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Ellen's Dance Dare Winner - Aired on 2/17/12 show

by Victoria Batista • 266,841 views

Ellens Dance Dare (A clip of this video was shown on an Episode of the Ellen show on 2/17/12 I have always loved the Ellen show and have wanted to be discovered (Especially by Ellen) For my entire...

Lmao.. she's too cute, and has a nice ass. LOL.
have they told the winner yet?
The horror! Shes a dancing menace!! Seriouly though, very original dance moves.
Like If You Think This Is Funny ?? # This Is So Funny That I Would Like My Own Comment!! Lolz ;)
@JCA199ify Wow thank you that means a lot! Tell your friends!
You rock, ya daring thing ya. You rocked their worlds, but they just didnt know it. lol
some people were faking it look @ 0:53 the guy knows he laughs
Hahah the kid in the backround :D
this video blows my asshole.
Vick I talked to you about this video yesterday ;D and now I watched it for the third time
haha I saw it on Ellen! Watch my Dance dare! :)
I bet she lovessss to dance! Lol she was killing it
Ellen please pick this one it is awesome!!! good luck hope you win! thumbs up if this girl deserves the win------->
It looks like you told some of them what you were doing...
no offence but janoskians should've like won!
Not bad. I could still do it better! -:D ~Caleb
I dont know why people think this one is good most of them were planned and the ones that werent, werent even good
@jlime90 Haha thank you! Sweet of you to help me get the word out there! Keep posting! -Victoria
@vickyb63 do you hwve a sisterbtht goes to church and she looks jusy like you
@xxCelestifulxx the guys laughing at the camera, and the other girl is like wtf. i thought they were faking it too at first(:
some people get really into me!!
This girl has more balls than a platoon full of Marines, and she is funnier!
You've got some great moves! WTG!!!
Please check out my dance dare<3
@2:20 i lmfao-ed so hard b/c of afroman
its fake they all tried not to laugh and they looked at the camera
Look at my danced dare at we stupid 22
Dang |ShufflelSpongeboblRejectl all in one video dance dare o-o and dips omfg.
My best friend hahaha I love watching this and all of you guys saying its fake F YOU because my girl worked her ass off on this so go fuck yourself with a toothbrush
@jlally76 thank you! It means alot and was amazing to see myself on national television! lol!!
LOL ur really pretty and an awesomee dancerr, good 4 u !
Im just gonna post this on every thing your such a good dancer and ur hot to and btw im 13
I think he was laughing because he saw the camera. So he felt awkward. I would laugh too. I'd be all like, "Ahhh. WTF is happening?! *Giggle*"
Like if you think she is BEAUTIFUL!!
oh shit nvm she cant dance FAILZ xD
Wow you can break it down. Those are some killer dance moves right there :p Congrats on getting on the show!!!
meu Deus to viciada em Ellen's Dance Dare
i made one of my own! check out my channel!
No shes a finalist. they havent annouced the winner yet :P
hes laughing at the camera, check it(:
ohmigod that's halarious!! :D <3
naw..i mean she can dance but she looks at the camra way 2 much -_-
hahahaha the boy at 0:58 totallly knows whats going on;p
awesome .. work it girl .. nice wats the song plz ??
Haha that was so funny I cracked up and then replayed it a bunch of times. Haha just to say, girl you got some moves! Nice job. Along with fouseyTUBE's Elen Dance Dare, you are my favourite! Peace.
All the way from the Uk...(where we also love Ellen ,and her dance dare!!!:)...Well done you!!that was terrific huni!....Hope u keep it up ,you could wn with this daring dance move)s)!!xx
Lol that was cool the girl is awesome
how do u send in ellen dance dare videos?
your video got on Ellen's show today good luck!
loce your dancing haha couldnt stop laughing also i think it would be fun to have you on Ellen!
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