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by katilette • 92,105 views

I can't thank you all enough for supporting me and my family in all of our YouTube adventures. I appreciate each of you so much and am grateful to be a part of this wonderful world we call YouTube...

+ABIGAIL MONSTER HiGH CANNEL they are mormon, very kind sharing people. If u know what i mean.
@AngeKristine86 they have a different ne (a fake one) in the house in la, i think she was talking about california
You do not need to lose weight gurl! You are buetiful anyway :)
Cute traditions! I'm a Muslim but I enjoyed hearing this :) I wonder if I could tie them into Muslim holidays when I have kids one day... Love you!
It's called an Advent calender Colette (:
omg mommeh tard there are some really creppy people making creepy geeeeez id make a video telling the creepers to get a life! lol, merry christmas!
I think it is funny that this Christmas Me and my Husband made a Barbie closet filled with Barbie clothes I made for our Daughter! I hope it is as great a memory for her as it was for you!
Merry Christmas Katilette !!! :) <3
@MatildaSummers You'll be a wonderful mother. My Mother's Intuition says so : )
my Christmas traditions right now are 1.getting at least 1 present under the tree for me by the first day on christmas vacation. 2.opening one present on christmas eve 3.opening one small present right after i wake up on christmas
@zoeyyss Watch the podcasts. They tell the whole story.
@julianneer in electric stars and satellites (callies music video) she holds a picture of their mother & in the breast cancer video that is on this channel a picture of their mother is shown at the end! She looks just like katilette :)
I've been desperately trying to lose weight, and I have lost some, but I need some good ab and leg workouts. Do you have any suggestions? Please answer back :$
@dimension1815 its kinda weird how you thought they were friends..they live together and have kids..clearly they're married
:o i have the calender with the mouse you are talking about :) my mom used to put little candys in it so when you move the mouse you see a candy :D
Colette: What are some of the "traditions" that you and Shay are passing down to the children?
i recommend putting music in the background :)
@Jacqueefy Whoa bro, no need to be hasty man.... It's just a little spelling error. It happens. Obsessive much? LOLOLOLOL
awwwww, we love u too katilette!!! ur so sweet<3
your hair looks beautiful like that collette :)
The 23rd is my dads birthday. Thanks for making a Christmas special.
You need to do a hair and makeup tutorial! We all love it!
it's funny cause in the vlogs her tree is still up xD
I have that same mouse calendar!! It was such a big deal.. my brother and I use to take turns everyday, but we did it backwards and counted from 25 - 1
My family had the what we called the "Mouse-ie Calendar" but we went the opposite way from 25 to 1 :)
We did the calender thing too! Awww... That was super fun. I think we opened a little window everyday and there would be candy in it or something
We did the same thing with the mouse! There were 4 of us kids, so it was a pain waiting four days just to move the mouse lol
colette, may we please see a picture of your mother, because you speak very highly of her, and i want to somewhat "meet" her
@dimension1815 youre not suppose to cuss on here!!! and katilette i love you and your family! i just created this youtube account just to watch you and your family! :) thank you. You have such an amazing family: )
merry christmas to all the shaytards! love from across the seas in england :)
My husband and I have the mouse calendar!! It's a big fight between us and our two year old to see who gets to move the mouse each day! It's a tradition his family started with him and his four siblings. Each sibling now has their own mouse calendar and does the same with their kids!!
@dimension1815 lol shay? fat? go watch the more recent vlogs. he's very thin now. xD
I had a similar kind of calendar growing up. However instead of a mouse, there would be a small piece of chocolate for each day of the month.
@zoeyss if you watch or listen to there podcast when the kids go to sleep they explained it all
I seem to remember you talking about your brother being a musician like Callie, I don't remember if it was on a video on this channel or on one of the Shaytards videos, but you said he has a youtube as well. Or am I completely wrong? If I'm right, can you point us in the direction of that channel please?
You look gorgeous u don't needa work out
@bethissoawsomelike Yes we do. But some people dont always know what they are called.
Your parents do the same thing with opening pajamas on Christmas Eve! :)
I have a Christmas countdown thing too! I look forward to putting it up every year :)
I love you, you are so perfect. you are nice, funny and beautiful and a great singer. all of us youtubers just want you to know that!(:
katilette looks very beautiful in purple!!!! Merry christmas "mommy tard" god bless YOU & YOUR FAMILY (ONE) sup adam
@JosieLOVEShaytards I think in a podcast she was saying how Babytard and Princesstard don't really look after their toys as she did :') but I think she still has some of her old toys.
Hey colette, I know no mom can be a perfect mom right away. my question would be, is there anything you have ever done to your kids which you have regretted. Thanks :D
She got the calendar from Avon! We have one too!
Have you or Shay ever been in any parades in your Idaho hometown in the last 6 years?
My aunt had a mouse calendar too. I LOVED moving the mouse from one pocket to the next.
The calenders are called "Advent Calenders" i think..i get them every year and my brother (20) and me (14) still love them :D
I totally had the mouse too! It was the BEST thing to be able to do during December :) I adored it!
we have the mouse calender too! still to this daay its hanging up right now. :D
is pt getting her own channel
@oldjunkvet You dont talk like someone that would use the word "hot" while talking about a woman.. :P
hey colette! I loove your videos!!! keep making them!! my question is: are we ever allowed to know the kids real names and is that why your using that 'tard'names? loooover from holland <3 xx wiesje
Shay caught the best fish in the pond.
I have similar memories of a calendar with a chocolate in each day :)
@AveragePope well that's your opinion isn't it why bring colette into this? atleast she's getting somewhere in life you who seem to just be hiding behind a computer and posting stuff like that? wow..sad
Merry Christmas Katilette!!!!!!!!
We had the mouse calendar growing up too! My mom still puts her's up every Christmas my siblings and I still fight over who gets to move the mouse when we go to moms :)
it looks like you weigh 52 pounds. you dont need to exercize.
@creepychris11 whoa... c'mon guys... so much fighting.. everyone get along please.
i remember you telling the tree story on the shaytards =] love you collette! merrt christmas! God Bless =]
i love these videos! i really want to see more! :)
can I have your hair Mommytard? I love it... LOVE IT!
I have something like the mouse... but its a snowman ;)
katilette is always so quiet on the momsview :)
Me andy family open new Pjs on Christmas eve too!
has anyone else been watching the vlogs lately and find the irony in this vids title? lol
Colette, i think u should ask sontard if he wants to tell his name to the shaytard fans. So i was wondering... would you ever do that with him being eight years old?
i wish i could be part of your family that would be awesome
@ninja0mighty Her real name is Colette. Her youtube name is Katilette.
Thumbs up if you saw her wearing this outfit in the vlog before this video.
ok... i will resist the urge to look for dimwnsion1815's comment...
I love how you used all that purple! :O I'm normally not a big fan of purple but it looks soo good on you. :) Merry Christmas Katilette! <3
just wondering, is there anyone here who just randomly found katilette whithout having ever heard of shay? please reply!
oh mylanta!!!! Our families are so much alike! I loved my christmas eve jammies!
Love your video's. It's so cute how you talk with your hands. My mom use to do the same thing. We use to tell her if she sat on her hands she would not be able to talk.
You looked for the christmas tree in the gutters? Aren't gutters are on the roof of a house?
i just find colette to be such a wonderful woman, inside and out. i think she's a great role model for women, moms and people in general! keep up the awesome videos :)
To do excercise i would take my dog out. we would walk atleast a mile. or i would throw toys at her. lol no i would throw and she would go get! but just for extra excercise.
I have that same calendar with the mouse!!!!!!!!!! yay!
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