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As sample as that: Who sampled what (Part 4)

by Pimb79 • 48,115 views

Titles: 1. Just-Ice "Cold gettin' dumb" - Redman feat. K-Solo "It's like that (Big brother)" 2. John Dankworth "Two piece flower" - Gang Starr "Above the clouds" 3. Billy Paul "Let's fall in love...

i coulda swore j dilla made running by pharcyde
He did my droog he just sampled the beat
walid elsawi Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
The Mysterious Flying Orchestra "Shadows" O.S.T.R. Emade- Niebo (Poland) cheack it
anybody know the sample used for "The What" - Biggie & Methical?
i'm beginning to respect great producers a lot more now seeing this... its incredible
Rakim -Guess Who's Back is Produced by Dj Clark Kent
Inspiring shit...........!!!!
these videos show not only the talent and infinite musical knowledge behind hip hop, but also hip hops openness to all types of music without judging. primo and dilla are both genius because they dont pick samples based on whether theyre cool or recognizable. they search and search and pick samples purely on their potential to create epic beats. amazing vision and creativity
Thanks very much for the upload! Inspired to start beat mining myself
Cold Gettin Dumb is a dope ass song anyways, i added that on my ipod instead of the method man and redman one
this is cool. havoc, q-tip/ummah and beatminerz are some of ny's most underrated producers. people that grew up on this shit know, but they're names belong along side primo and rza
Shadows at 2:15 is also sampled by Bushwill Bill's Skitzo watch?v=YxWNacLev8o
'Cause the beat is kindda reminiscent of "Yes you are - MF Grimm"
Good Work on the video Chek out my sampled beat Peaceeee
That mob deeps sample was put together so Nice! Good video! PEACE
I'm not sure, but i think premier also used the razzmattazz sample in smiley tha ghetto child - wake up call?
@LatinPercussion no but if you listen closely at 1:07 it sounds like the sample for Electric Relaxation!! i just noticed
#10 was sampled by Bahamadia too (title is "Spontaneity")
i have been looking all over for that above the clouds sample. good lookin out.
gangstarr samples from the unobvious if that is a word
off topic: is it just me or does Madlib really look like Mike Epps on that Jaylib picture?
@MattyStevensonBishop woaw, i wouldn't say that havoc and q-tip are underrated, maybe da beatminerz are MF DOOM, Psycho Les and EL-P, now THAT is some underrated ny producers
damn i like how "The Official's" snare is a clap thats barely there lol
Lool. I must be going insane. I've even got the "Black on both sides" album. But hey, thanks alot.
gangstarr - moment of truth is one of my fav tracks ever
I dont know who these guys are?
premier is a fuckin genius!!!!!!!
Nice video. What's the last snippet at the end of the vid.?
i cant find the gza track can anyone help me?its dope
is it just me or does Madlib really look like Mike Epps on that Jaylib picture?
What is the music on the credits at the end that is on point!!!!!
i like the way they use the samples on that gangstarrr joint moment of truth
Number 8 is really killin beat ;)
Could you PLEASE upload the full-length Razzmatazz jam from Quincy Jones?
Runnin' by Pharcyde is produced by J Dilla. Right?
wats the beat that plays during the credits?
i like the sample j dilla used for runnin
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