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Metronomy "The Bay" (YouTube Presents)

by Metronomy • 83,099 views

Metronomy perform "The Bay" live for YouTube Presents in California. Click here and subscribe to Metronomy's channel Check out Metronomy's albums: The English Riviera...

Michael Panzer Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
+YouTube presents? Awesome! Love Metronomy by the way....
a batida dessa música é sensacional!
They are not great on live...too bad :(
what a shitty ass shit crowd this is, holy shit
ahhh the YouTube expert........ marvelous, bloody marvelous
Naturada137 is dumb -_- this band is amazing someone must be jealous c;
thanx clothes encounters :) so much for the recommendation
metronomy is synthpop, as long as you hear the synth it doesnt matter
We're doing good, Joseph! Thanks for asking.
I love you lot, I'd do almost anything to see you live again soon :(
I saw Metronomy with Two Door Cinema Club on the NME awards tour in Birmingham UK and they were absolutely superb. A controlled performance and everything was really clear. They made TDCC look a little amateur, not something I would say lightly as I love TDCC! I do get fed up with shit sound at gigs when they use the sheer power of the system to try to add impact. Metronomy were so slick and impressive and TDCC's soundman made a real hash of their balance. They also sped songs up 5-10 bpm
Listen, playing a guitar more doesn't mean your music is suddenly METAL. E.g. the Killers use guitars a lot. I'm just saying, there's a lot of empty space. I'm really sorry I expressed my opinion. I guess you guys are so fucking defensive you can't actually take constructive criticism without thinking people are dissing the band. I LIKE them. They're good musicians. It's good music. But if he played more, it would be a more balanced sound. That is my take and you guys need to calm the fuck down.
Go Torquay! Living in The Bay is the best!
I do love Metronomy but I swear the bassist and drummer are singing better than Joseph here :/
They are so creative! :) I love them.
haha he remember me token from south park
Love it! One of my favorite bands! Any NYC shows?
Hey @YouTube, sort the sound out..... Oh, and a bit late with the live music scene, lol. Lots of love to Metronomy, one of my fave albums of last year.
Oh my lord, I shouldn't have said anything, huh? Sorry for being honest as a musician, you fuckheads. I hadn't heard the song, it's just an honest assessment. Calm the fuck down.
I hear a whole lot of drumming that chick isn't doing.
Tem horas que essa baterista é feia e linda ao mesmo tempo :S rs
i wanna go to their concert! hopefully soon :)
sounds great ,I'm prisoner in my own country ,i would like to visit Poland
good work guys !! i like your music! keep going
How are you doing...ahhhmm.......ahh Los Angleles XD
Yes yes yes oh god all of my yes!
Sort the F***ing volume out? I can't hear the song well even with sound up to max.
glad to see one guy's dancing!
I always get the feeling that youtube presents is just the execs getting a whole bunch of awesome artists to come play at their headquarters for them and they throw it onto youtube for shits and gigs.
Are you fucking stupid or what?If the song had more guitar,he would have played more...
They are new for me, and I'm addicted to their sound right now!
The bascist is so fuckin sick
The sound engineer should be shot!
it seems you've never been to Poland where 99,9% of girls are much prettier than Anna Prior.
Dude that drummer is kicking it hardcore. Guitarist needs to play more. Just looks like he's standing around with his instrument to look cooler, you know? You can just hack out some chords during the verses or whatever, it's not that hard.
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