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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Official Teaser Trailer

by Machinima • 2,586,142 views Subscribe to Machinima Prime for more Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn videos, vignettes, and upcoming episodes! Halo 4: Forward Unto...

now the halo foward unto dawn is taged like private video...
Forward Unto Dawn was kool but the blatant usage of the WRONG Spartan Suit for Chief really killed it for me. I mean I know in terms of cosmetics it ~looks better for a film but come on -.- this is trying to be a precursor for the lore & they disregard a major point of the accuracy.
9)Halo has a better story 10)CoD added that after seeing how successful Halo 3 machinima was. Please I would like to see you justify everything I've just said logically.
They're both really good, I don't know why you're whining...
Why dont they release it on pc? SPOILER MAY CONTAIN SO BEWARE....... anyway i saw the movie its excellent... The cast however, some didnt fit the character they brought but great acting though... and i did see some resemblance with Mass Effect 3... like the giant armor thing in the end and Master Chief Armor (not so much the same)
weird thing is 3 months later i hate call of duty and is waiting for the next forward unto dawn to come out
He said it has zombies in and is in real life. Zombies aren't real.
Just watched this on Netflix. Loved it.
Within 24 hours of going on sale, the game grossed $500 million, beating 2011's Modern Warfare 3 to become the biggest entertainment launch of all time.[10] Don't spout bullshit, man.
Will you fucking stop arguing like little babies. Cod and halo are just games you don't need to argue about them. They're both good games. :)
Jesus fooking christ not another teen movie. Disgusted by it.
Halo 4 Live Gameplay = 3 million views. CoD Live Gameplay = 1.5 million views. You're a retard.
Oh my damn I can't even comprehend haw stupid you are. 5)Cod is real life, dude get a fucking life
'cod has zombies' halo infection 'cod is real life' it's got modern and past and future big fucking whoop 'cod has theatre' theatre? if you mean you can watch shit then halo has that too man 'cod is on different platforms' halo CE and halo 2 they're on PC m8 'cod takes skills' no. 'cod is more realistic' no.
"When I die, please bury me deep! Place an MA5 down by my feet! Don't cry for me, don't shed a tear! Just pack my box with PT gear! 'Cuz one early morning 'bout zero five! The ground will rumble, there'll be lightning in the sky! Don't you worry, don't come undone! It's just my ghost on a PT run!"
1) If you're old enough to have played that you're too old to still be playing. 2)Halo has Aliens AND intergalactic zombies. 3)The noob tube proves other wise. 4)Yeah, bullet wounds that fade in seconds is SO real. 5)No it isn't. It's a videogame. 6)The Xbox never would have made it without Halo. 7)We have plasma swords, gravity hammers and giant lasers. 8)I'm going to refer you to Godwin's law. 9)Halo has co-op campain. 10)Halo 3 invented theater you moron. Halo also has forge, and RvB. Bitch.
yea...halo 3 and halo reach totally didnt have a theater mode, or zombie mode, or firefight, and cod does not use real sounds for its guns, and halo 1 was on PC and Xbox, and halo is halo:combat evolved, they set the grounds for FPS cod was after halo, and what part of trickshooting takes skill?
Stop being a idiot for gods sake. CoD has been runing with the same engine for fking years. I am sad Bungie is gonna work with Activision for the Destiny game because i know Activision will be useing the CoD graphics and physx engine. GO find a corner and KILL YOURSELF
1)Halo came out in 2001 2)Horrible Reason 3)CoD skill is as follows (1. Run around 2. Shoot enemy that first comes into sight 3. Repeat) 4) Comparing CoD and Halo based on realism is just blatant bias and just retarded Halo is a SCI-FI game CoD isn't 5) CoD isn't real life it's a video game. So is Halo I don't think World War 3 happened yet 6) Halo is owned by Microsoft so is exclusive to Xbox 7)A game that takes place 100 year from now won't have the same weapons 8) No 9) Horrible reason 9)No
ok first off you moron, they aren't "cyber bullying" gassy...first, go watch sly's video about it, it explains it better, then if your dumbass still doesnt get it, gassy wasnt living up to the full potential the rest of creatures expectd him to and even after he agreed to it, and they sat him down muiltipul times to tell him what they thought and warned him, and he still hasnt they all took a vote over a period of time and they decided if he left that would be the best...
because they're a bunch of crybaby losers with no life and no friends. They live in parent's basements, are fat, stupid and suffering from Vitamin D deprivation due to lack of sunlight. If placed in direct sunlight they turn to dust like vampires. Fact.
COD IS REAL LIFE?!?!?!?! HAHA what are you a trained Navy Seal? Been in over 300 raids on Towel Heads? Trained assassin? Top of your class? Level 80 15th Prestige? You sir need to sit down.
Halo has zombies, takes a lot more skill because you don't die after 3 bullets hit you, throwing knives can kill you in the foot and a sniper bullet in the chest is a hit marker so its not that realistic, snipers in real life don't jump off a building, do a 720, and "quick scope" someone, halo is equally popular, and halo has theater mode...
Cod fanboys trolling Halo videos is such a fail. Troll harder.
1)Halo came out before Cod 2) Halo has firefight and forge 3)Halo takes more skills 4)Halo is not meant to be realistic 5)ofc, america got emp-ed and the ww3 started, and zombies began to attack, and what about bo2? 6)Halo wants to prevent noobs from playing it 7)Halo has better weapons, and how can you make a game without real audio 8)Halo is on 1platform, and has only 6 games, while cod has 8 and 2 platf.s 9)Halo will get spartan ops 10)cod stole theatre from halo.. Ok, now what..?
