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Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed

by MileyCyrusVEVO • 146,559,328 views

The official music video from Miley Cyrus performing "Can't Be Tamed." © 2010 Hollywood Records, Inc. #VEVOCertified on Nov. 13, 2012.

Well...she did warn us i'll give that to her. 
LMAO THIS SONG IS FOR THE FREAKING PAPARAZZI AND MEDIA WHO MADE HER A SLAVE TO THE INDUSTRY!!! Good job guys. Her new image is ALL YOUR FAULT!! She warned you not to change her, not to tame her...but you basically held her at gun point and said "sex sells bitch". Tsk Tsk...
+Wild African Signature you are funny completely incorrect because for average men this is not even erotic clip.jesus what a missunderstanding of men nature,I think you just writing without taking seriuosly.But You know what?If somebody is forced to watch such poor quality erotic movies,he/she live in prision or is sick on mind.Dont fight with men who created you,everyone feminist word can be translated(reversed)against you. by the way best friend always be men but i think you always will be disgusted cause u think you are the women and this rhetorical politic in media are true,but reality is not television.In real in eastern society men are discriminated too in many ways and why we are more unhappy ?learn something true on TEDx or shut up
( sorry for my english i'm french ) Exactly Miley in 2008-2009 was great now I hate what she became sorry for the vulgaritée but I think now it's just a whore and all her just because she must agree fashionable now is I is pathetic
Miley look at yourself,you used to be a famous star,kids use to look up to look at you trying to twerk,dressed up with that red lipstick while singing these sex crazy songs,I remember my neice was into watching hanna montona and then she saw wrecking ball,now she can't even see the show without thinking that your so fucked up in real life
Lol remember when everyone thought this was miley being to risky ? hahahaha
Ya my mom didn't want me to watch it and It was the the news
In her defense, she did warn us. 
Exactly. This video proves that Miley was growing up as a teenager and wanted to be free, but she's still in the public eye and everyone still expects her to be like her old character, Hannah. Miley was never Hannah. Miley was just being Miley, and in this video she wants to prove that she cannot be controlled. I really believe that Miley did the right thing when she made this video 4 years ago..
+Cheetah Senorita I agree that she doesn't have to be "Hannah Montana" forever (and in honesty, the latest songs aren't bad at all, the lyrics are fine). However, I don't think she needed to go twerking off in public.
Anyone else miss this Miley?? 😢
I dont like her image it is not even sexy or provocative.For me short hair means male domination so i dont like it,I like girls dominance.I dont understand why image of a old woman/old man could be  good for her.power is in woman/girl wchich love myself so why do something for image like this cuttin hair to zero?tell me please, i dont know really  +Alyssa Smith +Wiktoria Ś.
I was 10 when this came out wow
She looks like the dirty version of the Mockingjay.
A dirty Jennifer Lawrence? I can handle that.
I just realized that!
WTF! U blame Miley for twerking? What about Nicki Minaj ( i actualy like Nicki ) she twerks , she show her but,she even swears like sooo much and you say NOTHING about her? You think she was lime that when she was a kid? WELL NO! The exact same thing happened to Nicki and every other singer! Do you think Justin Bieber did drugs when he was a teenager? NO! If you hate Miley which I personaly don't why even bother comment?
OKAY so people, keep saying that BANG she has changed?? look at her here, read the freaking lyrics! this revouloution has been builiding up inside her for a looong time! This "new" miley has been inside her always! okay?? so stop comparing her to " her "old self" . Shes not Hanna motanna anymore foeks. -that was a ROLE not a person
I don't always comment, but when I do...
Why is someone with my name making comments? Someone has hacked my google
I know this is a three month old comment, but both your comment and profile picture brought a smile to my face, and actually made me chuckle from it.
