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Earth has been out of Crude since the day I got my first car 40 yrs ago. Every time a gallon jumps 50% - SHAZAMMMMMMMM.  All the gas you want.  Man is an insignificant speck.  Leave it to the Central Planners and you'll all be back living in caves. Except them. They'll be living in the same luxury they are accustomed to.  DRILL BABY DRILL.  Look at the new finds and technology taking place in the Dakotas and Texas.....these egghead alarmists look pretty silly right now.  
you must be trolling right?
To correct other "embarrassing beliefs" Google..."Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels Cause Desert Greening". Need I say more ?
Gary Ledger Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
Wonder when the penny will drop!
probably within the next ten years
Does anyone know where I can find this full documentary? DocuScience deleted their page and with it went the doc. It's called "Peak Oil and the 9/11 Conspiracy"
I got no idea where to find it.
you could try to google it, though.
Well at least the militiaries around the world will die off.
nothing wrong with owning a big vehicle... I have a 450bhp V8 monster and a 10bhp scooter... I use the scooter for short distance tasks (If people think scooters are for pussies its not my problem; gas money saved easily pays for Asian pussy which I love... I use the german musclecar (MBenz C63 AMG) for occasional 500 mile+ and high speed trips (at night, less coppers)... so enjoy your F150.... just get a econobox or motorbike if $5 gas gets too much.... Nothing you nor I can do about that!!!
Engineers go back to dry wells years later- and find new oil. Where is it coming from ? No one knows. Pure speculation.No human being knows exactly how crude is formed. Nor do we know how much is under ground and Ocean. No one. State otherwise and you are pulling facts from your buttocks. Man is a mere dot on a large planet.All your bogey man scare tactics wont work. Imagine a Checkerboard square. Imagine all of Man on 1 square. It would take 77K squares to show just the size of the Ocean.
Doesnt "OUT OF CRUDE" mean no more ? How come every time the price jumps 50% we magically have all the gas we want ?
I hope it gets to $8 a gallon. That way people will use less, and stop driving stupid SUV's in the city.
@StigmataBOB1 Your problem depends on whether or not people BELIEVE what you tell them, Peak Oil is a reality whether you choose to accpet it or not. Its a problem that god has NOTHING to do with. Thats why it demands your greater attention. @jeaniebthe1 I agree totally, but Im afraid we are to far down the line to replace oil with the alternatives to continue the way we live today without at least some form of collapse. I fear we've already done too little too late...
Oil was created over a period of 5 million years. Plant life, mircrobes and algae lived in the oceans died and built up layer after layer. Shifting sands and shale covered these dead microbes and organic matter over millions of years. Under great weight and pressure great heat was created and a chemical reaction occurred converting this dead organic material into oil and gas. Read your science books. Feel free to abuse me and call me names. I hope you have a long and happy life. Peace dude.
THATS RIGHT, you said it. Your kids are gonna grow up, get their first car and even go to college. Afterall, if peak oil was real it would be all over TV, your God wouldn't lie to you. In fact with shale fracking for, dah kerogen? bitimen? oh, who cares Everything will be ok HONEST
Yup, the writing is on the wall, but rather than the US warring for the dregs, why not invest in biofuels, solar etc and most of all legalise hemp production - there ARE alternatives!
Your ass must be killing you because my foot is sore as hell. My Red Neck F150 Lauriat cost about $50k, 4 doors, Leather everything, pure luxury, and rides like a Limo. Ignorant Peasant- I am from New England, the truck toes a Boston Whaler in Summer and I cruise over a foot of snow in Winter without spilling my Coffee. Not that I needed any more evidence- but I believe you to be one silly ass fraud. God did you get spanked in here. But then again, your expertise appears to be in $10 hookers.
The price of oil has been steadily going up over the last 8 -10 years. It has gone up ahead of inflation and despite periods of 0 inflation. It's not wheter if peak is going to happen. It has already occurred. Oil prices are rising because of increased producton costs. Tar oils in Canada, deep water drilling and so on. The rate of production for all the easy oil is dropping forcing oil companies to drill for oil in deeper waters costing 100's of millions of dollars. Why do you think this is ?
