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"All Right Now" by Free (Paul Kossoff Tribute) - Cover by Mark

by mαrk jєffєrч cαmpαчnσ • 2,369 views

Free, an English rock band, was formed in London in 1968. Their best known work is certainly for their 1970 signature song "All Right Now". They disbanded in 1973 and lead singer Paul Rodgers went...

Great tribute Mark! RIP Paul Kossoff!
+PurpleIntoDeep Damn he was so good!!! I'll always remember this as the first time that I realized how important vibrato was on the guitar!
Love Free and this song! And lyrics! Great cover and video, Mark!
Thank you so much Fsrio!!! Just a reminder for me of one of first Classic Rock songs I ever heard.
This is the best cover of this song ever!!!!
Awesome video buddy! I always loved that song. Great sound! I did that on youtube. One of my older videos. Through a Droid. lol. Good one!
I loved playing this with you, Mark. Such a simple and primal thing. Z
Thank you so much!! I did think of you and was hoping you knew it!!!
It's very cool my friend, bravo !
AWESOME! 1 of the greatest rock songs ever, love Paul Rodgers, didn't know so uch about Free. I used to have their best of album (Yes vinyl) many moons ago...I remember BE MY FRIEND! A great band!!
Hi dear Mark, Great cover. My friend, number one! Bye bro! Embrace Jvan. Ahhhhhh I forgot; Thumbs always up to you bro!
Great cover, great music! I love it, brilliant and the rhythm guitar and beautiful legendary song! Mark's Bravo! cheers! Thumbs up for my friend!
Wow.... you are up there with the GREATS \O/ You ROCK Mark.... love your talent, love you xxx
Of course I know this wonderful product :) My parents loved it ...So I grew up with this amazing music. Unfortunately, we hear it very rarely yet. thanks for charging .. I like it how great you play it!
Thank you! Ya, that thing is a beast! Tonight is Blues night but there's no power at the studio!! We had a terrible storm and it decimated the power grid and may be out until Tuesday! Not sure what to do!!! I may have a plan B...
Thank yo so much Kat. Such a nice comment. Figured you would like this one. Old Paul, really rips on this! Well both Paul's do!
I really enjoyed watching you jam this one out! LOVE the gold guitar~ it's a beauty! YOU ROCK MARK!
Thank you so much! I've always loved the song so that helps!!!
Hey Mark, congratulations! Beautiful song. Always choose good music bro. Great performance. Like a lot. Thumbs up forever, for my bosom friend! cheers!
I didn't know you did it! Sorry. I should have added a puppy!!! haha
Excellent work, Mark !!! Thumbs UP !!!
Added to my favorites again! With the way this new youtube works I have my favorites arranged as newest favorites showing first.
I have not heard this in a while , Great Mark, I am jamming with you with my mouth harp. FLOYD AMASON
Thank you Doug! Your comments are so inspiring! You have said it all when you speak of the 5-6 note chord forms that define this tune. Just an amazing example of less is more. the solo is not fast but to play it, one must really dig in hard...I think I may have had one drop of sweat:)
Thank you Katerina! I haven't put many up lately but I shall now!~
Yeah, one of the best songs ever! Great rockin', dude!!!
Excellent performance, Mark...You're amazing! :)
lol! how funny. That was back when I first started. Before I knew you. I'm glad you love that song! You played fantastic, buddy! I shared it out and put it on my Favorites list so I listen to it in my car. Good one!
Wow, what a great comment!! I really appreciate it!! Please stay in touch! I'll be over to visit! Mark
Nice Performance. And nice Guitars
AHHH, what a ice kick start into the day, seeing you do this :)) We're playin' the song all the time live with one of my bands - I'm going crazy on this in my "percussion corner" haha. SO much fun. You really have to come over once, and play with us. Would be so great :))
... no probs Mark, now its my turn to apologise for the lateness... Yayyyy schools out...!!! you know what that means right..... :))) Enjoy it hun, its been a long time coming..... sending you hugs and kisses always.... xxxx :)))
That's nice of you! It takes me back so many years so it's an honor to even be able to play it!
That means a lot as I know how you miss them! I hope that I've given you a good memory of them. If that is the case then all the work I did is worth it.
Killer cover by Mark !! and .. LOVE YOUR STRAT !!!!!
Thank you so much for the comment. That's really nice of you!
thanks Zane!! It was one of my favs and I loved the way you sang it!!
Yes ... this song really means a lot - it reminds me of my happy childhood I and my beloved parent,,, I wish that all childern of the world have so lovingly parents! Mark, I thank you from the heart for this kind answer , you're not only a great artist, but also a very warm-hearted man! Got bless your beautiful soul.♥
Thank you! Means a lot as I've been so inspired by your playing and videos!
Amazing, great performance ! :-) *****
Awesome, Mark!! I love those guys. Iconic piece. Love your playing and the gold Fender! :)
Classic song! YOu guys really do it justice!!!! Added to my favorites!!♥♥♫♪♥♥*  ★   *  
Hi Paul!!! Thank you so much!! Yes, the Gold Fender!! It's really cool. I worry that it's too over the top as you know how conservative I am!! :):):)
Absolutely Amazing! Thumbs Up! :)
Great Cower , amazing ... I love this song .. and you play it, as always, fantastic. (๏ ๏ ¸​​) * •
Great job, Mark, congratulations, thumbs up.
Thank you Lushy!~ Sorry so late on this! School's out so I may have 5 more minutes in a day stay on top of things!
AWESOME your amazing my friend keep it up you rock love it
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