I love this song beacause I act like a wolf a lot of times like I growl when I am mad or want something back, I howl at a full moon (well sometimes) or when I am happy, I whine well you know why dogs whine if you don't its when dogs are sad or begging for something and when I am in school I just..just..... WANT TO GET OUT OR TEAR EVERYONE APART and then go home and the rules they have in school just make me want to EXPLODE(like no running,no hurting anyone, and no screaming thats like no howling for me) and I just feel like im wild (in the friendly way) like I JUST CANT BE TAMED(if you just want to know this ALL started when I was in 3rd and now I am in 5th and the more I grow up the more I act like a wolf plus thats my favorite animal too)
You are sooo like me. Expect a big thing! I kind of act like a wild cat. I always walk on my toes and I walk sort of weird, like bent over as if I'm about to pounce. I snarl if I'm mad  and bare my teeth if someone is being annoying. When I've had enough, I  lash out. I feel kind of sorry, I have really sharp nails and the only things in my pocket are my hands and scissors. I have a huge fight or flight. I purr slightly when happy and rub an arm against my friend when I'm really happy. I scan people and my eyes look really weird when I'm doing it, like a robot. I feel like exploding sometimes and so I do. That's my main reason for saying "friend" not "friends". I am very, very territorial. I have quick hands and I always steal just to mess with people who've messed with me. I leave no proof and I move their stuff around to piss them off just to watch them screech as they line up to go to math and ask me for pencils, "Yes I have some, now I won't lend you one" It all started when I was just 6 and I started the standing-on-toes habit because I'm really short. I'm in fifth grade as well and I'm only 4 feet and 5 inches. Please don't judge me I  just wanted to comment to rant a bit :(
One more comment i'll make. Why is everyone fighting over miley cyrus and comparing her to niki minaj and stuff i mean come on get a freakin life you dorks
thats bc you like anime you fuckin virgin
2010 - they try to change me, but they realize they can't 2015 - ...
M Lane Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago (edited)
Christmas is over and now its time to relax and kick up your heels! lol To my gorgeous Google girls +ravenstorm 12 +Linnea Mckayla  +A. sassy +Jen R +LK Rhapsody +Stephanie K  +azil kelly  and  so many others..... thought you might enjoy this! :) Love ya!
Destiny o Disney una de las empresas mas ricas, grandes y sobre todo manipuladoras por esto Miley  Cirus dejo esta organización porque allí decidían sobre su vida por eso despues de salir hizo una canción  Cant be tamed,INDOMESTICABLE,  donde mostraba la manipulación y trastorno mental que le hacían. Trato de salirse pero la difamaron obligando la a tomarse fotos se mi desnudas  para tratar de mostrar una chica sin valores ni ética, por eso ella decidió volverse mas sexy para tener la misma fama que tenia al trabajar con disney , pero solo recibió mas y mas criticas y odio..... disney es una organizacion que busca fama por medio de artistas que les lavan el cerebro para que su fama no crezca............ asi que no critiquen a miley cirus solo fue victima de DISNEY... :( ...
I think this song and Fly on the Wall were Miley's two biggest hints that she wasn't happy with who she was and was going to change that.
+geena pal I think that the climb was more for her fans.
Miley Cyrus - Can't be tamed 
Okay, I'm not talking about this song, but Miley if you look at your self in "Party In The U.S.A" and then in "Wrecking Ball" you would see the difference.  I need to admit, I do like this song but I do prefer the old you.  I just want to know two things now.  1: What happened to you?  2: Who agrees with me?
Tia Maria Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago (edited)
Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed
The mv is so cool!!I think it likes musical~pls help me to download~
I always just by clicking download button.FYI,I use Baidu browser.hha,you can try it.
This song was a fucking warning. "I can't be tamed" "Don't hold me back or I might explode" REALLY DISNEY. You couldn't see the signs? facepalm
Ricky Wilkerson Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
yes Virginia and Miley Cyrus it is bad ass
I remember when i was 8 i watched this...........5 years later WTF WAS I ALLOWED TO WATCH O_O
+sweet0pie  I am 14, and i have seen much MUCH worse. So comparing this video to what I have seen...... This is extremely innocent 
She has such an amazing talent, yet doesn't use it nowadays 😢👎
I was little when I saw this and one thing only came across my mind Miley is changing and no one is gonna stop her..
lol I remember when people thought this was a big deal (and a change for miley) now look at her. It's just the beginning guys :)
She is growing up. People can't seriously expect her to be just like Hannah Montana always and forever. If other artists can do it so can she. And power to her for doing what she wants.
Hey Demi said the same thing, but yeah I agree...
And people used to think THIS was too much?!?!?
lol shoulda kept quiet prudes. 
