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36. Budget Constraints in an Endowment Economy

by intromediateecon • 11,250 views

This video introduces a unit on general equilibrium by describing the mechanics of "endowment economy" budget constraints. For a list of videos and links to these videos (organized by topic), check...

I'm not sure I understand why if the price of x increases then you can buy more of y. Surely, you can just buy the same amount of y (as its price hasn't changed) but more of x and of course the endowment point, so the BC pivots to become steeper about the endowment point only.
i really love your explaination...GREAT!!!! i just could not understand what our lecture talked about... this vedio makes MUCH more sense!
5 min = 1 whole chapter of Varian Hall Inter Micro textbook! Thanks
Great work mate. The lessons are really helpful. Sitting an exam soon and you're a lifesaver. Small observation though is lose the effects in the video. Your earlier videos just had text on some part of the screen while you were lecturing and that was great. The black screen now with the disappearing and reappearing effects just throw the listener off what you were demonstrating. Nonetheless, fantastic teaching style.
you may have just saved my degree!
cool thanks a lot for the video you are great
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