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Worlds Luckiest Basketball Shot - New (HD)

by ProTrickShots • 40,098 views

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nice shot. the dust on the goal explodes when the ball goes in. haha
id hate to say it.but ive seen luckier shot,nice job though
Fuck u wanna be dude perfect check deem out then u will be enertained ok and p.s. The dude shooting looks like a crack headnand gain some weight
HHis friend sounds like he just saw the guy that shot the ball's mom......
i know i shouldn't but i will. press 9 for some sexy sound effects
nice one time i got mad kick the shit out of the basketball and out of no where i made it...once in a life time
lol was that really the first try?
@Dalekfans yea right your talking bs NZ is pretty shit a basketball compared to the likes of america
Nice shot, but there are people in New Zealand who can get a shot in from the top of a stadium.
Dude, for those are sayin this was not the first try, just check out the dust/sand who drops when the ball hits the hoop.
@daspien1000 The NZ basketball team aren't the only basketball players in NZ u know. What I meant was there are people in NZ who can just take shots from anywhere and score, but they might be bad at dribbling or just short.
this is actually pretty awesome... we try and do the same thing in our vids but with soccer balls but we hardly ever get it on the first try.. very impressive
@IceYourPimpHand it is in HD? it was recorded in 1080 im sorry i uploaded it at 360 does the crisp clear picture not satisfy you?
Tis is nothing compared to dude perfect.
Good thing u got it on the first try otherwise you Sid have 2 run down get the ball and take it back up if that were me I would quit after like 3tries
@tosspickles4free nice trollin..... stop repeating your girlfriend.
People who think this is fake is gay
I mean wud(would). idk y my iPod autocorrects wud to Sid lol
@IceYourPimpHand then it looks like you need to turn on your windows updates and get your graphics accelerator updated
@johnnypoprock Your retarded. When a ball SPINS, it CURVES. How do you think MLB pitchers throw a curveball? Lots of spin. And something as big as a basketball does not need much to curve.
i shit and it landed in the toilet first try...
you can tell it was his first try, because when he gets it in dust comes off. unless he totally missed the backboard the first times and was lying
lol why is there a basketball net all the way over there ?
@mrbong123 you just gotta take our word, i swear it with my life
gay top comments and there gayness
@pwnyouinthemouth oh yeah! i remember you being there! measuring the hoop. gah! must have slipped my mind!
When i seen u name i thought you did trickshots on like Cod MW2
@ProTrickShots This isn't HD, you fucking Moron, HD is 720p or 1080p, not fucking 360p.
@IceYourPimpHand and yet your the loser to point that out.... i wonder who the bigger moron is :L
my ass was that first try. none the less that was awsome :)
Dude that not worlds luckiest shot that was shit go to how ridiculous they r so much. Better sorry dude
That hoops not regulation sorry bro >_>
@44ordie we did it first try, yeah thats lucky in my book.
@ProTrickShots Well you said this video was HD, why should anybody trust you about anything.
by the way the friend reacted, you'd think he was watchin 2 girls 1 cup for the 1st time.
dayyumm nice shot! hah you should check out my videos, i also do trick shots :D
your mother should of swallow to
@Dalekfans give us a stadium, were more then happy to impress :)
@ProTrickShots :) you guys are really good, you'd pull it off
Fake he was on earth on the right side then mars on the left
AWESOME. hey i have this basketball vidio its my only one and ill make other ones if i get anoth views
nice shot! come check out ares and subscribe!
@ProTrickShots ouch, that one hurt xD made my day bro, thanks !!
@tosspickles4free retart and @ProTrickShots why in the world would you think he even HAS a girlfriend? :D
was the first camera guy when u made it gettin a handy cuz he was like ohhhh........ when u made just askin not tryin to troll
how do we know that was your first try? could of been your 1,000th
@IceYourPimpHand it was recorded in 1080p i uploaded it in 360. i can attempt to find the original file if you would like and upload in 1080, the 360p looks just as good though. if you would like me too.
thats long but thats not the longest sorry
@ProTrickShots nice job man... you guys are really good
what a waste of disk space for youtube...put the video down. PLEASE
all the haters got CCHHOOPPEEDD!!!!!!!!!!!!
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