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by classiccathy • 14,079,743 views


Trisha Paytas? seriously? she comes up with everything, first of all she was on My strange addiction for addiction to tanning, and then ellen for worlds fastest reader, this girl must be comin up with these as she goes because she seems desperate for TV time.
tv shows often call her up and ask for her appearance. 
Didn't she come on My Strange Addiction because of the tanning addiction?
she could just be talking jibberish and nobody would know
You can see her talking when it's slo mo.
Is this the same fucking girl who asked 'If dogs have brains'?
Remember, Trisha is a troll. She didn't actually mean anything in that video. She even makes fun of her video in her short film Viral Video. 
ok so shes been on ellen saying shes a waitress, on x-factor saying shes a computer programmer and my strange addiction tv show, fame whore much trish? jeez
+Jay A hmmm lets see she spends her life in front of a camera (youtube) and any chance she gets shes on tv with a new back story.......fame whore?
Trish.....she's an annoying Youtuber....and past stripper...... Not being rude, but anyone with a brain could say she's annoying....
hating? live your own damn life...
did she understand what she was reading?
hey i'm 100 percent sure that i read like her because i can read so fast that i forgot the point and any of the guy or girl which are a little bit smarter than me can't even follow or they didn't even know that i had finish to read because they were still looking where i was reading.  (Don't judge me because i'm not telling that to flat myself or i'm talking rubbish,i'm telling that because i have the capacity to do that.) So don't misunderstand me because i don't lie
+Saheel Bundhun This whole conversation is making me cringe
Thumbs up if you're on a "fastest ___" binge
she is so cute she sound like a little turkey :)
And you sound a little roast beef 😉
+Saoirse Kelly oooh pour child i didnt  say it in bad grow up this girl has talent did you the whole coment or you just read the part with the little turkey? You are not good reader as her i think lol... And from where did you here that i sound like "roast beef" i think the only sound that the roast beef make is the squeak ?
Jeez, she could really get on the man's nerves =]
You aint lying man lol
Damnnnn, this bitch can make a nigga cum in seconds if she moves those lips like that.
+Grammar Nazi yes, we're still bros, just pray that patron won't freak out on us xD
+Mr.Knockout baby She won't:P she seems like a chill and nice type of girl.
is this really a talent? the limiting factor is how fast you can speak. and that record goes to the worlds fastest rapper. this is just talking rather quickly.
Talking quickly and rapping quickly are like the same thing if she just tuned words and shit
idc what she does for a living that was actually entertaining to watch haha
Trisha paytas I didnt knos she could read that fast
If she was a rapper we would have got rap god song by her
this is the same girl who can rap fast.. right?
So she claims. It's really just reading rap lyrics fast. There's a difference.
Watch out Eminem, we got a rapper here.
Trisha Paytas? For Real .. She thinks she can do anything faster then anyone ..
Her language to me ~~~<>||__||<>~~~ herjdjhsbdvd kwjhdcb kwjhdcb wench gkadjch blj nbwdljhcvglqejfhvg,fwemnb lcwehbweljhfb ,sdmncb lwjrhgvv,sd,jhdch blwjrhfvglwjrhfvvkfjwhbfwkjwgegdckwjehgfckjvhwfegvkerjhfvbhjfekjhdefbjkhwdfvgljwhdfvgwljfdvhgwvefkjhglwdfvggcjdjdjcgdljhdwcg lwdjhcg,wejhdbcvljwhwgdcvhvfjlediugvucdiepwdfljhgw h I lingers lkhgfwdliu hgwdljhg cedljhgsdljhsdgc ljughidcs ljuegdccljhwedchliuwdfgvwdljhgvdfwljhgsfvdljuedfgvkjhefvdgljufvergvgujfjfjfkjerhgfljevefhgefwvljjhvfewljjewvfgljhwdfvgkjhhjkhvfvgkjhdwfvgkjywcdfgydwfv.cefgeefvkuhgfvrekjhwfevgkjwefchgfewckjhgdfcwhfhfdw kjhgdfevkjhedcvglhjwefvgliuewvfglkjdefvgkjhedfvkjhedfvgljhdefvgljerhfvglejdhfvglejdhfvgljehdfvgljedhfgvljhgggggggggfiuhdwfgviuhqsdfgijqhedfgkjhwedcgiwdejchgwedckjhgcdwhkjhwedcgkjhwedcgkwdeujhcgwekdjchbwdekjhgckjwsdhcvkwejdchgwskdcjhgcykjhwdscgkwejhdcgdswckjhgwcsdkjhgcwedkjhwedcgkwcedjhgwecdkjhwcedgweojfhcgpopplkjhhhhhhhkhgfluyg,ugh,jhg,hyfmytfhjgfjhgfkhgfkhgvkjnbscd kjhgwcdeljhwdevgljhwefcbwdkfjhvvfkwjhebfkwjdhfvb wcdojhbcd kjwndc bwf dkjhbcwd kjhwdf bkjwhdc b dcwkjhgcwyhhcfewoijswdckjhbghifcwegwcefhfdcwkjhgwddcbljhbjcdw khwdf kbhjcdcbhjbhcfwkdbkjhcfdwjhkdwcfbkjhdwcfhkkdwcfjbhkfdwchbkwcfdkbwdfchbjwdfckbjhhwjbkdchbjkdwecbjkewdchbjkdcewjbhkbjcdgjbdcvewcdcjbhkd eujbe cdbhedc hj,bc dsscs jd schjbbh chuck hijacked biscskjcbbskdjhc bowdjhbcvljhwdbc kwjhdcb kjwndc lwdjhcg dwkcjhbcdsljhb dcwkjhgcwyhhcfewoijswdckjhbghifcwegwcefhfdcwkjhgwddcbljhbjcdw bowjdhc bowddj hbs co ijhwc dkjhb dcwkhbwdc khjdwcb kjhw cd Why,unncwidejhgfecwijhvwfcekjhgfveeojwchefgocedjhbiurhefcgkeejhcgfrce
The end x xx x xx x. Xlkenncdlknsdbv ljhedv bldejfvhb
+Thejackostuff You are imputing far more content then actually exists. However, our cute little chatterbox looks pretty while "reading", doesn't she? Her squeaky voice can get on your nerves after a while, can't it?
