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i was there with ass this going on. when the door got ripped off i was on the other side of that tree. the Tennets in DC have first right of refusal of purchase if the landlord gets evicted. the bank and courts have refused to offer her that. the tennet right now is fighting the ruling in court.
"They're taking homes just for no reason"? How do you figure? The lease was declared invalid. I hate how people think that the law doesn't apply to them, and somehow the rest of us should have to abide by the law, pay our bills even if we don't have the money, and somehow, they're entitled to a handout.
I know the Landlord/Tenant laws in DC. Sure, the tenants have right of first refusal, but if she was never a tenant because no valid lease existed, she has absolutely no rights of occupation or of first refusal.
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