Perhaps they live in an 700 squ foot apt. while you live in an Energy sucking 3000 squ foot home. Slippery slope my friend. Give the Govt the power to screw your neighbor and Uncle Sam's next 'hard on' will point directly at you. You can count on it.
We are completely out of gas. Until they raise the price. Then you can have all you want. Been playing this game for 50 yrs. Gas lines at .60c cents a gallon. No lines at $4 bucks a gallon. Man is overwhelming Earth ? Look it up- the entire population of Earth can fit in Rhode Island. The entire human population could fit in Texas and be less crowded than NYC. These hack eggheads live on grant money and research dollars. Hacks. Dont put your family in Prius.Govt Hacks drive in Limos n Jets.
Their is a bigger plan going on. It is Spiritual. The over population and over consumption of oil, Makes no sense, Does it? it is suicidal, but I am telling you a much bigger plan is coming down. I have 6 videos that explain it all. I do not disagree with anything you have said, I am just saying that something much bigger is going on.
This is particularly the case when you add in the time it takes at work to pay for the car. In places like The Netherlands 27 percent of trips are by bicycle. They design their distances, and infrastructure to be bike friendly. By the way the 27 percent is for the whole country not just cities, and it does not mean 73 percent are by car, many other trips are by foot or public transport.
I am no materialist twat. I admit I can afford a thirsty 550bhp BMW SUV, but I choose to ride my 140mpg scooter to save gas. I also wish for $1 gas, but reality is we are using ever more exotic equipment & materials (i.e more expensive) just to reach deepwater, corrosive, high viscosity oil (i.e crap oil we would not touch 20 years ago). Finding easy cheap oil is getting harder & harder. Also most crude oil do not come from "Barney the Dinosaur" you dumb twat. Most are from Microscopic Plankton.
For the life of me why can't people just accept peak oil, and use less, and save the existing oil for where it is needed and future generations. Why do people need to drive around in a huge SUV in the city. Why do people need to drive their huge car up the road to get their Mc Fat burger, why not walk. Why cant people ride a bicycle, at least some of the time, it may help with the obesity problem. Maybe the rest of the world should copy Europe and put a higher tax on petrol/ gasoline.
I dare you to actually look up *recoverable* reserves of these ND and TX shale fields you hype, and compare them to total consumption rates. Anyone can pretend to be an optimist by simply looking away from an oncoming crash. You are dangerously glib about reality. Folks like you would be safe to ignore as crackpots, but you influence too many people who also refuse to break out a calculator. Rush Limbaugh has built an entire audience from such people. They only want to hear good news.
People like you ignore the huge void between flow-rates and consumption. It's lying, essentially. For example, the current best USGS estimate for RECOVERABLE reserves in the Bakken shale is 7.4 billion barrels, which America could burn in one year. ANWR might give a similar yield. Such small booms are not sustainable yields! Explain in DETAIL how America can possibly produce the 20 mbpd that we consume daily, much less keep up that flow-rate indefinitely. You can't because the math is bogus.
This will be the way things go for sure. Unfortunately the landscape in which these tiny vehicles will travel will be a burnt out industrial wasteland.
Oklahoma's oil output peaked in 1927. Do you have ANY understanding of what that means? I doubt it. You're a classic case of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Your level of knowledge is superficial but you're convinced it's deep, and will laugh off anyone who says otherwise. That's how most of the Republican Party approaches scientific evidence; they ignore it! P.S. Texas peaked in 1972. Do you dispute that also? "Peak" is explained in this video, which you've completely ignored the meaning of.