A woman reading extremely quickly while a bunch of strangers applaud. We are actually probably the oddest species Earth has ever produced.
Who the bleeding ek is this allen geezah ? .Strange lookin mush !
Eminem has some competition
I watched this like 2 years ago like she's really stupid then now I'm watching it realizing its Trish and I'm like TRISH OH MY GODDDD
I bet those words are not even registering. If you were to ask her what she'd read she'd have not a damn clue about it.
I wonder if she understand what she was reading and remember them. Because anyone can just ready it quickly but if you don't remember what you are reading than it's pointless
Micromachines Guys daughter? 
o.0 and my mom thinks shes a slut and she still does but I don't but she can read fast
Is this before she became a Youtuber? It was only 4 years ago, so she could have been, but she said she's a waitress for a living :/
is that trisha Paytas
Would be nice to see her make porn ... Eventually that will happen
Hey can we recruit her for my debate team?
I know for a fact this girl is not the fastest reader in the world. It might be possible that this girl is the fastest at reading OUT LOUD TO AN AUDIENCE and clearly, but she certainly wasn't matching the 1000 wpm (words per minute) speeds that the true champions can reach.
The fastest oral cresm whore''
haha I love Trisha so much
Hahahaha She was too cute!
put the speed of this video to 2. you're welcome.
omg Trisha. 😂💖💖
Is that Trisha Paytas?
Thats trisha paytas why she on there shes youtuber since when a fast reader
poie iguopjwveu inkmrf ouweiyouf 97c8hy6wjrgf 87ev9bq7wvegb i am the worlds fastest typer!
Most people can learn to read words that fast. It doesn't mean that you take in any understanding of what has been written or the emotions and tone of a character. If she read some instructions of how to do something she does not know how to do and then went on to perform such a task after reading instructions that fast then that would be impressive.
She is so adorable and she sounds just like pinkie pie from mlp
This is soooo fucking funny!!!!
I can read Way faster than her
What's the point if no one understands what she says....
Isn't this girl friends with Shane Dawson? And on some programme about addictions?
I love Trisha so much omg!!!!!<3
That was slow, for when u speed read you don't use your voice but mind for your brain is faster then mouth.Worlds faster reader is in  UK and she reads 6k wordsper minute. I'm going to get that title from her.
The slowed down version sounds like Alison Janey.
Pretty pointless skill.
Trish is everywhere.. First on my strange addiction, to this.
Does anyone else think she had an a annoying voice I mean correct me if I'm wrongs and sound rude but seriously??
exactly 14,000,000 views... that's a first 0_0
lol, the record for fast reading (the last I know of) is 4300 words per minute, much faster than anyone can read aloud
I just here her mumbling
Real life Miss Piggy sucks the dick and makes it cum. That is her talent.
Trisha Paytas is awesome and funny she can do whatever she wants with her life.!!!
women dont need a book to talk like that
she must have failed all her english classes
I can read faster than that -.- And Im 14.
im so fast my recod is 9 months
Get her some cocaine and we might just have found a replacement for fossil fuels
Better than lil wayne
If she could rap, eminem rap god would be screwed
watch this in 2x speed
This is fake. She is Blonde.
WHOA!!! Read my book to me I might not understand but hey I'd be done in a couple of hours
It's OK, she probably didn't understand anything that she "read" either, but she looked cute as a button and pretty as a picture while "reading" it. Her squeaky voice, on the other hand...?
lol yea but I also got a squeaky voice XD
Her boobs are big cuz she is fat and im pretty shure she missed like half of the words she is reading she cannot do it she is not smart.
oh god doesnt she have a youtube channel?
She's obviously wearing a wig
uh no it's her real hair
She's fast but not the fastest
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