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Black Ops Class Setup and Tips

by WoodysGamertag • 1,493,978 views

Aug vs famas vs Galil Which would win in this game? I favour the Aug.
+ThaMaximumGuy GAMING I just have something for the Galil because I played BO 2 first so I just have a nostalgic feeling for it
My Favorite CoDs are Black ops and MW2 
+Krystal Hunt CoD 4 started the best era of cod, if we talk about MP, most many people there isnt better FPS shooter than cod 4 or MW2.
Yeah.... true.. the mW3 campaign didn't interest me though...
Uzi no attachment Strela 3 Frag Willy Pete Camera Spike Lightweight Pro Scout Pro Second Chance Pro Killer Class
There is no point of using ghost with weapon which doesnt have a silencer.
I completely agree. Like putting second chance but u use a rush-based class. :/
This isn't entirely true. You could use it as a method just to get the drop on someone, without wanting to sacrifice in firepower. Like Woody said, you can turn on people fast, so that suppressor might make you lose that gunfight if they had a high sensitivity.
My 2 favorite class setup is: Famas, Dual Mag, Stella for secondary, semtex/frag. concussion, claymore, scavenger, slight of hand pro, and i think marathon. Next: Galil, Suppressor, Cz75 full auto, frag/semtex, concussion, claymore, hardline, slight of hand pro, and tactical mask/marathon, i have spy plane, napalm, and sentry for all classes, works really well for me, 
I think maybe the underbarrel shotgun is a better option than flamethrower, the flamethrower doesnt deal enough damage in the time it takes an smg to fire 5-10 bullets into your skull and chest ://
i kinda like black ops multiplayer
I really feld in love with assult rifles
the ak is an assoult rife with no stock :)  
I think maybe the underbarrel shotgun is a better option than flamethrower, the flamethrower doesnt deal enough damage in the time it takes an smg to fire 5-10 bullets into your skull and chest ://
yeh didnt enjoy ghosts and bo2 looking forward to advanced warfare tho 
My favorite cod hate very single on except for this and mw3
Tha is the same as me...
Learn to write before you comment
The AK-47 Class Is Beast. Went On A 23 Killstreak Before I Died!
Call of Duty Ghosts is rubbish for me
I'm surprised at how many people still play this game, especially since Ghosts came out, and Black Ops 2 and MW3 came and dominated this game.
After Black Ops 1, CoD got progressively worse. MW3 was only okay, BO II sucked, and Ghosts is just terrible.
ive seen this game with over a million on at a time never ever have i seen that combined in MW2 and BO2
I just use famas with ghosts,slight of hand, and ninja.. best record 56-3
You helped me a lot first game 22 kills
Decoy i think also blows up if the opponent touches it.
This classes are all made for huge maps but when you play on a server , (imac) everyone plays nuketown and i would prefer a small wapon with rapidfire ans extend mags
The good old days. This was the first Woody video i watched and boy how have times changed.
this is really good but you talk off track about the other stuff
I just use famas with ghosts,slight of hand, and ninja.. best record 56-3
Try the Famas with Dual Mags, Flak Jacket Hardened and ninja, best record is 108 and 2
M-14 is a good gun. Try it.
 i say all cods suck exept for Ghosts bo bo2 and WAW mw3
Thankthank81 is so right, new cods suck...
I think the opposite, cod 4 and mw2 are the best
+Jack Ramsey mw3 was the shittest cod ever
This is my favorite cod ever
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This vid was made in 2010
My best class is a Galil w/ extended mags and suppresser. And the M1911 with extended mags
Mw3 and ghosts sucks dick but bo2 is alright and bo1 is amazing
This helped me a lot on bo1 these classes got me to kd of 1.78. So thanks
Still play this GT: WAK Brutal (Xbox)
add me on ps3 people: LADO_FRESH_272
Got this game when it came out... thought I would LOVE it...Hated it...
thnks really helped out
I have one for knifers
ak74 and m16 are the two guns i prefer over any thing else. 
sounds like u like op and unblanced weapons too hard to pwn in balanced game? :D pathetic
He actually made this video a few days before the game was released, then uploaded it the day of release.
I highly reccomend to use Hacker Pro. Not only can you detect where enemies are (you can see claymores in the houses in Nuketown), it will save you from dying by claymores.
woody seems sad in this video :/
I wonder how Woody's classes would have changed 2 years later..
Fuck the new console i still play cod in old console
i miss how low key you used to be...
lol this video is his most viewed lol
Hey, can you guys go check out my channel please, It would help me soooooo much, thank you and have a nice day :D
MW2 is up there for one of the best cods
my default was hacker pro - hardened pro - ghost pro ...good times :-)
Nah, good graphics is kind of nice to have in some first person shooters like Red Ochrestra and Arma 3 so you have more immersion while Counter strike doesnt matter to me.
Thanks man! I'm finally not in the last three!
put the acog scope on the ak 47 and your life will get better i like it and it becomes a long range weapon plus it becomes more accurate
Woodys most viewed video :o
So why don't you play it? I came back to Blops 1 after i got prestige 1 on blops 2, because i got bored of bo 2. I play Blops 1 almost everytime i play my ps3, and there is like 40,000 players online everytime i play
Still is an overused gun... Whats wrong with the galil ghost silencer?
It's STILL awasome. On PS3 it still has about 80 000 online player.
this is the video that got me started as being on team woody
I guess thats okay, considering the time of this upload. But in hindsight, it wasn't worth i. :)
i get helicopter pilot+gunner all the time its so easy to snipe on array map!!!! use the tower. Watch Out For My Character bumblebee7501 (brother made account name). :-)
I'm pretty sure it's against the internet rules to use the word retarded in the same sentence that has like 10 spelling and grammar mistakes.
I tried the gailil but I think the aug is better
Is it me or do the Treayarch games seem more close up and larger in perspective then Infinity Ward's? Everything feels so small and far away in MW3 compared to BO1 and BO2.
thats funny because at first people was calling it shit
I like using the MP5K with Rapid Fire
Nothing, that's his opinion, and if you don't like it then to fucking bad.
lol decoy and ninja on ak74u wtf
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