I may have a thumb up my ass sometimes to make sure my prostate is fine (sometimes the thumb belongs to a sexy Chinese hooker, or my Vietnamese Girlfriend, or my Thai wife)...but you MrTehChopper got your whole head up your own ass, because what comes out of your mouth is plain shite... What type of expert are you, certainly not from the Oil Industry? Otherwise you would not complain about fueling your hillbilly Ford F150 or whatever redneck-mobile you own...which means you know jackshit.
I don't believe this will ever happen.......I have been hearing about it for over 2 decades now and nothing ever comes of it
My last shit box F150 had 250,000 miles on it when I sold it for a tidy sum and bought a new one. It was still running like a champ. The 5.4L Triton, a legend in this household. They often hit 350K plus miles....Bummer - there goes my weekend in the Sahara...Did I say we should Drill until we hit a Chinaman's ball sack ? I did not. I merely stated for the most part we have drilled 2 miles and barely made a pin prick on a Rhino's ass as far how much drilling we've done.
Your type of glibness tends to precede societal collapses. Look at the history of societies like ancient Rome that thought they had it made and collapsed anyhow. We're only about two centuries into this industrial experiment, and many of those older societies lasted a lot longer. Our very reliance on capital (fossil energy) vs. income (renewable energy) makes us more fragile than they were. There are also billions more people demanding resources now. Run the math and drop the denial.
Bakken is not a "recent" discovery, just one made feasible by horizontal drilling and fracking (out of desperation since the free flowing oil peaked 43 years ago). If you'd bother to run the math on Bakken's practical yields (not hypothetical reserves) you'd know that it's barely a drop in the bucket vs. U.S. consumption. This has been explained many times.
I hereby declare KrackowKid the winner by technical KO.
Apart from my little 140mpg - 125cc Yamaha scooter, I own a Mercedes C63 AMG too with 450bhp, but seldomly drive it, because its too damn slow (in traffic), to get to the nearest Asian whorehouse... I only rev it up to 7500 rpm over the weekend, to push more CO2 into the atmosphere...Its cold where I live.... I support global warming....I love warm go show us that Ocean full of Crude Oil, so we could make you a deal of a lifetime!!! ... or are you just all mouth and no balls!!!!
The Oceans of Earth are far less than 1% of the Earth's volume. There could be that much crude. We have no clue how much Crude is out there. You are spouting Stats & scary stories from the people that sell and refine it. The truth is- we have no clue how much there is and how quickly it replaces itself. Paying hack eggheads to tout the Govt propaganda may be a nice comfy lucrative living- but it wont help find new technology to replace crude. That will come from the Private Sector.
We have a drilled easily up to 3 miles below the seabed vertically and horizontally, if we drill any deeper vertically you will hit magma (molten rock at over 2000 degF). The Earth's oceanic crust is only 3 to 5 miles thick. The continental crust is only 20 to 30 miles thick. Below that is magma and there you dummy. The extreme heat in magma will simply destroy the any oil at 2000 deg F plus. We have surveyed almost the whole planet. There is more oil, but nowhere near enough to fill an ocean.
How's the Economy in the Dakotas doing ? Parts of Alaska have not been tapped. There is Oil close to shore- but we drill out deep to please the Eco freaks. Is this all NEWS to you ?
@eyewarnedyou I sure hope your right...
hopefully it doesn't end too fast, that way we have some time where other energy sources can come online because they will be cheaper.
You Greenies are useful idiots for the Oil Companies. We've done everything you asked us to do since 1975. Our reward is---$4 a gallon gas and driving around in death traps. No new refineries- why build more refineries when you're the only game in town ? When you are the only Water Hole in the desert- you set the price for a cool glass of water. Why would you dig another hole ? Drill Baby Drill & rewrite the leases. NO US CRUDE SHIPPED OVERSEAS.
How dare you be so unpatriotic. The American way of life is "NOT NEGOTIABLE" just ask dick cheney.
Why does a gallon of gas from Texas cost $4 bucks at the pump - the same as a gallon of gas from Saudi Arabia ? One cost $15 bucks a barrel to drill, refine and transport. The Saudi gas- is shipped and transported 10,000 miles, refined, trucked all over the country yet cost's $4 buck also. How can that be ? Exchange the word 'Oil' for any other Product. If fudge brownies were made in Texas and Arabia- would you expect the same cost ? The Texas brownies would cost a fraction of the others.
