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RACE WARZ v2.0 Street Racing

by 1320video • 534,952 views

Day time street racing with go pro on board footage

I like how it's seems to be the civic was the fastest
was the gold z28 automatic?? im sure viper dude doesn't like loosing to a Camaro lol
dsm's may break but it's a lot cheaper than running  a viper or comaro
Damn, not many cops around in Nebraska i guess. Thats awesome
put your helmet on (all the way) and maybe some sleeves if your gunna race on a bike...squid
LOL I laughed at the guy in the white vette. Dude can't drive. Never seen a vette owner who could
Hahahaha yeah right. That would be the day. #jdmallday
Hondas are still rice..
Gay video. Nothing but videos of the shitty Camaro.
I am sorry, but for one coupes are MADE to be race worthy,2 these people put alot of work into their cars and just by looking I can tell they are fast, three are you saying a corvette and viper aren't race worthy? If you are then you're crazy, and last what you expect these people to have lambos? they aren't that rich
so ur calling camaro's corvettes and vipers not decent cars stop hating man
okay even know your youtube picture is you (a kid probably 9) holding a cat so good luck finding a car
looks like the 'stang was the quickest car after beating the quickest camaro...
@ 2:20 the Viper red lighted.
German car, IE BMW, MERCEDES.They suck off the line. My grandad has one its junk hoidy toidy overpried foreighn brand.
>stuck in gear >"you can just put in a new clutch" get that fucking kid out of there.
that honda kept up with that camaro? Slow v8s laterrrr
Corvettes have no balls what so ever lol
remember kleenex once you see how inferior v8s are.
You kidding me? Hes got at least a hundred grand underneath the hood of that thing he ain't racing unless theres a nice vdubs looking for pinks
my favorite was the mustang part
For the amount of money they spent after-shopping these cars, they couldn't have bought a super car
5.14 my guy finally winning something biggest cheesy on his face haha
so here isn't a hot girl for the start and instead is a chubby dude? hummm this isnt a official street race!!
im 20 and Slipknot is all one word, so maybe you should go back to school Mr. Hand job and learn not to talk so much shit
u can tell this group knows nothing about racing they just orderd a bunch of stuff out a catalog and took it to the streets
you should see the cars they drive now...420blazeitfgt pyah hotted ate my naga mercout youa not a reol youtubah...
What's it going to keep up with, stock Honda accords and Chevy Cavaliers? Post up some vids bro, shit's probably siccccc fast!
decent cars...... not bad... ignore the haters commentating.... ik you guys that have these cars have worked hard on em and have pride in every single one of em... decent race video ;)
lol nice one, no sorry we have torque and horsepower something your little dirtbike engines dont have
wheres the tubo ls1 to beat that viper
is there even a fifth gear in that car? seems like it only has 4 gears
i have some free time which i use to check facebook youtube and emails, wow you are good at trolling, i am now laughing uncontrolably
have you heard of american muscle cars? this isnt no crap rice shit where the best mod for the cars are turbos. go bring your ugly prius ass somewhere else.
CAMARO WARZ v2.0 Street Racing
Did anyone else see the red hondas rear view mirror fall off when he shifted inot 2nd at 9:35 ???
i will when im done upgrading it. its stock now and needs the hole body replaced and new brakes. also it has a hard time starting up but when it does it will fly. im planing to upgrade it and also get a '73 trans am cuse my dad said i can have it until i get my own car.
sorry our "rice rockets" can smoke your shitty mustangs camaros and viper. just saying
There is not one black person there wtf?
You kidding me?? do you know anything about cars? Just because you see a big turbo doesnt mean that he has over 100gs under the hood..... If he had 100 grand he wouldn't be racing Vdubs........
wheres the race warz at is there one here in Austin texas
I clicked on the vid and got my junk out and then I was like. I can't fap to this. Horrible.
what a bunch junk cars hrhrhrhrrhrhrhrrhrhrrhrhrhrhrhrrhrrhrhrr
Trying to race a wicked Camaro with a Trailblazer? Aw, that's cute...
americans think body kits are gay because they are
What a nice line of poles to crash into just incase you miss shift.
id work the shit out of that old ass zx12
every idiot can drive straight ahead
that's what i like about it. ive seen enough race cars boasting 1000+ hp id like to see what weekend cars can do now
What are the mounts of the cameras called?
Got this info at a Yahoo forum about DSM (Diamond Star Motors) for 1st/2nd Gen cars. 1g 4g63 n/a transmission--no clue should be the same as the turbo model 1g 4g63t transmission--have seen it hold 632hp on a dyno. 2g 420a n/a transmission--Chrysler JUNK. no clue. 2g 4g63t transmission--have seen it hold 734hp on a dyno. 2g 4g64 n/a transmission--have seen it hold 491hp on a dyno.
I don't know dude, you get a quality built ls motor and those things can tear shit up... Same with that modular ford 4.6 and the earlier 5.0's. Your dads buick wouldn't "smoke" any of these cars except maybe the truck. It would more than likely kick their ass off the line with all the torque those older motors make, but once you get to about 60 or so those camaros and that mustang will pass the buick. I know this because I drive an 86 chevy camaro.
i dont find going straight very fun at all... get sideways please.
have they heard of bodykits or lowered springs in the US? god thier cars are fucking ugly
i feel like the intro and the real video do not match for shit... saw some nice cars at first then the real shit ...REAL SHITY...
the guy on the bikes just cruising like fuck it
oh really thats why our i-6's can create 1000+ hp just like shit v8...smh right.
There was no true classic muscle here. My dad's buick would smoke any of these cars.
Only if that s2000 would of race
let me get my 97 achieva and show you how to race
So when are they going to start racing?
it feels good to see the honda kicking ass, in now days everyone thinks hondas are rice...
money = horsepower, jackass, it doesnt matter what car it is if you have enough money it will go fast
ford lightening. got. raped. lol
lmao kids dad takes him out street racing. awsome.
Look at this guys channel and read some of his comments. It seems as tough he knows what is "gay" and what isn't. What a fag. No, I'm talking about cigarettes. I think you're a fag.......
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