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Sidney Crosby AMAZING Stick Handling with Lemieux's Son in Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Practice

by Carrie C • 909,734 views

Sid the kid, Sidney Crosby #87 and Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins showing off his stick handling skills while playing with a lucky kid (I have been told was Mario Lemieux's son, Austin) at...

@leafsfanmax hes teaching the kid, and your talking shit
@jmynes1 thats kids lemieuxs son, hes going to be so fucking good some day. anyways if your going to hate take your whiny ovechkin cock sucking mouth somewhere else
@craig1622 Were you on a Olympic hockey team? No? I didn't think so. Shut your whore mouth and do the god damn dishes.
@eb2nhl I gotta disagree with the supporting cast. I'm a huge Pens fan but overall Ovechkin's supporting cast is better than Crosby's. Ovechkin has Backstrom & Semin on his line, Crosby plays with Kunitz & Dupuis. The only area where I'd take Kunitz & Dupuis over Backstrom and Semin is work ethic, which is why they work well with Crosby. But Crosby does much more than Ovechkin with less.
@leafsfanmax why do people go on crosby videos to praise datsyuk so much? Yes he is an amazing player and such but lets be honest crosby is slightly better and complete player
@zana120 So ur saying u have 450+ points a year? what are u playing against 3 year olds? just like hawkeye said, if u were good SOMEONE would have heard of u
@SpecialAirService141 You said yourself "Get your facts right" as if you had your facts right any better than he did.
@liamliamliam8 haha ya wow, total fag, go play with your asshole some more purple and gold you self loving fagget aaha
I wish I could go practice with the Pens/Crosby, I'd be headed to the USHL for sure :)
Lemieux is the biggest ass in hockey. Saw him at a golf tournament years ago. Arrogant prick.
@davide39 huh? are you joking or are you serious.
This video doesn't prove the ovechkin/sidney rivalry. It only shows that Sidney is a good role model.
@zana120 What can you compare to to show your better than me?
@hackhollywooddotcom Oh go to hell. Someone made a video that they wanted to share on youtube. It's not like it's on network TV. If you don't like it, then don't watch it.
@totalwarruler uhmm I don't know what fights you have watched but most his fights are straight punches and over powering people(he's actually quite strong). Obviously he's not going to fight someone who is a much better fighter/way bigger than him without a reason to fight them. You're clearly a Crosby hater shut up and go watch the Capitals lose in the playoffs again
little lemieux is a real asshole on the ice. ive played wit hhim for a while now, daddy made sure hes put on to any team he wants. spoiled little prick.
@21Rushisaband12 foolish eh? haha ye sir very sorry sir. But youre wrong. Overall player, Ill give it to Crosby. But stickhandling alone, he's nowhere near Datsyuk. Thats just a fact
i'd get so frustrated i wouldn't even go for the puck i'd knock him flat on his ass
@JDJAKS he can also hit better than crosby too. Ovie's a skillful and physical presence while crosby's mainly skill.
@stevedivi24 uhmm, hes been in fights with pussies, i would like to see him take colton orr or someone, and he doesn't fight propperly, he pushes, and mabyes throws a punch, unless he just re-painted his nails.
@craig1622 "Nice comeback duster." What the fuck does that even mean. You're just another know-nothing hypocrite troll. You're bitching and moaning for no reason except to hear yourself bitch and moan. Go be a faggot somewhere else.
@leafsfanmax but you would feel like an complete retarded duck if you do it against crosby
you can hear lemiuex's irregular heartbeat in the background
hes vs a little kid why are u eaven trying u little girl
@leafsfanmax dude you are funny, crosby best player, datsyuk 8th
@LegitimatelyBaked ur a bright one 2 take my comment literally XD
@Britney0520 I agree with catspride1.. i cant stop laughing
@belhillcrew for the most part he keeps it very straight. for passing, for backhands. in the past year or so hes put a bit more curve on to improve in his shooting. its helped.
@belhillcrew There's a curve to his blade. You can see it on the Reebok site probably. He's got his own signature stick.
Not bad, but Datsyuk has the best hands in the game right now.
You know, the kid is pretty good. I see he has some fans on this thread. Who mentioned Ovechkin anyway? Oh, I see, some of the other intellectuals on here have praised his abilities, and rightly so. But Crosby sure showed that kid who was boss!
the kid on the ice is Mario Lemieuxs kid i played against him
yeah but send datsyuk into a corner with sid and see who comes out with the puck. sids back hand scores more points then datsyuk
Greatest Hockey Player since Maurice Richard
@hackhollywooddotcom he was jizzing in his pants from the awesomeness. You can understand...
@DyaZziDePs3 no. i play against teenagers in my junior AAA hockey team. Im underaged, im 12 and im playing against 14 year olds in my house hockey league. My league is the same skillwise as the nhl.It might even be better than the nhl because the nhl are full of old people and they get tired easily.
@hackhollywooddotcom its the sound of your bursting ego
@jmynes1 then lets see you go against him. please do, so we can all laugh at how dumb he"ll make you look
@Genstafa Seriously dude, I think thats a fact?? Hhahaha its figurative speech.