I once believed never happens....they just keep saying it is coming soon.....and it never happens
When you were in Diapers we were told by Bozos like you that we were OUT OF OIL. When you finally learned to tie your own shoes we were told once again WE ARE OUT OF OIL. What we have learned is- we are out of $1 a gallon gas. For $5 bucks a gallon-- you can have ALL YOU WANT OF THAT GAS WE ARE OUT OF lol....Idiot. You did not refute one word Einstein. Why the same price for a gallon of Gas pumped out of Mud Womp LA, or Saudi Arabia ? How can they cost the same ? Answer me Dipshit.
We already know this, and have for over 60 years. Tell people what to do, if you know.
FACT: Gasoline RIGHT NOW is $4.00 a gallon and climbing where I live (Great Lakes Region). Gas has risen 90+ Cents per MONTH! Now, April is 2 months away, which is when gas really rises, so that means we will see more than $6.00 a gallon by Spring! If you don't believe me, just wait until it is time to get the lawnmower ready!
Ironic. Someone posts a good video, titled "If You Don't Understand Peak Oil..." and it gets a bunch of comments from dummies who refuse to understand it and never even watched it. Come on, folks! The concept is not just some "theory," it's a fundamental law of diminishing returns for a finite resource that depletes in a bell curve vs. a linear manner. Chris Martenson has one the better detailed presentations on Peak Oil. You need a lot of graph work for best insight.
We still pay Farmers 'not to grow food' to keep the worldwide market from imploding.Over populated ? Earth ? Your new Math all ads up to the same formula->Govt Hacks chasing grant money. Use any example you want- use half the USA instead of Rhode Island. Same result- this planet is damn near empty, not FULL. If the average idiot voter understood these facts they'd vote differently. If asked- the average idiot Dem voter would have said "AFRICA" could not house the population. A Nation of idiots.
@Tempolisto Great! You go move somewhere where nobody can afford a car. I`m gonna stay here, and burn rubber........... gotta go!
C O L L U S I O N. Our own Oil Companies- drilling on our very own US soil- are using the OPEC nations as cover to price gouge American consumers. They now charge $4-$5 bucks a gallon and Americans are driving less and tiny cars. They then Export the difference to China, pocketing mind boggling profits of Oil extracted on soil owned by the Republic of the US. Outrageous. Congress needs to declare an emergency and re-tool all US OIL LEASES. National Security is at stake. Refute 1 word of this.
@ednuttah By all means tell me the current signs
The entire Human Population can fit in Rhode Island. Look it up you ignorant peasant. Still pushing Dinosaur blubber morphed into Crude ? You gotta be shitting me. You hacks chasing Grant dollars make me sick. We have so much Oil our own mother fucking companies are shipping it overseas for sale. Our Navy escorts Oil Tankers out of the Middle East to safe shipping lanes at unbelievable cost, while our own Oil here goes to the highest bidder overseas. Fantastic corruption.
No, I totally agree with you buddy. We should have built a society more around short distance, energy saving travels in both industry and personal use, instead of making one where it takes 10 calories of hydrocarbon fuel for every calorie of food we eat!
I understand it won't be a quick event....but I also understand that the USA has recently discovered oceans of oil in the form of shale in the bakken oil I know you are going to cite the environmental concerns, but the oil is still there....on top of that, the USA has 25% of the worlds coal supplies and we are swimming in natural gas.....I don't see any scenario in the next 100 or more years where we will be nearing an oil or energy source to power the current economies of the world
The oceans can be refined and turned into fuel ! Just kidding. Peak oil has occurred. Personally I believe it happened in 2005 but I'm going along with Colin Campbell. A Real smart cookie
Dry wells come back to life, YES correct, if you produced oil at a draw down rate to reduce the reservoir pressure to below its bubble point then it dies a quick (but temporary death). After a well is raped, it will return in 20 years when the oil layer settles again...but it will eventually stop flowing (permanent death). Natural depletion rarely get more than 15% oil out of the reservoir (up till 30 years ago). Modern technology (ESPs, Gaslift, etc) gets out 50% Oil from the reservoir.
