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Jay Electronica - The Pledge (Eternal Sunshine) -Full Song, Good Quality-

by Agenda1988 • 622,856 views

Rate/Comment Artist: Jay Electronica Song: The Pledge (Eternal Sunshine) Part I - Eternal Sunshine Part II - Paper Thin Part III - Voodoo Man (omg, best shit ever) Part VI - FYI Jay Elect's calling...

this is art fuck gangster fake shit rap
''You Broke the rules'' was the link to the puzzle it all makes so much sense now it translates to ''We the people Loose'' we loose is because we failed to red the fine print and actually read the instructions that was laid for us ''Clear as crystal'' even though our conscience thought was erased we must not succumb to the darkness but instead closer to the light just like in the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind there thoughts were erased but even that wasn't enough to keep them apart from each other Act 2 is the Golden Ticket however we'll never get our hands on it because were victims of our own ignorance its like God punishing mankind for not obeying his word everything is a metaphor for the big picture that nobody sees Unfortunately which is a Tragedy
Appreciate your work God
The Miracle of Saint Anna "spike lee movie"
Jay you opening eyes, God bless man
thank you for keeping the music alive and well out here family.
I've been listening to your music for 4 years straight God. Your old music never gets old. Keep Building Lord! #LOTC
this is art.... this is truly beautiful. listen to this at least once every few days. its a must.
shout out to "satellite" from Turtles Can Fly @ 5min mark. get that baby out of the minefield
this song and movie blew my damn mind, pure gold 
voodoo man, chicken bone, chicken bone, i can make a thunderstorm from a light rain my ears start ringing my nose get bloody i feel a little bit of pressure on my right brain intermission, transmission, put me in submission glistening, trapped in the light prison, whistling the Christ told me "come closer to the light man" I went blind, woke up in front of a mic stand. voodoo man, tap dancing in the french quarter, walking on water with a scroll in my hand, the blue prints for a disc shaped like vessel, that was chiseled out of metal off the coast of Japan. fasting on the top of a mountain out in Tepoztlan saw a shiny object, floating out of the ocean, i'm sort of like a postman you can get the message if you wanna understand, from the rap slumber man voodoo man, civilize the savage, criticize the parish spreading false doctrine, terrorize the cleric for carrying on nonsense, specialized lies to paralyze the conscience. voodoo man, chit chatter, abracadabra, spitting out matter while i'm shitting out data, mmm chew em up, shitting out rappers, sipping Pelegrino while i'm giving out matches. set yourself on fire, let the wisdom of Elijah, purify ya, take a nigga higher, sold your soul, to the highest buyer, now you're on the wire, talking bout two foot tires, saying you sell crack clappin' at cats with max, but you a liar, pants on fire. same old rugged cross, different crucified messiah.
Thanks for writing the lyrics! 2nd verse though he says "from the rap SON OF MAN" not rap slumber man.
aight i just did it all from ear so can't blame a couple mistakes!
Amazing! God is everywhere
Jay electric, the rap world needs you
+Richard Streiss please you can't be comparing Dostoevsky to Inception.
This will forever remain one of my favorite tracks.  A true masterpiece of sound.
Eternal sunshine/ life is sublime/ spittin abstract narratives above my confines/ the words the eagle/ the killer of evil/ the fight for justice and the word of the people/ so stand up sing and praise the elohim/ the flow is sick, yung and developing/ shout out to jay elect/ underground celebrity
Who made The original beat of eternal sunshine?
Handz down, one of the best that ever 'DID IT'.....
Kin M Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I forgot how good it was to get up with this song in the morning.
I have never heard this. Thanks for posting.
There are not words worthy of describing the last two minutes of this song.
these beats are from the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. the pieces were just cut and sequenced in a particular way by jay electronica so that he could rap on them
Just found this guy. His music is too dope
listen to this song wile watching a plant grow in fast motion and its AWESOME
Been listening to this since 2007 and it's still not old.
Tânia Lourenço Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
Everyone please check out my version of Exhibit C by Jay Electronica and feel free to leave honest feedback by liking or commenting on the video. Thanks to everyone that supported my previous videos.
al Beckford Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
what they don't understand is that I'm already home! aka been woke, Been over ya Head , Been Misunderstood,been outahere, been since been!
fucking awful, what a cunt. ruined a good soundtrack
Yes the song is looped its from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Of you search the movies soundtrack it's called collecting things
turtles can fly..... fell that bass clarinet
