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Happy Wheels w/Nova Ep.161 - FRESH POOP IN THE STALLS

by UberHaxorNova • 1,096,408 views

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your charecter nova looks like martymcfly lol
Wow even looking back a couple years I can see how much Nova's mic setup has improved since then
For anyone still watching these videos, did anyone else notice that in the 'Racing Bike Rally' level, it says 26 kg to win? Last time I checked, kg meant kilograms. If the acronym has some other meaning, I apologize, but I just noticed that.
Not that I should have used all that vulgar language. But when I posted my comment, Nova was already back from E3 with everything wrapped up
No, i have seen many people spell things right when they comment,get it right,fucktard
Coming from a guy who cannot even use the right you're And Pewdiepie,Nova,and who ever the fuck else is in this god damn 'war' are all good, k? Now lets all shut up and watch who we want to watch without bitching.
Thankfully, with the help of all the viewers who instantly flag any hate messages from either side, we have quelled the flame war. This is an important moment in history.
favorite words typed by people aroundddd the world. "get a life" well sir we already have one. may it suck or may it be awesome. it is still life. XD PEACE!
Ladies: TEAM EDWARD! TEAM JACOB! Men: TEAM PEWDIEPIE! TEAM NOVA!! STOP Doing that and love both!!
Anyone else think of E.T. when Nova "flies" with the bike?
Tell me that when he started saying fly I wasn't the only one who started singing fly like an eagle
I literrally HATE happy wheels comments. Why can't you people actually TALK ABOUT THE VIDEO? All anyone does is say "Oh this guy is better" and "Oh dude your totally wrong fuck off"
How about you don't call out someone on their age when you cannot even fucking spell.
"Flying is the key nova" Some old wise guy
PLZ check out my channel if u have some time i post minecraft and i would really appreciate it if u looked at it u dont have to by any means and have a good day
That's weird, I was taught por que was why, and porque meant because for Spanish also. :/ Then again, my teacher was from Colombia and they might have a different way of pronouncing it?
Por kay means why in Spanish soo what dafuq you talking about
Lol oh u think ur smart okay go boom wtf mines aaaahhh
You sound like a fucking 8 year old. I'm not "hating" anyone, you are hating people for their opinions.
Fuck you dont hate on nova he is really sick you should die and he and pewdiepie i like both so fuck off
Back 3 months ago (July) it probably was. But, Nova's fanbase is defiantly more mature.
They do. Well, most of the times. They also have different words. Every type of Spanish is unique.
no what the fuck is youre problem,if you dont like him may i ask why you are here ?
Someone should do a ten minute challenge of Nova saying, "Let me play it," clicking on the rope swing w/ timmy level, and getting the error.
ikr. After that I was like "fuck me that was amazing." Then he dies, and I facepalmed.
At least Toby fans aren't ones to start wars... I think..
Ummmmm....I meant there were things spelled wrong and there were no periods so for me it is hard to understand...
whats so confusing about what i said OOOOHHH your ears are damaged by pewdiepies voice
Now you've just proven you're a fucking idiot that wants to use old, overused memes to get his point across. I rest my case.
No it doesn't. He said por que salsa porque. Porque means because. He actually said, Why sauce because
@ TheLmfaoRandomGuy I am 15 but i watch pewdiepie, and i also watch nova. So if im 15 and a pewdiepie fan how can i be a dumbfuck 13 year old. Exactly, take your unknowing hate and accusation of ALL pewdiepie fans and shove it up your bunghole.
Ehhaha Porque salsa.. Porque salsa Lolol
ya but he said pewdiepie sucks nova rules if he said i dont like this then on pewdiepies videos thats alot different your an idiot and how are you not marked as spam
9:07 did anyone else think of Lord of the Rings?
do you guys just click like before you even watch one of his videos,just knowing on instinct its going to be good? i do that all the time (:
I would have said the same thing, dude. A bit of a grammar nazi, I am...
Nova: Do a wheelie! NO! Pewdie: (Dad) I became a fountain because you disappoint me! (Son) I'm sorry dad (Dad) I Don't Care!!!!!!!!
4:21 "Oh no, I see- Me: Oh good! He saw the mines that are 5cm away from his tire ... -the wrecking ball!" Me: -.-
The truth is that They are friends kinda Pewdie Never kills Nova when Nova's In a Level :D
if only you had hanes... could soften the blow *anyone else seeing those a lot?*
You just said "I love both" and that's your fucking opinion, dumbass. You keep it to yourself and learn proper English while you're at it.
Then watch his videos then telling your opinion.Really if you like pewdiepie you dont need to tell us about your life.Do you really think we care?You are just getting people to hate you and pewdiepie said to stop the fan war so you know your not a true bro.
Yea Exactly Nove was First before Pewdipie I think... YEA
Este burrito es muy bueno, pero necesita salsa verde. This [burrito] is very good, but it needs green sauce.
ever calm down pewds and nove dont give a shit of whos better they just like making videos
The bike one.. 26kg to win.. What a fucking faggot, 26 kilograms? Fucking mong made that map.
I like both, pewdiepie and nova but what I don't like about pewdiepie is that he acts so perverted. There's nothing I don't like about nova ( no homo ) I watch him more than I watch tobuscus :)
did anyone notice at 6:45 it said 26 kilograms tow in. lol
watch out we got a grammar fucking nazi you troll go fuck yourself im saying to stop hating your just gonna get pewdie fans yelling at you and thats what im fucking doing NOW FUCKING STOP
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