If you're an Engineer it explains a lot concerning the Oil Industry. No wonder they call it 'crude'. You have not answered any of my questions, because you can't. You wont refute one word because you cant. My work is done here. I have a real business to run while you are a Govt hack shuffling papers from one side of your desk to the other all day. How deep have we drilled ? A few miles. A speck, a scratch on the Earth's surface. What % of the Earth has been drilled ? .00000000000000000001 % ?
@nigelbruce232 No major signs? Wow you really are blind.
'cheap oil' has been incredibly costly to the masses of people living in oil-rich countries
MrTehChopper wrote: "this planet is damn near empty, not FULL" Yet another egregious lie that completely ignores context. "The Sixth Extinction" is being caused by people using vast amounts of land, water and resources that other species depended on in their "empty" habitat. The actual human living space (if you only count people's homes) says little about the total utilized acreage webbed by commerce. But brain dead Cornucopians will keep ignoring that context.
If a handful of Companies controlled all the fresh water in a desert country- would you believe their Reports of how much fresh water there was ? Dry wells 20 yrs ago are now yielding more Oil. The Dakotas' oil production were science fiction 25 yrs ago. You Greenies get out the way. Private Sector will either find more Oil- produce an alternative or we will be cruising around in solar powered cars in 75 yrs. But none of it will come from govt hacks sucking the tax payer dry.
Your talking bullshit and babbling nonsense. You can't win an argument talking nonsense. Whatever other arguments are have nothing to do with peak oil. Climate change has nothing to do with this argument so don't be trying to cloud the issue. Don't know what capping an oil well has to do with what I'm saying laddie.
It's so sad that so many people are unaware of the reality of oil. If you read comments on rising oil price news- the ignorance (or willful ignorance) is alarming.
Behind all those slick lines, you're just another right-wing taker who refuses to accept any scientific evidence of depletion or man-made disruption of nature. Always some glib comeback that ignores supply/demand math. Another random example is the well documented depletion of the Ogallala aquifer. You'd probably claim we can just desalinate the ocean with energy from "infinite" shale oil (that the gubmint is hiding from us). You people are just gluttons passing yourselves off as conservatives.
@nigelbruce232 I think that's what they told Jews in Germany, victims of the Black death and also residents of Chernobyl. So you go and believe everything is OK I'll worry so chumps like you don't have to. I'll accept your apology in just a few decades.
Now can you please tell us all actual examples where "engineers go back to dry wells years later- and find new oil"? Any examples you like but verifiable corroborated reports and proven examples. In your own time. Thanks.
Cycling may not be for everyone, but given the right infrastructure no-one NEEDS a car. When I say car, I mean a 1000kg + personal transportation vehicle. The problem with cars is that they are energy inefficient. We can now produce vehicles that weigh under 50kg are pedal electric hybrids, have 3 wheels and can go say 40- 50 km/h, and are capable of towing small loads, and have weather protection. With people orientated rather then car orientated city design we don't need cars.
Try to explain this to crazy Americans with their gigantic SUV's and pickup trucks with only one person in it, driving tens or hondreds of miles every day. How stupid can it get really.
Tsk tsk tsk. Never assume. I have not a religious bone in my body. Einstein- why does a gallon of gas pulled from the ground in Oklahoma City cost the same as a gallon of gas shipped 6K miles from the Middle East ? No collusion ? We have so much oil we are now shipping it out of the US. Our Navy is escorting Tankers into safe waters in the Indian Ocean- while our Companies drill on US leases and then ship it to China. WTF are you talking about 'out of oil. ? We are out of 'sane laws' not oil.