@91Kodiaks that was out of nowhere. Thank you...I guess?
He's awesome against someone 4 feet tall. If that kid would have dropped the gloves it might have been a different story....
@jmynes1 ignorant comment, most the fights Crosby has been in hes won.
@SpecialAirService141 Datsyuk IS NOT the best player. He's good though. You get me some concrete proof that he is, and I'll believe you. "He acts like a pussy" You think that's a fact? That's an ignorant person's opinion, and that's all it is. And everybody has haters, don't try to deny that.
@craig1622 Tell us where you've played. What's your name? Won't be hard to find out if you're full of shit or not. And even then your point is invalid. If we were talking about 4-5 years ago you might have a point about whining. Not anymore. Welcome to 5 years ago. Go get some new material.
to be honest, im not a fan of crosby.. well actually i hate his guts.. but that was fucking sick!! now how did he learn to do that? cuz .. ive being doing shit.. but nothing works ..
@brooksbert wow, your very foolish... datsyuk is good but not better than crosby
lol stick handling turns youtube into a brawl...
@thech0p he played our team in dallas the past month, and oh my god, he is the worst on the team. biggest bender i've ever seen
didn't anyone else hear that bumping noise? wtf?
@girouxxx28 Don't be mad that your team ain't won a Cup since '76, bro. =P
this just proves how mature sid is. i mean he is under 25 years old and is already a role model to all the kids in youth hockey and who knows maybe he will be around and play with lemiex's kid for his rookie season like lemiuex played with crosby
@undiebundie Firsto of all, he is not the best, Datsyuk is. Second of all, noone hates him becouse he is good, there is no denying that, he is just protected too much and dives and acts like a pussy, get your facts straight son.
@oilers1go1 Kovalev has scored more goals, assists and points than Crosby and Datsyuk! He's scored 1000 points Crosby's hasn't scored 600 yet! And if he continues to struggle with those concussions he never will either!!!
@CWB2208 why dont you shut up? Your just jealous of me. Just because i dont play in the same league as crosby, doesnt mean that hes better. and Ive scored 4 times the ammount of points in a season crosbys played in my league. His career high is like 122 points. Thats like my career LOW
Datsyuk could out stick handle Crosby but if the two went in the corner for the puck, Crosby comes out with it 99% of the time. Sorry pal but Crosby is the best grinder in the league.
@LANEX17 No he ain't... as much as I love Datsyuk, he is one of the best player, but still I've seen Sidney Crosby playing since he was 16 and God that player is the best. I tried to compare him with a lot of players, but Sid the kid won everytime. Datsyuk is my favorite russian player tho, so intertaining to watch.
@rushki1000 and yet ovie is a better player than crosby. but thanks for sharing anyway.
sid sucks at playing hockey. i bet i could do better than him. all he does is be a pussy and doenst even score good goals. I can score better goals in my hockey league. Im pretty sure AAA junior is a lot tought league than the nhl.
CROSBY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Datsyuk does this in full speed against other players in the NHL
@zana120 yeah and pigs fly too. Get a life, all i can say is ur gay and U WISH
Kovalev wud merk crosby in this but in his prime not now lol
that kid is going to be unbelievable.
@jmynes1 ur a fucking idiot just shut up and never talk again
Caps Fan here.... Crosby is RIDICULOUS!!!
@Densegrandeduvan Kovalev has more points than Sid and Pavel, OVER 22 SEASONS. 1,024 points in 1,302 games, that's a ppg avg. of 0.78, that's horrible. Crosby over 6 seasons has 572 points in 412 games, that's a ppg avg. of 1.38 WITH several big injuries costing him games (I believe that's the highest ppg of players over the last 6 seasons). Datsyuk over 9 seasons has 651 points in 662 games, that's a ppg avg. of 0.98... Crosby > Datsyuk/Kovalev. Crosbys hands are as good as anyone in the NHL.
@xXHaWkEy51Xx haha Im my league, i had a point in every single one of my 78 hockey games. I finished with 137 goals and 201 assists for 338 points. Thats over 5 points a game average. My league is better than the nhl too. Its not filled with pussies. corsbys carreer high is like 120 points. well 338 points is not even the highest ive gotten. last year, I had 212 goals and 207 aassists for 419 points. So shut up. Im alot better than crosby
@zana120 Bullshit. You're a fucking liar if you were putting up 450 points a year and your 12 you'd be on the news , also you're retarded because you think your house league is better than the NHL you most likely don't know anything about hockey but people the NHL are fit as fuck and they know the game inside and out
@fenderfreak215 Ovie has way more raw skill and talent. Crosby is close with it, but it's his brain that puts him so far ahead of everyone. He has the brain of a hockey god. I still hate him though.
@Texan2525 (Yawn). Reply again and dance for me, my puppet!!
I can only imagine how amazing it would be to skate at an NHL practice - would be a mind blowing experience imo.
at 0:47, Lemieux's kid powned crosby
@Britney0520 did you make that joke up all by yourself or did you have a little help from previous comments you seen on youtube?
@emotaco9 you must not know how to teach children anything...
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