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Peanut Butter and Jelly Archetype - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 4,235,296 views

LIKE/FAV this video!! EpicMealTime teaches the internet how to make real peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. With bacon strips, jars of Nutella and a trip to the deep frier, everyone can learn a...

Aww I miss Muscles..
The guy with the glasses turns me on. This whole show turns me on.
Get this girl some water because she is thirsty. Off of epic meal time somehow
God invented beards, and man promptly smeared peanut butter and jelly on it. Thats religion for you folks.
I believe all of the factoids.
Butter sticks covered in peanut butter and deep fried. That doesn't even sound good
I thought this was supposed to be epic meal time not medium meal time
that is the first time ive seen muscles eat something and me get the impression he hated it. i could have thrown up when he ate that stickbof butter
At 0:22 the music sounded like from batman Arkham origins
How are they not dead???
Good point bro :)
I got heartburn just watching this episode... Dammit I love PB&J
Known in legends as In Pancreatus Eviscera
They cook... They're drunk... AND IT STILL LOOKS AMAZING
The deep fried butter sticks is too much.... I'd use it for a spread, but to eat straight up? WAY too much fat.
The nutella battered pb & j was actually a good idea
Probably the most American channel on YouTube.
the funny thing is, they're Canadian
I'm American, and I'm frankly not offended by this.
Why does that little fagget use a knife and a fork
No its not...Every one else is using there hands and getting dirty. ...he's over here using a fork and a knife
Its a joke. He does that a lot
alot of calories
Am I the only one who would actually eat this
Dis video make no smile. Big jello peanoot sandwitch. I luv canadia. My English May noot be too guod bit at leacst I enjoi diabetics
Awful troll is awful.
Someone could help me with the batter ingredients?
And then MusclesGlasses decreed with a loud and triumphant voice "MAKE YOUR PB&J MEAL LARGE AND HARDY, FOR WHEN I COME THERE SHALL BE, NO LEFT OVERS!!!!!"
The grossest part of the show is watching them eat they are very disgusting when they eat other then that great show.
this show makes me hard
next day dies of heart attack and gets diabetes
How could you die of a heart attack and then get diabetes
lol not in that order just in general
Does anyone know what music's being played at the part where Harley's talking about his grandfather? :)
  The host of this show looks like a homeless bum from Detroit mixed with grizzly adams
I am I the only one that has noticed that the "top rated" comments have gotten absurdly lame since epic meal time started?
it wasn't ''peanut butter was invented after butter''?
BACON!!!!! BACON!!!!! 🍴🍴
Am I the only one who thinks deep fried butter is gross
That PB&J-Nutella french toast actually looked good, could make an excellent breakfast
I Gonna have a hart attack I'll be in the corner
Dude seriously I think you need a restaurant cause the food you guys make it is just epic
I tried to cover a stick of butter in peanut butter then deep fried it and covered it in bacon it tastes good reply if you think it does
Chocolate spread of the gods lol
Deep frying stick of butter covered in peanut butter? I didn't realize this was Paula's Home Cooking. Is she bout to pop out from inside that deep fryer?
This looks delicious holy fuck
you guys are fricken awesome.
The guy with the beard is badass
This video makes me heart attack.
Shows not the same w/o glasses. :/
Hurts my stomach just watching
The calories are so underestimated lol
it's like you're all pregnant for the whole life - love it!
Im allergic to peanuts, am I missing much
Epic meal time doesn't give a fuck zero fucks were giving
hey guys pls make a jelly pizza toped with strawwberies and the dough is mixed with [{(BACON!!!!)}]
1:56= Diabetes Care Package
If you look closely, muscles is humping at the camera while eating Nutella
Why does Alex always seem to get the grossest item? Poor Alex 3
how come the dude in the sunglasses doesn't talk?
FACTOID: Your grandfather did NOT invent the PB&J sandwich.
Julia Davis Chandler did in 1901
"Get on my fucking level, bitch!"
Some one getting diabetes
Favorite Epic Meal Time by far
He's drunk a lot, especially at the end of the video
i miss muscles glass's :(
we miss u muscles
I miss musclesglasses...
I can't believe you guys actually ate fried butter sticks
How are these people not dead yet
Everyone say peanut butt-er jelly time XDDDD
These make my food cravings for PBJ go away haha
I should imagine you shit once every fortnight
Is any of this stuff they make even good tasting or for that fact WORTH THE CALORIES
I hope u guys are active and go to the gym!.... If not.... Well Idk what to tell u then!😏😊😜
And beacon strips and beacon strips and beacon strips and beacon strips and beacon strips and beacon strips
these guys are getting chunky hahahaha
I really want to try the dumpling...
I get foodgasms when I was this.  xD
30% of those factoids are actually right
ugh. butter sticks.... *barf
Man muscles glasses was gettin fat
At 3:23, "get on my level..." absolute comedy gold.
There wasn't enough bacon to be honest…
3:01 background mucles glasses eating Nutella with a giant spoon like A BOSS
I really wonder what their doctor or dietitian thinks of all this, These guys would have much more potential in making some really good foods rather than just a heart attack waiting to happen and wash that heart attack down with booze. There is not one vid of these guys where they are not wasted, even the chicks are grose. I wonder where they get all the money for the booze and bacon
How the fuck do these guys even stay healthy and alive?! O.o
+Rick Obama My point was they don't have to eat all of it on camera.
deep fried butter, ew
I think you shouldn't put bacon in candy stuff or cookie stuff
You obviously understand nothing about cooking
did they kick mg out cause he would eat everything?
No, they all moved to California but Muscles Glasses had to stay behind because he wasn't able to move.
What a waste of food. Meanwhile in Iraq people are starving
3:53 That's it. I am done with YouTube for today.
You guys are going to die pretty soon... But your SO funny!!
You guys are f*cking awesome!
You should open a restraint
Ewwww, y'all use crunchy peanut butter?
wait what happened to muscles glasses is he gone?
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