Tell me Einstein- why does a gallon of Gas from Saudi Arabia cost me the same as a gallon from Louisiana or Oklahoma wells ? Because our asshole companies that employ shitheads like you use the OPEC nations as cover so they can charge outrageous prices.We need to re-write those leases and give you and your boss a swift kick in the ass. "We cant charge $2 bucks a gallon..OPEC sets the prices. BULL SHIT. You take Oil out of US ground at a fraction of the cost to ship Crude 8K miles via the IO.
All you leftist blood sucking government grant chasing central planners dont have so much as a clue where CRUDE comes from. how it's formed. There is an Ocean of oil. 1000 years worth of coal, natural gas & propane. A gallon of gas cost $4 not because of supply limitations- but because of those useless worthless shills called GREENIES. Greenies are the best thing that ever happened to Exxon...what a laugh they are having all the way to the Bank.
plant fucking food! and hemp! build an decentralized economy. and earthship´s or similar.
That shale is PART of Peak Oil. It's on the downslope of the bell curve. The EROEI & flow-rates for shale, especially kerogen (which must be cooked) are nothing close to free-flowing crude. That's the whole frigging point that deniers like you ignore. Abstract reserve numbers mean nada unless flow-rates are practical. I could point to a bunch of dirt below my feet and claim that it was "loaded with water," neglecting to mention the extreme energy needed to extract the low density water. Got it?
Sorry, but this video won't help anyone understand the theory of peak oil any better, or change anyone's opinion about it. But don't get me wrong, I do think it's a very important issue.
@boscoesarmy What i do know is, people like yourself have been calling for this doomsday scenario for many years now and it has never happened.
All my favourite peak oil old nerds in one video. Ace.
Better we listen to the Oil Co's tell us how much Oil is left in the ground ? That's like asking the Used Car Salesman how many miles were on the Odometer before it broke. Everyone agrees there is not an 'infinite' among of Crude- unless it is replaced at the rate of consumption somewhere along the way.US consumption is down - now we are exporting the difference to China.Outrageous.The Leases need to be re-written at once due to this Nat'L crisis.Exxon hides behind OPEC laughing at we peasants.
My time is this morning, right now. Are you actually refuting the fact that we have gone back to near dry wells to find higher levels of crude ? Come out of the Global Warming Bunker- it's safe. Much has happened since you took cover.Quite a boom going on in the Dakotas. If left up to you Hacks and Eco Earth muffins we'd bow to the Saudi Princes for another hundred years. You still have not answered my question. Why does a gallon of TX gas cost the same as a gal from Arabia ? In your time.
What I ignore- is propaganda from folks that depend on that propaganda to fill their pockets.So much Oil- we now are exporting it to China. Oil Companies rake in record profit stating "We dont set the prices, OPEC does," What a cop out.The oil we drill from US Soil is being shipped to China while the middle class gets wiped out paying OPEC prices.Imagine Burger King charging $10 bucks for a .50c burger blaming price setting in Japan. Horse shit. Man is a speck on Earth. Oil Co's rule the day. least was went be possible to wage.
First thing we need to do is declare a Nat'L Emergency and re-write the Oil Leases. Exxon and other US Oil Companies are shipping Crude from Govt land to China- because we are conserving too much here ! Outrageous. They hide behind OPEC- then blame them for the pricing of gas, and laugh all the way to the bank. It costs Exxon the same to drill a barrel today as it did in 1985. They are registering RECORD profits because of outdated Lease Agreements. Unused US Crude going to China. Outrageous.
Its a case of SUPPLY & DEMAND and the supply is getting less. Similar quality oil cost the same all over, because the whole world wants and needs oil. Oil companies sell to whoever gives them the most money, like it or not!!! There is nothing you nor I can do about that. I also want $1 Oil, I also want Miss USA or Miss Venezuela to give me a blowjob, but we know that ain't gonna happen. Note: I admit, most oil company bosses are cunts. I will be kicking my own boss' ass the day I quit my job.
