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Sum 41 - We're All To Blame (lyrics)

by GalakFyarr • 992,607 views

lyrics of Sum41 We're all to blame 20K views! (8/05/08)

The U.S. Government can learn something from this.
Do do do do do do.... Love this song!!!
We've gone too far, From pride to shame, We're hopelessly blissful and blind
<3 this song, thank's for the lyric vid
@AmateurMusiciansFTW its the two different file versions probably. ones set for television or something and ones for like headphones or stereos probably.
Yeah.....First time i here this song from Sum 41 I think i can here this song before.......But did'n know from where o.O"
this is addressing the human race itself perfectly
@724Broncofan yet, America has been a major part in it, denying it is just being blind.
Not just america, its the same everywhere, except for the areas who use the land and do not destroy the world with petty squabbles and that, despite all they know about it, destroy the world with our "Building a better world" crap, its just making it worse.
0:43 - 1:03 sounds just like what Linkin park What ive done
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh yeah
song sucks on boobs cause its so fucking awsome!!
@oldskoolrocker1000 You are just used to music that sucks... Real music does different things from time to time.. oldschoolrocker... ha, yeh right.
@bitchinification not just america,the whole world.we are greedy and we shall all die and btortured in hell or whatever ur religion believes in unless we stop being greedy and accept our tragedy and fix it by becoming better people.
If the whole song was in the same sort of tune/pace as it was in the first 30(ish) seconds it would be so much more epic! Its still pretty epic though.
when i saw the part in godzilla final wars with this song I was all like: "SUM 41 IN A GODZILLA FILM!!!!!!!" YES!!!!!!!!"
@MrPopcorn915 listen to other ones like this. they said 'can we sing it?'
I saw a vid of a Godzilla battle and this was the song in the background :]
@AmateurMusiciansFTW I didn't alter the pitch of the audio file at all.
"with our backs against the wall" I sense a pink floyd reference.
he never said only america. he just america is faulty in this regard
Why perhaps? :) They speak soooo much truth in this song... I just can't stand it... And i say this as one of the few people who knows how bad or cruel our world really is, and how we need to change it and resist this ever undying greed and systematic hatred. Tnx for the video.
@robin729651 you sir...earned a cookie! haha i agree 100%!
I think he just meant this song sort of describes america, and how it's our fault everything is sort of messed up here, also that it's inevitably going to fall. It's not like america is going to stay forever, it's slowly going to decrease in power and be destroyed by a large country.
@GalakFyarr Yet, so has Europe, several countries are worse off than us is just being blind. Notice I never denied America is to blame, WE ARE ALL TO BLAME!!! Listen to the song, if you disagree you can go **** yourself, b/c sum 41 is BAD ASS!!!!! Also notice "all" doesn't mean "Americans only" but rather everyone.
@Gabariere that's totally true, I was expecting a paragraph that talked about the human race. Instead i read comments like, "this song is like bla bla bla" -_-
When I get George Bush's email, Im sending this song to him and go: " Look what you mostly did to this country.." I said mostly because its never one persons fault.. Nooo..
This song inspires me in sports :D
@GalakFyarr Yes America has fucked up a lot, but so has the rest of the world. I do not know why you are pretending the rest of the world is just fine. Its not. The way the rest of the world looks at life, their general behavior, and just general way of life is all fucked up. If you look at it America is still at the top of the world, though most likely not for long. But for as fucked up as we are, any other country is at least just as fucked up. That is how bad the world is...
This is perhaps one of the best songs ever :)
When you're dead, you're dead. Being good in this life is all you need to do. Not caring about this life because of a promised "eternal" after life is the dumbest thing you can ever do.
this is a pretty good way to discribe our planet now. thats why im looking for people to help me make a video game in which its name is. return of the light. i need eveyone to help here. americas gone to far and i wont take it much longer if we dont stop soon jurassic park might not just be a fantsy book anymore this why we need america no the world to come to its senses. even though dinos were real well lets pray to god that we survive it.and only an eleven year saying this.
idk what to think whie reading these comments.
@724Broncofan I also don't talk about the current economical crisis. Neither does the song, since it was written well before that I think. I'm talking of the way people look at life, their general behaviour, influence from TV etc. etc. And there, I'm sorry, but America has fucked up a lot.
when ever i listen to this song again, i start playing a lot of godzilla unleashed again. fuck dude, my addiction is back lol :D
awwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. fuckin sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I always get chills near the end.
i heard this song in godzilla final wars
The first 13 seconds gives me chills.
I concur, something about the perfect combination of rock and the absolute perfect singing just is, well perfect.
@GalakFyarr And what I am saying is for everything bad here, you can find just as many bad things in any other country. If other countries do bad things b/c we do, then that's their bust for following our bad example. But for other countries to be in WORSE shape, that means they have done bad things on their own without any influence from us. Had they had the same exact problems as us...then ya you could blame only America. But as this song goes EVERYONE is to blame, not just Americans.
It sounds like a song about the Lousiana purchase, that leads to kicking the natives out of the space they used in U.S
I don't give a fuck if they are talking about politics its a fun ass song to play on the drums/ listen to. So everyone debating seriously stfu...tit or leave man, Sum 41 isn't political but if this was like a bad religion page then cheers mate go HAAM on the political bullshit.
from pride to shame shame becuase i killed acmed the dead teroiest
thumbs up if godzilla brought you here :)
The funny thing is he Godzilla was fighting the American shit version while this song was playing.
@AmateurMusiciansFTW This is the original audio. The higher pitch ones people did to avoid the copyright robots that scan audio... which is stupid anyway since they're messing up the song.
@haveabloodydeath I have one better, type in "repeat" in the search bar before or after youtube :D
@maskeno "We're hopelessly blissful and blind" What other country do you think that could apply to besides our own? Our government purposely distracts us with mindless bullshit. "Supersize our Tragedy" Yea, fuckin McDonalds reference Origin, America "Telling lies, Alibis, selling all the hate that we breed" Do I even have to explain this? "Bought in the Land of the Free"
@AmateurMusiciansFTW People change the pitch to keep it from being taken down. But this video is the original, I assure you.
I heard this song on Godzilla: Final Wars
i have more to say, if my comment fit in the last 2 mins ago then you wont be lost with im about to say so, about justice who made justice whats the rule? follow the rules ordered by the president? what if its the wrong rule? you will break it and be a outlaw and the world will turn to chaos without rules! lol there a twister of things you can fight against with justice and rules or scientist and religious beliefs. ex. god exists? thats a long term argument. anyways times up hoped you read it
@Shuttler025 look up propaganda and listen to his video called G.o.s.p.l.e.
Yeah, I think that's the whole point, or at least that's the message I got out of it. Not just America though, more like modern society as a whole, but I think it fits America the best.
war of the world everything must fall great battle song
@AmateurMusiciansFTW sounds exactly like the cd to me.
@okamiba He's wrong, don't listen to him. This is it's really about. It's about the entire world, all of us, and how were killing ourselves, whether it be for greed, political warfare, oil, or anything else of that sort. Thats the same things I told him.
want it all wait are we singing best start to a song ever
Never has there been a song that explains America so well.
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