 i aint finna say that Miley cyrus is better that Rihanna even if i mighta saw that she was really better, fuck givin the devil his due, fuck bein reasonable id say that Rihanna was, is, n will be forever better n that dumb bitch Miley will never amount to her level cuz thats what niggaz do. I aint finna call no White House White House even if in a niggaz eyes its white ima call it Black House cuz thats what niggaz do Shit i passionately despise anything white, my blackdream house is gon be painted all black a nigga cars clothes kicks is gon be black when my ass get old ima make sure i keep a big ass bottle of black dye handy to blacken every white hair shit a nigga finna blacken his own devildanm teeth, when a nigga eat his breakfast i is gonna make sure i blackfood-color my boiled egg, hey my black ass lives in New york where it snow a lot oh my freakin devil i hate this freakin black snow . i ain.t finna go to no dentist thats white people shit even if i got masshealth n the shit is free ima let my teeth decay wit accumulated moldy mildewy shitty green plaque cuz thats what niggaz do i aint finna use no washin n dryin machine shit to wash my clothes thats white people shit i is gonna wash em by my black hands and hang em over my turned-on heated-up stove for em to dry cuz thats what niggaz do.i aint gonna use no ironin board n iron to iron out my wrinkly clothes thats white people shit ima put my wrinkly clothes on my box spring then put the mattress on top of that motherfuckah cuz thats what niggaz do. i aint finna use no AC in summer time thats white people shit, ima go to salvation army n cop my black ass a cheapass fan turn it on in front of a big ass bucket of ice so it can blow the nice cold air all around my room cuz thats what niggaz do.i aint finna go to no doctors shit when a nigga sick thats white people shit ima go to bed relyin on dirty devils to give me ideas of how to make my own medicine like washin my black feet then piss in the water then drink it for my headaches n stomach-aches cuz thats what niggaz do. i aint finna microwave my dirty foods on dishes thats white people shit ima microwave em in styrofoam plates til they all melt wit the foods cuz thats what niggaz do. i aint finna use no recipe when i cook thats white people shit i is gonna mix all ingredients usin my niggaz ideas aint they all goin to the same spot? n i aint finna drink no juice after fuck purified bottled water i is gon drink shitty tap watter cuz thats what niggaz do. i aint gon put my hardearned money in no bank thats white people shit i is gonna cut my mattress open then put the shit there n sewed it shut cuz thats what niggaz do. i aint finna go to no Babies r us to buy my newborn no bathing tub thats white people shit i is gonna bathe my baby in my kitchen sink cuz thats what niggaz do. i is not gonna moderately sip on no motherfuckin whine thats white people shit i gonna excessively drink straight liquor til my liver get all fuckedup cuz thats wat niggaz do. all .i not finna act white wehn i start gettn a lil money ima act very blackK.i not gonna use no toothpaste to brush my teeth wit thats white people shit, i gonna put some baking soda on a piece of cloth then rub it on my teeth cuz thats wat niggaz do. i not gonna use no mittens to take my hot pot off the stove thats white people shit ima take it off wit my bare black handscuz thats wat niggaz do. i not gonna put my ass on the toilet seat when takin a shit thats white people shit, i gonna put my two black feet on there then use no papa towel to wipe my ass wit cuz thats wat niggaz do. i never gonna let my kids go to school or college thats white people shit, i gonna let em stay stupid. i not gonna pray to God thats white people shit, i gonna pray to my dirty voodoo devils cuz thats wat niggaz do. i not gonna listen to no classical music shit or Beethoven shit thats white people shit , i is gonna listen to voodoo music or hardcore gansta rap music that talk about bitches shakin they asses and niggaz talkin about killin other niggaz cuz thats wat niggaz do!. i aint finna put my hair in no fuckin perm then swingin side to side thats white people shit ima keep my fuckin beard nappy cuz that s wat niggaz do. i not gonna have one or two kids and tryna plan on a bright future for em thats straight white people shit, i gonna have twenty babies by twenty different ratchet, loud-mouth, ghetto ass, hoochie first-grade drop-out, stinky wigwearin, baby mamaz til they asses grow to kill my my ass for was not responsible cuz thats what niggaz do!
I like this one part it goes like this I'm not meer to sell yah it daesit meen you need to go to hell I'm never bilt like that! That is it so mils o mils you shood know better than that for citing your haer now you are making these bad videos of your self it is just bad stuff rat their.
I Miss The old Miley -_-
LMAO I REMEMBER WHEN THEY PLAYED THIS ON DISNEY CHANNEL DURING BREAKS HAHAHA my mom thought I was watching something mtv would put on she like banned from watching it but omg I love this song
They played this on Disney?!?!
R.I.P Miley Cyrus :'( 😵
The reason we know people are so dumb today is they judge an actor on there acting skills and not his personality
Nice song =) of course, I love Avi Kaplan's version a lot more <3
I miss the old Miley,but,if you are a really fan of Miley,then don't judge her. She actually don't listen the haters,she says clearly in this: "Remember only God can judge us Forget the haterrs,cuz somebody loves ya" Stop hating,peoole!
I feel like Miley Cyrus and I am happy to say that I don't think that I can really be tamed and that is something that is going to take a lot of training to do.
