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2 banelings vs 255 marines

by Gabi • 1,262,949 views

Awesome power, actually nerfed. Music: Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46: IV. In the Hall of the Mountain King

Both Banelings dead, 255 Marines dead ... so it's basically a tie?
consider the resource math
ah no banelings win idiot l2p
"By the numbers, boys" Yea, numbers aren't gonna help you here buddy.
Mothership won!!! flawless victory!
Acually Banelings killed them. See the Green?
Doesn't work with one baneling?
Too bad for you that zerg don´t have mothership core. This video is bullshit.
This was far more amusing than I anticipated.
haha lol thats what I thought the creator thought ~\/~ \__/
OP Blizzard pls nerf
This has been nerfed for like 2 or 3 years now my friend.
I can actually see this becoming a strat, if mothership still had vortex D:
+FollowerOfDeimos Short end of the stick?! Mothership core can drop time warp on enemy mineral lines drastically reducing mineral gain. Or on their armies making them significantly easier to destroy. Mass recall your army back to your base (great for a failed rush) or to a base under attack. Then you can photon charge the attacked base for additional fire power. Oracle can use Revelation enabling tempest to bombard a structure from a safe range, envision to act as a temporary detector, or pulsar beam to help fight (or harass) enemy units. Tempest is useful in combination with revelation (as previously mentioned) or for sniping out high value targets such as ghost or high templars.
well i have never used oracle, although i hear its annoying early game.
fuck you for putting gay music to an even gayer video. burn in hell. fag.
2 siege tanks can do the samething except better in this situation....
This cant be fixed my friends, banelings deal 25+ dmg to units and a extra 5+ for light units a marine is a light unit... It also doesnt matter how many units are in the radius, aslong as they are in the acid radius they take dmg. 
Marines too op, how the hell did they kill those banelings
Ultimate LOL that was great and music fit perfectly, I was wondering how 2 bane lungs were going to kill 255 marines and then I saw the mother ship and at that point I was just waiting for the crescendo of the song cause I knew exactly what was going to happen, wonderful mate absolutely spectacular.
the crap did I just watch
whats the name of this map and in what regoin
I think it's called skals unit tester. But in my opinion it's not a good unit tester, there are much better.
Most cost effficient banes ever :D
КАК ДВА ЖИРДЯЯ завалили сток маринов?
srsusly cant do it with -999999999999999999999999 banelings?
thx for the strat, because i always get a mothership as soon as i can when playing as zerg
Man that Hole sucks more than your mom, internet.
awesome team strat xD
lol like for the "Hall of the Mountain King"
OMG that was huge!!!
At first, i thought it was just 2 banes rolling towards the marines.  Now I see they used the toilet method, haha
It's technically a goddamn tie. Its 2 banelings vs 255 marines not fucking 1 mothership and 2 banelings vs 255 marines.
more like mothership and 2 banelings, and any aoe could have done the trick
Can you say, 'splat' XD?
What is the name of this mode or arcade ???
Hm I can just see this happening in lower league 2v2s
or you can mind control the mothership in 1v1 with an infestor, IF BLIZZARD DIDN'T REMOVE THE VORTEX in the  expansion 
even in wings of liberty this is no longer possible. getting out of vortex will make ur units be stunned/immun for 0.5 seconds. So the marines would have time to "split up "
was it cost effective for the zerg player
we all know all that matters is gas, so no ;P
Hi we are the 255 dudesons, and this is called the portal of doom.
if the mother ship was not used the banelings would be erradicated
all starcraft 2 players should see this and it should be known as the "baneling toilet"
What spell is that lol?
vortex from the mothership
i didnt get my veiwers worth actualy make a orrect video and not adding stuff to it
2 banelings vs. 255 marines in a vortex
actual video title: 2 Banelings + 1 Mothership Vs. 255 Marines
no, it should be called 255 marines vs mothership, cause the banelings didnt do a damn thing.
+Digital Rider  true. Vortex put the marines together and the banelings killed them all with their splash.
Dafuq lol thats so op i will try this in multi xD
If I was making this video, it'd be like this: 255 marines standing there, a baneling rolls over and gets shot up, then a moment of silence, then a gigantic baneling rolls in and splatters acid all over the marines and their base.
255 marines vs 2 banelings and mothership :P
마린 : 순간이동차원문으로 이동해라 두두두두두  파멸충 : 흐흐  마린 : 전부이동했다 나와라  파멸츙: ㅎㅇ?
Fkn retard that was mothership not banelings -.-
+Sean Michael This is Starcraft not WH40k. Those are not Space Marines. If they were, the zerg would shit themselves.
+Seth Craigen If the Zerg were capable of that. Sadly enough the only ones that are capable of shitting themselves are the Brood Mothers, Queens, Abathur, Hivemind, and Overmind.  But the WH40K marines stand a much better chance of killing Zerg effectively (far more effectively) than these marines and the Orkz... the Orkz mainly because most of them don't have very good body armor. Necks and all the limbs are almost entirely exposed.
Really should be 255 Rines vs Mothership and Banes
Well, maybe it was 255 Rines and Mothership vs 2 Banes? ;)
well that was anti climactic :/
that looks..disgusting
those banelings are strong, they beat 255 marines and a mothership!
baneling destroy mothership? what did you drinked? :D
Who needs archon toilet when you have baneling toilet?
Hmmm those marines could easily have one-shotted that MotherShip down
you forgot the abilities of the mother ship :D
you cant do this anymore not even with vortex
we couldn't do it anymore in hots since they disable mothership's vortex ability
LOL this vid now become a zerg protoss strategy
this is worse than an archon toilet if this is real its more op than a 100 warhounds.
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