Continuing: 9) Ok, I don't exactly remember what spec ops are because the last CoD game I played religiously was MW2. 10) Halo has forge.. get shit on. Admit it, "ur fake game sucks".
I wana know this creedence so i can march to it in my rotc class
if you like it... you are fine... everyone has its why's.
This world we live in must be pretty shitty if dumbasses are leaving comments about CoD on a video about Halo. I am officially ashamed to be a human being. :)
Halo isnt supposed to be realistic its a futuristic game AND WTF COD REALISTIC???
.... The "giant armor thing" is called a Hunter that has been around since Combat Evolved and MC's armor is different variant of Mk. IV.
no actually CoD requires no skill at all now cause of all the quick scoping pussies out there playing as well as hackers campers and retards playing the game. a 5 year old could play and be really good at the game. halo is one of the best games ever made including BF3 which is realistic game play unlike CoD. so admit it your fake game sucks
I guess you can think what you want but can you create a game? I've created 5 on my my own and it was hard they obviously have huge teams working on lighting and character modeling so whatever you say it's not going to make them stop. They do it because they like it. The funding from games made before is the proof, I mean if you had a scheme to get more money that was completely legal and other people liked it then would you stop?
This movie is an Amazing Piece of Shit, just like the game. Damn and I got it for free.
When I first saw this I was like "wtf...?". When I found out what it really was I was nearly speechless: being an all out noob, I once fell for one of those fake halo movie trailers made from the live halo 3 trailer. But to find out there was an official live series... Wow. just epic win.
Why are people always arguing whats better?You act like you're getting a cut of the profits. Just play what you want and relax.
5) so wait CoD has zombies and it's in real life?(credit goes to Milan Manenzanares) 6)halo 1 and 2 are also on PC 7)i've never seen an thundergun or a ray gun like that in real life? 8) CoD has more players because its on every platform and a new game is announced pretty much every 6 months 9) see #2 10)halo 3 (2007) had theater before CoD Black Ops (2010) admit it,that 3rd degree burn will leave a nasty scar.
Well, it seems I was right in the end. Halo 4 was Master Chief's monologue, they killed a much loved main character off in the first game of the new trilogy, and I played it through 4 times and couldn't for the life of me figure out why the elites were against humans again. Apparently you had to find an easter egg or external lore or something, but I shouldn't have to do that to understand the flaming main storyline! Sorry mate, this is what I was worried about.
Well you said this movie is a epic fail and I replied with how is it a epic fail. Do you even understand what i am trying to ask or are you just being ignorant?
Somebody know when episodes 3,4 and 5 will show in youtube
If you think CoD is better (WHICH IT IS NOT!) Why are you here idiot?
Halo 4 was to show that he's more than just a machine dumbass
completely different games. go be a 12 year old somewhere else.
Master Chief could use a better voice actor. Thats just my opinion but they wont fix this.
Have to say i was not expecting a reply to this comment.
either . i like both just like a like playing on pc and xbox and when im at my friends house i play on ps3.
its background info for people who like the halo universe and if you dont like it then fine but it wasnt an epic fail it was great entertainment
halo came up with theater mode.a mode in which you can look back at your gameplay and record it without using special equipment
why did they delete the movie off youtube?!
Well i care about the last one. I'm PC gamer sooo....
just listen to the one part from forward unto dawn ep 1
cod is full of 10 year old kids crying because you cheat on them all the time
Also the first episode also included "Get out on a drop and drop again" I think
somebody plz give me the words to the full hell dropper chant
1)halo came out before CoD 2)We have a campaign thats really good,firefight and infection. 3)the only skill you need in CoD is pointing your gun and shooting at them first. not much skill is invloved in getting kills with killsteaks 4)why?because you get the most powerful WMD ever because you killed 25 people without dying to save your sorry ass?
DOM DOM DOM the world will end if you don`t spell 100% correctly
That's why Halo got 220 million dollars and Black cocks 2 didn't.
then if CoD is realistic then you must also like those simulator games
Actually you can survive a shot to anywhere but the head or a major artery IF you get it treated right away, but I don't see Price getting rushed to the hospital at any point. If you get shot by a .50 in the leg then you must be in a warzone where evac wouldn't come easy. You still can't hipfire a shotgun, or a machine gun, high-powered sniper rifle, or a pair of SMGs.
no halo wasn't the first one combat evolved was but the rest aren't. from halo 2 onwards it xbox exclusive
did you come just to brag about fucking Call of Duty?
Helljumper, Helljumper, where you been? Feet first into hell and back again!
the only way to play better games is with a better console :)
should i watch this or after dawn first ?
im confused... it says fall 2012 so this must be the trailer for the live serie right? i have my hope up that they will make an actual film!
we have theater mode too, we have firefight same thing as spec ops, he have real gun audio for the game, halo is on the PC as well as xbox, halo take skill have u ever gotten a unfriggen believable, halo has zombies as well which is the exact same as firefight/specops, CoD IS MORE REALISTIC BECAUSE THE MILITARY USES INVISIBILITY JUST LIKE IN BLACK OPS 2( COMING SOON ) PLUS ZOMBIES ARE REAL, and who gives a fuck if Cod came out before HALO 2 which everyone knows is the first halo game produced.
Well, the movie is a total piece of shit, but if you want the link to download the torrent on 720p or 1080p let me know which one you want.
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