Goodnight Eddie! Sweet Dreams!
Miley is an adult now, she's totally free. And I'm totally fine with it, as long as she knows how to control it.
Remember when this used to be weird? Now, look at her... THIS IS THE REAL MILEY!
did sia use the same cage for her elastic heart music video?
What happen tho now she's all enorexic wtfffff
Selam yavrum ben akvaryum :ASdfs COME TO TURKEY ♥ 
I liked her better when she was little
Wow Miley this takes me back
This describes my dog..
Don't know why but her outfit reminds me of Katniss Everdeen and the Mokingjay outfit, in the beginning when the wings are all dramatic. 
hope u get this soon..... i luv u miley
this should have been a warning for the new miley . lol !!!!
Do you guys think wrecking ball is gross
It's was all down hill from there...
You look kinda sexy when you walked near them after you put your wings and all that stuff ... DO NOT HAVE SEX OR THEN YOU HAVE BABY'S!!! (\_/)
Maria Moça Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
Demais de boa...
E vocês ainda dizem que ela ficou doida agora, olhem esse clipe gente, ela sempre foi doida! kkkkkkkkkkk
Né? E quem é normal hoje em dia? ehauehuahueha
Ninguém! kkkkkkkkkkk
This is when she started to go crazy
no comedy,eh....I don't understand..have somebody the way to download this?
You can download the baidu browser,It can download ~
Saray Chacon Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Mikey ur a pretty young lady but u have to be who u are and ur 4 daughters look up to u and they tell me "I want the old Mikey back" everybody wants the old Mikey not the new Mikey kid
Miley was a pretty young lady. I used to call her Mike or Michael with my friends for fun. Now Mikey is weird.
what is this black mafia she keeps saying in her videos?
co-artist.. Also, rock* mafia, damn.
ok so people are really rude. . . . . none of you know her personally . . . so therefore you can't judge her based on what the fuck you see from your couch watching television at home. And to those saying she use to be pretty..... she still is.. how rude of you. her body is her body can't run her life. she can flaunt it all she wants we have rights as human beings in america to PURSUE HAPPINESS. it doesn't matter if you don't like her.. i don't like her but you have to respect her because she is a strong individual for taking all your fucking bullshit. all you people do is come on the internet and insult people......get a fucking life
omg thanks for the advice !!!!! shold take your own advice into concentration 
ok. well you are a very pugnacious individual trying to start an argument over the internet. I misspelled a word. Thanks for pointing it out. If your tactic is to try to make me trepidatious ... it isn't working. thanks for your input. 
is this a scene from hunger games??
I was five when this came out now I'm 9
Esta miley estaba mejor
I love this song stop hating on her she is stil gorgeous. Yes, she has made some mistakes but she is still human and perfect and gorgeous 😝😍
Well when I was like 8 I use to think she was getting crazy and my mom told me that now she changed because now she is bigger but look at her now 2015 XD
歌棒 影片棒 人也美 舞也棒棒喔
You are the most stupidest girl ever I mean if you look at your self you look beautiful and now you look ugly
What happened to the miley that had the kid fans but now she is just an adult person what happened to the old miley
Shut up no body cares
This song was her warning. And we didn't listen.
Tá possuída Sá porra
Eu mostrei o clipe WEAKING BALL pra minha mãe, ela fico possuida pelo demo 
She was prophesying about how she's gonna become bat-shit crazy by 2012!!
Actually 2013 was the year she became herself
who the heck cares what year!!? SHE DONT MESS AROUND!
Maili zirus por que razón te con bertistes en una mujer pornográfica?
Miley Cyrus* Converstiste* No es una mujer pornográfica, ella siempre fue así lo que pasa que Disney no le dejaba ser cómo ella quería y ahora muestra su verdadero yo :)
I remember hearing it on the radio at work I thought it was I can't be shaved
Omg! Your comment makes my day. Lol
How old was she in this video? Does anyone know?
I was 11 when this came out, and yet I still love this song:) 
These lyrics are relatable and sometimes I'll quote the lyrics.
Everyone is freaking out that she is weird now. Nicki Minaj twerks also. I also LOVE this song
At least she does not have to wear a blonde wig ,sense she is now blonde
why miley your killing your self
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok lol
The thing that shocks me the most is that this video was uploaded while Hanna Montana was still on, while she still had a large group of kids looking up to her...
Although it shows a strong message.. Watch miley cyrus comment video, in mileycyrus vevo
Why did you change your self I like you better in 2003 not in 2014👼
You do know that that was before she started singing and doing Hannah Montana, right?
Veronica Castro Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
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