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Away We Happened: NYC to LA Vlog!

by From Head To Toe • 537,701 views

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Loved the film and this vlog!  Check out my NYC vlog!  Thank you!!!
you look like my friend but she's in middle school
such a sweet girl good stuff! really enjoyed the eps! loved it! 
Jen I thought your husband is name pat
Jen I thought your husband is name pat
Who is Jen's husband? :) 
Her husband is a Caucasian male
you are damn hot
Can I find those pictures from the photoshoot somewhere?
he must be jealous that jen is hanging out with victor, who's totally hot.
You guys are really lucky were I
cant w8 4 bts from wong fu... XD yay
whaaat? she has a husband?? :o she looks really young
phil looked reallllyyyyyyy tired
OMG you guys saw the enterprise carried into NY????Thats so lucky
victor is really nice and Cool! \m/
Dude, they're both Asian, so what's the point of labelling only the guy?
He's Victor King (Kim) from Quest Crew. He's also a YouTube-r.
lolol "looking like a kpop star..."
What a great crew! Hope you had tons of fun! ^^
u're moving up again! Happy for you~ I watch all of them and love your acting~ real professional~ :))
You're blind!!! And by the way, Victor is not her husband. So your argument is faulty
Hello beautiful! I enjoyed your series Away We Happened, also this blog was entertaining to watch the cast out of character.. hehe, ok only sometimes.. maybe.. not sure, so this is pretty interesting.. I know you are married but i find you and Vic to be a cute couple, probably because you guys were adorably convincing, and did a great job on this project.. So, season two? Maybe? Eh!? ^^
lol, they're both asian.. why singling out the guy?
AHA yeah im sooooo sure its spelled like Jean, but sounds like jen:)
I don't think he likes the attention. In his twitter account he doesn't even put his picture. But there's no reason, he is such a handsome man. :3
I love Phil trying to act like a girl
did you just call Victor Kim ugly? Either you're a jealous guy, or a girl with no taste.
that moment when you see wes. (for wes fans) LOL
bitch please, he can dance, sing, play the ukulele, stakebroading and acting. what can you do?
To the people who don't know Victor D: Go Search Victor Kim.
who would like to join me on the ultimate quest to find the scenes where they stunt doubled victor's hands? WE MAY NOT MAKE IT BACK ALIVE
You guys are the cutest couple, huge fan!!!
What an idiotic and racist comment. Marriage has nothing to do with supporting any community. It's a commitment between two people in love. IDIOT FAIL
love your make up in this video! so perfect for you
no, i'm asian myself. It wasn't a racist observation.
We're newlyweds from NYC and we vlog everyday! Come by! :)
she didnt really kiss victor if you look carefully.. is like a nose touch
HOLLY SHIT i live in nyc and i know exactly where that is! NYC MANHATTEN 12ST AVE A
yeah i keep seeing her take photos with this guy, and I thought to myself ... "I thought she said she was married? hm, I've actually never seen her husband" I think we see this guy wayyyy more than her actual husband. I don't mean to pry but I was just confused that's all. =/
Dafuq, Thats really rude you bitch! And BTW I'm Asian
Phil looks like he has a spray tan
lol wong fu singing call me maybe
He looks so familiar . Did he do any vedioes before in wongfu productions ?
Let's check Hyorin from Sistar (korean girl) is kinda looks like Jean
well...Jen and Victor were just filming together....if you guys check out "Away We Happened", then you will have no further questions regarding to Jen and Vic together so often....
Omg I didn't know you were from away it happened
like if u love victor kim and the quest crew
am i the only one who thinks it looks like everyone's wearing a mask ._.
more webseries of you and Victor. :)
how come your camera is from such good quality??? xoxo
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