If world governments had agreed to a 1 or 2 children per woman policy back in 1960 when contraceptives were invented then we might now have only 2 billion people on Earth. If there was a real god behind the bable then Genesis might have said, " Do not burn coal, oil, gas from fossil fuel, have no more than two children per woman - here is how to make medicine & here is how to grow sustainable crops etc. Gen 1v28, "Go forth & multiply & subdue " = habitat destruction & ruination.= bad advice
We were not around when these 6 mile+ asteroids fell...and its the tiny creatures that survived...big fat ass rednecks will be the first to die (just like mr Dinosaur and mr T-Rex). A 1 foot diameter asteroid falling at Earth's escape velocity (6-7 miles per second) will totally destroy your F-150 shitbox... nevermind a 10 mile asteroid.... buy a Toyota Landcruiser instead, its much least it won't break down in the Sahara Desert like a F150.
@nigelbruce232 nlpwessex/Documents/GlobalWar-Itstheoilstupid.htm
MrTehChopper wrote: "US Farmers grow enough food to feed the entire Planet 3 times over" (oh yeah? - cite proof) You just keep pulling lies out of a hat whenever it suits you. Who raised you to be so unconcerned with evidence?
@nigelbruce232 Or the HIndenburg will be fine just fill it with this and all will be fine.
Peak Oil is not a fluke... but I do agree, corporations are getting too powerful and that trend needs to be reversed, before we loose our freedom. The governments of the world are no longer working in the interest of the people. I work in the Oil Industry and I am starting to severely dislike their Modus-Operandi and want to quit soon. Best way to screw these evil corporations is not to buy anything from them. I like my V8 Merc, but drive a scooter to minimize my contribution to oil companies.
anyone that thinks we can continue on an economic path defined by exponential growth in a world of declining commodity supply is delusional....civilizations have ALWAYS been defined and shaped by the energy harnessed per capita....PERIOD ! Whether it was agriculture, domesticated animals, wood, coal , oil or nat. gas....
Shale is PART of Peak Oil. It's on the downslope of the bell curve. The EROEI and flow-rates for shale, especially kerogen (which must be cooked) are nothing close to free-flowing crude. That's the whole frigging point that deniers like you ignore. Abstract reserve numbers mean little unless flow-rates are practical. I could point to a bunch of dirt below my feet and claim that it was loaded with water, neglecting to mention the extreme energy needed to extract said water. Do you get it yet?
MrTehChopper wrote: "The entire population of Planet Earth can fit in Rhode Island." Funny thing is that you idiots usually cite Texas with that absurd context-free math. You have no clue how much land is actually being used per-capita to maintain modern lifestyles, nor would you bother to understand it if shown the evidence.
You don't seem to understand the nature of peak oil, and you appear to be projecting your own fantasies onto the situation. It's not like there's going to be one sudden big bang with all the consequences hitting at once. The beginning will be managed like much like the financial crisis. They don't let it hit all at once, lest we collectively wake up and see the outmoded system of capitalism as the true culprit.
You lie about those predictions. The U.S. DID peak in 1970, and that's why we started depending on so many foreign sources. It's also why the 55 MPH fuel economy speed limit was enacted, though never quite explained to the public in a Peak Oil context. Sammy Hagar didn't help. Now, the whole world is stuck where the U.S. was back in 1970. It was only a matter of time (Cornucopians ignore the full context of time). It's mindless to claim that Peak Oil is something other than a geological fact.
english aljazeera net/indepth/features/2011/07/201172081613634207 html
@moonsugar1 INDEED...........People believe what they CHOOSE to believe.....Human nature ! ! When I was a little boy in Cuba in 1958 people believed that FIDEL CASTRO would take all of the money from the HUGE Cuban middle class and from the rich and give it all to the poor.....HA, HA, HA, HA.......And now we are all in denial about Peak Oil, and some fools believed that Obama was the SAVIOR.......HOW SAD......
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