The Plan - Gameplay Teaser

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Greenlight page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=123512321 The Plan is an experimental videogame, that we've been toying with while working on Among the Sleep. The video was...

well this is some next gen shit right here
can you make among the sleep 2
SPOILER ALERT: The Fly will die
Casheel Many Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
Лети на свет.
Вот только игрового времени около 5ти минут)
pretty boring game. Lots of graphical oddities, but other than that kind of pointless.
Elaine Barlow Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
The Plan "In order, here are the emotions I experienced during the three minutes it took me to play The Plan, the new free morsel from the Norweigan indie developer Krillbite: confusion, frustration, boredom, fear, amusement, delight, joy, enchantment, and regret. One of the things independent games ask us to do is accept that a three-minute game can be as valid as a thirty-hour one. Games like these make it hard to disagree." - Joseph Bernstein (Buzzfeed) "Krillbite Studio, the developers behind Among The Sleep, have gone on and released a most polished, visually stunning and freeware new game" - Konstantinos Dimopoulos (Indiegames.com)
Looks like a tribute to Limbo !
An amazing game which I am not going to spoil the amazing ending
The Death of Aase by Edvard Grieg
whats the music towards ending?
The Death of Aase by Edvard Grieg
what's the part at the end where you'd type some words?
The gameplay teaser is literally 1/6 of the game. Fuck this game.
pretty much all of the game.
It looks interesting, but what is it about? A brief description of the game, besides the one in the description. 
best ending i have ever witnessed.
Limbo with a fly? I'll definitely be checking this out!
Did a video on the game. Fantastic xD And you could get eaten by a frog? Lululul
This company has a really bright future ahead of them, everything i've seen looks amazing, that's very rare.
I just played the game, and that didn't happen to me at all so don't worry x)
This reminds me of Nifflas' games.
wow i have problem downloading the game its always C:\Users\User\Downloads\ThePlan.zip: Unexpected end of archive.... i already downloaded it more than 10 times now
But why does it have to be about a fucking fly, bird perhaps or even a dragonfly?
best game ever 10/10 game of the year
Wow, kinda mysterious trailer there. Not sure what the game will be about, but it sure intrigue me.
Coming in February? I'll be interested to see where it goes from here.
Limbo это 1я ассоциация, а 2я Ёжик в тумане.И если это так, то сей проект обречён на успех.Всего лишь скромный тизер а даёт полное представление в чём идея и замысел автора.Завораживает-умиляет-тревожит-интригует-манит... и это только ролик.:)
press ctrl+alt+delete and choose task manager. maybe it helps
Sound and music reminds me of limbo, im looking forward to this game.
this game is so beautiful and different. i love it! such a unique concept filled with meaning and it is left to the player to decide on the storyline. no clear objective is provided so you, as the player, are left to explore. the graphics and design of this game is beautiful, so gorgeous, especially when passing the nebulas. the ending is awesome as well, so unexpected! this game provokes thought on the perspective of life and living, 10 out of 10.
/?o8l0kjzg6ns2uwp Here ya go. It's a Mediafire link, I can't post the whole thing because spam detection. Enjoy the game and pass this link around to anybody else having problems. This is assuming Krillbite is okay with me doing this. If you're not, just say and I'll take it right down.
The first time I saw it I though that was related to Limbo too! Considering this, I have an initial reason to want trying this game when it comes out ^^
Can I land on pedestrian food to annoy them?
Well... It looks mysterious but we still didn't see gameplay and it's released in February :s
That's not a lot of gameplay for a 'Gameplay Teaser', to be honest.
Because they want it to be a fucking fly? Yeah..
God, I hate the sound flies make. Please add the option to "turn it off"... :Q
Man. Seriously, you guys have no idea what you're talking about. I won't spoil it for you, but it really did hit me. Just keep flying upwards. Upwards, Upwards. You'll see :)
Wow this is fun, i had a thought some while ago of a videogame where you control a mosquito in third person view and (plot/mission missing)... It would look really cool i guess to fly around in as a miniature in a house.
Looks cool. 'Limbo' has made an impact on producers, I see.
Am I the only one who can't quit the game? When I click on it my PC just freezes, only reset helps.
Watch my Gameplay of this game. :)
Sure purchase if it had been in 3D
People generally see indie games as humorous games. Not all of them are like this. Look at the game like this: This fly was no ordinary fly. It didn't buzz around in a house, or hang around some poop. This fly was determined to follow its dreams to finally meet with the great light in the sky. He flew higher and higher, overcoming many obstacles in his path. And he encountered one in a lifetime scenes, such as stars, and galaxies, and nebulae. Yet in the end, his life ended like any other fly.
I love these kind of games.... Limbo, Journey....... Mindjack
Well, that was a nice was to spend 5 minutes. I expect I may have been missing something by just flying up all the time, but you do get a funny ending that way...
how do you start the game in windowed mode?
Where can i find the game's music?
I had the same problem but eventually it worked. I don't know if they're servers are overloaded or what. Try it a few more times while I set up a mirror since I doubt me and you are the only ones with this problem.
This have so deep atmosphere... amazing!
I started tearing up and the end just made me cry-laugh. No joke man, I got shivers. This is a really beautiful game, that ending hurt.
Hehe, well yeah, it looks promising so. Just speaking my mind here :)
That means alot coming from you, mr game developer man! :D
the buzzing is part of the point of this art piece. You start off with this real intimate perspective of the buzzing fly, and then it gradually, almost imperceptibly, fades off completely as you (you the player, not the fly) get to take in the bigger picture. You'll understand it when you do it.
"What's that squiggly line at the top?" "Oh."
I imagine you will just end up in a house and the whole game is you trying to get out through a closed window.
It's a side scroller... I see... Pass.
Oh god..you're a fucking idiot for passing this game LOL
I'm not sure I could handle the buzzing.
Of course I saw, but it's thin for a video game I think.
Sorry, but that was the worst gameplay teaser ever.
Игра ШЕДЕВР !!!! Расстрогала меня до крайности.Это ж надо ? Игра -притча :)
Do you save the game by landing on poop?
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