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Submit LOL Replays!

by ZackScottGames • 8,892 views

SUBMIT LOL REPLAYS: The Walking Dead Game Gameplay Walkthrough Episode 2 Part 1:

So that's you look I was way off
thats the first time ive seen ur face
Hey Zack,how are your headphones called?
you should help out smaller channels by submiting lol replays of there own vids :)
@MachinimaOre Yes, it's brilliant I tell you BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone agree Zack looks a bit weird?
i did before you made this video
8th Comment, ;D! Love ur vidz zack!
Lol Zack you look like CopperCab
tht cool i gues you do tht and ill add like and put comments as normal >_>
cant bloody wait for the walking dead last few episodes! keep up the awesome work :P
zack i have played more than 17 games i would appreciate it if u would talk with me about these games maybe u could join?
You kinda look like a younger version of my dad... creeeepy.
the best games you ever played are 1. the walking dead 2.minecraft 3.happy wheels
can't wait for the walking dead
C|:-{0 (hipster with fedora and hipstermustache) sleeping is way to mainstream!
cant wait for the walking dead
That's my cat Otto, star of many of my ZackScott videos and ZackScottPets videos.
this means zack ran out or got too lazy to find his own replays, lol. but it does give fans a chance to get a shoutout or whatever, i assume, since name and youtube channel are requested when submitting
Zack, i sent you a youtube message asking a question about a plugin, for my bukkit server, its called server from GolfWMe!
can we submit a lol replays of lol replays
Ginger sideburns. SO BLOODY GINGER!
Am I the only one that reads "lol" as "ell oh ell" instead if "loll?"
HAHAHAHA I thought he meant League of legends.......actually Zack why don't you do that? That would be AWESOME!!
Are you tired of making original content that you want to feed off your subs videos?
Sorry about the crappy audio quality.
You cant be 3rd view since 4 people commented before you :/
Can we play minecraft together plz
what if i dont want to muahaha
Well he's probably older than when he made the pixel 030
Wow! LOL Replays? Get it from CL0896!
but most of the other videos on this channel don't include his face. except the thumbnail.
we should send him links to porn videos instead
ZackScott when did you start making games vids? You look so different, not that it's a bad thing...
dude your not a fat ass why when i said that every one got angry at me ?
submitted one c: i hope it will be on youtube
Zack, is there any chance that you could do Dark Souls let's play in future? It would be hilarious to see how many times you would die in one of the hardest games in the world. =D Anyway great videos, keep it up.
Oh... I thought he meant League of Legends.
You Have A Really Big Head HaHa!
episode 192. "what's up with the time outs?" "you typed that and said it?" .... "i can do that too"
Grow extravagant mutton chops.
Zack we do not want to be FORCED to send in LOL replays on gods day!
Earliest I've ever been to a ZSG video
Zack could we upload some of our LOL replays as well?
I cannot wait for the walking dead videos. Shit.
More videos yay *looks at time*... Pffft who sleeps these days anyway?
He went into your house... Little pervert, isn't he?
Wow that series went by fast
you look like a fucking werewolf (0_0)
When are the contest winners going to be announced? D:
Zack, are you irish or scottish in some way?
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