Dog Adopts Kittens in India

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Meet Dammy the mongrel and her special family - of kittens in Chennai, India. Click to subscribe for more cute videos: http://bit.ly/ZqphqC WATCH 'Pick of the Week': http://bit.ly/PickofTheWeek Why...

0:05 "cats and dogs are supposed to fight" WTF R U THINKING WITH They're not supposed to fight, retard.
Who would steal a dogs puppies D:<
@WifflePig People who want to sell them for money
It is a sad day when lesser animals can put their differences aside and care for one another!
@WifflePig Probably, they were jealous and took her puppies.
I wouldn't be surprised if the kittens bark every now and then :3
@MishalMooreLover I don't think he means MAKE them fight, but you know, there;s the common and popular idea that cats and dogs don't get along, which OF COURSE doesn't apply to every cat and dog, my sister has both and they get along fine, but truth is dogs sometimes maul cats and see them as something to chase, and cats generally dislike dogs.
what is the name of this song and who performs it?
@WifflePig unfortunately it happens alot in Pakistan and india.....5 of my dogs were stolen at different times of my life...
How Adorable~ poor mum lost her pups, poor kitties lost their mum... But now they're happy and together~
Animals can put their differences aside, if humans were also like that, the world would be a better place.
Maybe the cat stole the puppies lol
the cat are going to be raised as dogs!
@WifflePig the anserd is that a 16 age girl stole the dogs puppies and the cat,she kills the puppies by throwing them at the river and she stoles the cat so she can have a pet.
the puppies were stolen~ i just hope it wasnt the owner who sold it
their conditions of living is pretty bad.dammy is so cute.
Yeah but still, they shouldn't publish that sentence :P
Huh??? >=/ What are you saying? And it never said in the vid that someone stole the kittens.... >_____>
someone stole the kittens? no way, you fucking drown them in the river, remember?
what dickhead would steal a dogs puppies?
1st everything lololololollololoollloololololololololololololololololololololololoololoolololololololololoololololololololoololoololololololoolololololololoolololololo
@Kofz168 - I was in africa in a religious house, when a man in a car stole a puppie that I love very much. Don´t forget that in some countries like China, some people stole cats and dogs for make food. greatings from Spain
The owner ate the fucking puppies. It's a good food.
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