What film is the boy that is talking foreign from?
Its called "Turtles Can Fly" . set in Northern Iraq and in the days leading up to the american incursion. Bahman Ghobadi (spelling might be off) First Iranian-Iraqi collaboration in film since the fall of Saddam. Great film, get your mind right before watching it, heavyy
This is dope. Sol uses this beat as well on a song called "yours truly"
Fosho - but this is just the original song. The Sol track years later is sampling the same song Jay is rapping over here, part of a movie score.  
The Pledge The Turn The Prestige
Rap in 40 years = Soul Train now. So let us bow and bob our heads now
"Fuck that fuck rap this god-hop." he says it himself.
I sure hope they get to drop Act II so he can be exposed to more people. Lyrical poets such as Jay E need to have their names engraved on the tablet of history that is being continually updated as eras come and go. It would be a shame to see someone of his caliber of lyricism be lost in the annals of time.
This Music Is Beyond History,Space,or Time. Simple as that he doesn't care
You get nothing! You LOSE! Good DAY, SIR! Willy Wonka all day!
he made his verse for it months before sean asked kendrick to lay a verse, if jay was asked second the song would've 15 minutes and end half of the rappers careers
supper... this is some real... art...
Lol i forgot i came on here and trolled one night boredom tookover
this probably one of the greatest musically related comments I have ever seen on youtube
greatest skill level on the Mic its impossible to do it better
one of the most beautiful pieces of music in existence
that is the truth about every branch of everything... we can't have everyone who's ever done anything get their own biography.
i really like the voodoo man poem to that soundtrack, sounds so unique, dope and powerful, did Tyler the creator get influenced by Jay? there is something about the delivery when he says voodoo man that i can hear in Tyler's voice, and the dark mysteriousness of jay's subjects may have had an influence, i mean, i feel inspired listening to Jay myself
if u find it pplease let me know too. am hutning for it like my life depends on it
Fuck Jay Electronica. This nigga can't drop no shit for th fans?At least Kdot droppin some shit. Lil Wayne has come out with like 4 shitty albums since Exhibit C (One of the best songs ever) WHERE"S THE FUCKIN ALBUM?
This guy is sick..but hes taking too long on album..
I miss this shit. Jay elec please come back! Fuck
I think the beginning guitar sample is from "Lately" by Memoryhouse.
7:54-8:32 is Jay's "response" to Kendrick.
i love how this guy is not oblivious to how fucked up the world is. he sees reality for what it truly is. tip my hat to this guy.
while i like the things that this guy raps about, his style isnt at all accessible which is why it will most likely be forgotten by time.The Roots, Common, Mos Def and Nas all had very accessible styles and a good following. lil wayne will be remembered as vanilla ice is to us, Jay and Kanye like biggie and rakim, and elec not at all coz his cant be appreciated on a skin deep level, so it will never become mainstream enough to be remembered or appreciated for what it is.
holy shit....damn i completely missed that . damn Jay goes deep...
Perfection isn't the word to describe this masterpiece! Mad respect! Blessings
I don't think there will be another individual like jay electronica , music at its purees form , he's the reason why i stop listings to the radio , all i hear is sex & pride and crap i don't care about , all of us feel the same way , searching for something thats real & honest .GOD bless jay electronica
Midderp did your dad fuck you daily and turn you or have you always been a faggot who likes whack ladies rappers?
voodoo man is incredible, goddamn
@Darius Davis All of this music is from The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Soundtrack. At least I think that's the name
Where is the sample before Voodoo Man (The third verse) from? the one with the little kids speaking in a different language
i wasnt sure at first, but now i know ur a homo
i was just contemplating the same thing myself, well said.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind... great soundtrack (great movie). Credit Jon Brion.
I got my finger on the muthaf-cking pistol Aiming it at a pig, Charlottes Web is gonna miss you My issue wasn't televised and you aint gotta tell the wise how to stay on beat cause our lives an instrumental This is physical and mental I wouln't sugar coat it You'll die from Diabetes if these other n-ggas wrote it And everything on TV just a figment of imagination I don't want no plastic nation Dread that like a Hatian i mean thats it
yer man have been 4 a while 1 of the greatest lyricists ive ever heard no doubt
Where the fuck is Cole? He lyrically shits on childish gambino.
Kill that noise ... Jay z in the 90's would just drop elect lmao... hov jay elect and j cole best niggas out ... Funny huh
I know he was known as K. Dot. I'm talking in the sense of being mainstream.
Don't forget Kendrick Lamar. He's trying to change the generation too.
Go to work; go to church let your dreams die Bowtie, final call, and a bean pie
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