to prove religion/God is true and even a good thing, then he should have a really good, hard, long think about every word that is coming out of his mouth.
Christopher I miss you my brother. Now in paperback in fine book stores everywhere.
Whats ironic about being a contributing editor?
I love that Hitch rises above the "graven images" and doesn't mention all the crosses in churches, and churches themselves - let alone the regional, national, and international leaders who wear costumes demanding devotion.  I'm more of a "gut punch" guy - which is why I so respect the Hitch-slap.  :)
7:00 Hitchens = biggest troll ever.
Another example of Christopher Hitchens  at his best . WHAT IF the radio presenter read another book . The bible is a great work of literature ......but it is just a book NOT a document of fact .....Wasn't the medium of radio an invention of science?
The stupid interview is an inquisition on the commandments and more Pascal's Wager. Here's a twist on the wager - IF there is a god of some kind and - If he is good, atheists who live responsible lives have nothing to worry about. If he is merely powerful, who can at any time act according to his caprice, change his mind and revoke and rewrite covenants and whatever he says goes (the case in almost all holy books), the atheist as well as the believer who spent an entire life propitiating this god are both screwed.
Fuck Hitch, he is owned and he is a pawn whether he likes it or not. God is going to rape his ass for being a pompous english twat!!
+randy neas and those who indulge trolls
+randy neas god is awesome and he doesnt promote any of those things, its the jews who promote that shit, you idiot
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