Big Ship - Emma Maersk, Wal-Mart gets its stuff from China

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This big ship the Emma Maersk will hold 15,000 containers and has a 207' beam and is 1,302' long! That 207' beam means it was NOT designed for the Panama or Suez Canal. It is strictly transpacific....

Заходит он и в Россию,в порт "Восточный порт".
so stop shopping there godammit
Don't buy anything that comes from too far away. Always support local products or don't complain about your low paying job.
Why this attack on Walmart when all of your things coming from China? Shoprite's garlic even comes from China!
This ship was made to deindustrialize America. CHINA wins.
+MMAh00lligan lol...and you most be the girlfriend of that idiot too...lol. You make a great couple...dumb and dumber.
allot of wrong information in this video 
She fits through the Suez
+Huge Cock and small balls. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM.
Allow me to correct the video's description. At the time of its completion, the Maersk Line E-Class Vessel Emma Maersk was the largest container ship in the world at 1,302' and has a beam of 184' which gave it the capability to carry between 13,500-15,200 total containers at one time, which is now surpassed by the Maersk Triple-E Class vessels.  At first, the ship was thought to not be capable of passing through the Panama and Suez Canals due to the size of its beam, but successfully able to traverse the Suez Canal during its maiden voyage in 2006.  It is still unable to pass through the Panama Canal due to its beam being over the maximum beam limit, but the ship also does Tans-Pacific runs between countries like Malaysia, China, and Japan to the USA, Mexico, and other countries along the Pacific Ocean.  Any shipments that Emma Maersk carries for Atlantic Ocean ports are usually offloaded in Spain where it is transferred to another Maersk Line vessel by truck or train.  The ship has a top cruising speed of 23 knots which, at the time, made it faster than any other container ship in service for the Maersk Line.  In 2013, the Emma Maersk suffered damage to a stern thruster and took on water while traversing the Suez Canal.  The ship was not in danger of sinking, but left the ship incapable of maneuvering.  After being towed by tug to a nearby port, the damage was surveyed, repaired, and the ship was returned to service later that year.
Emma Maersk just passed today though Suez Canal ?? please correct video decription .. nice video thanks
Walmart are like all large western companies, run by the shareholders, for the benefit of the rich shareholders. If that means buying crap from the far east in order to save money and make more money for those greedy, rich bastards then so be it...
Here are the real stats... Class & type: Mærsk E-class container ship Tonnage: 170,794 GT 55,396 NT 156,907 DWT Length: 397 m (1,302 ft) Beam: 56 m (184 ft) Draught: 16.02 m (52.6 ft) Depth: 30 m (98 ft) (deck edge to keel) Propulsion: 80 MW (109,000 hp) Wärtsilä 14RT-Flex96c plus 30 MW (40,000 hp) from five Caterpillar 8M32 Speed: 25.5 knots (47.2 km/h; 29.3 mph) Capacity: 14,770+ TEU 1000 TEU (reefers) Crew: 13, with room for 30
WHOA! Don't care c;
Must be a tight fit through the Panama Canal. 
Fucking China Garbage. Our own country can't self contain itself. It has to rely on country's like China for their resources. Low quality cheap shit. I never shop at wal-mart. The people that do are the ones that brought them here. Unfortunatley alot of my stuff comes from China because i cant find stuff that was made else where let alone my own country.
I used to feel the same way but the fact is that all countries rely on each other and Chinese stuff is getting better. I remember when all Japanese goods were crap, they got A LOT better, China will do the same.
Proably. If it follows Japan's path, their products will also get more expensive, as the growth model moves to one driven by internal consumption. In that case, we will see the real end of the crisis ...but America will have to reduce its consumption, as export will create more work, yes, but prices will soar; moreover the dollar will likely lose the monopoly to the reserve status, and lose value. Brace yourselves.
Damn. Filled over the brim with fifty zillion tons of cheap crap. Kinda ruins it a little.
@lhooqoc total and utter rubbish. try factual statements before making such stupid uneducated comments
I know. The world is full of rude people. People should be more Positive.
@tetramoo I can't remember the specific amount used, but over 300 tons of HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) per day. But now all Maersk lines vessels is running slow steaming, to save fuel.
hebat....... klau bs menjadi bagian dr kpl seperti itu
Aye, go there on a Saturday noon to afternoon and there is a good chance a Maersk giant is moored there. At least it use to regularly dock there some years ago.
@itsnotfunnyHAHA San Diego is smaller than Norfolk, quite a bit smaller. I've been to both, multiple times, S.D. is tiny if you ever get to see Norfolk.
According to various websites she has a standard crew of 13 and has accommodation for 30. However, according to some sources she usually sails with more people due to constant maintenance etc. Still, 13 is enough to operate the ship.
@RetSquid hm lets think, maybe it was blown into the air by us military, i the people didnt see more then a tiny dropplet of oil from irak its all used to fuel your military
shut up you prick...chick norris chuck norris....he is old grey and takes a shit like the rest of us....be original or fuck off you lame useless thumbs up seeking twat
I saw it in port of Lianyungang yesterday:)))
Holy shit I will swap your boat for my house lol I will just make almost a 150million profit
If you ever go to Denmark you should go and see the harbour Maersk made in Aarhus to accommodate this beast.. Most of the year it's a closed off area for the public (but I believe they do sometimes open it to the public) so you might not get a really good look at the ship but just the magnitude and sheer size of the harbour is worth the trip alone :-)
I think the last 5 seconds is a scene of West Vancouver, Canada, as viewed from across Burrard Inlet. Anyone in agreement? That ship would be an interesting sight from the Sea Bus.
that ship represents the richest family in the world and thats a fact, really really really sad
Sorry to say it doesn't take Walmart stuff ... US ports can't take a vessel of this size ... strictly Asia - Europe trade. Soon to be outclassed by the Triple E vessel
@brock1946 this ship does not go to the united states, it goes to europe and it is a huge boost to our economy.
amazing task to design and build a beast like that, unbelievable acheivement!!!!!!!!!!
This ship goes through Suez every month, get your facts straight.
Yikes, look at the size of the propeller !!
She is a nice ship and if it was from denmark that would be a long sail to the pacific where she transports cheap china crap
I'm digging the SeaWorld soundtrack lol
I wonder many Union Pacific and Burlington Northern trains it will to haul those containers off that big boat?
If that bit about the government assistance is really true then that is a socialism problem. Unions are now and have been for a long time, a socialism problem also. The country is so anti union that the thugs have had to move to their lover's big government breasts to feed and the taxpayer supplies the milk.
@itsnotfunnyHAHA Cool, pull the race card, are you a racist or just massively insecure about something? Maybe it sucks because there is no parking on base. Maybe it sucks because it so small and cramped, maybe just because it's hot. Maybe it sucks just because it's a dirty, crappy town.
Perhaps they have maintenance crew onboard every now and then. Also, why sailing with only 13 crew members would be unsafe in a modern ship with extensive automation? I've been on a 166-metre ship that sailed with a crew of 9.
Ok, stop stealing Sea World's Shamu music.
@itsnotfunnyHAHA I don't know how you got this far either. Chances are the U.S. military is keeping you safe in some way or other.
Its danish build. danish paid and own. and mærsk mckenny møller wanted to biggest in ships
this ship does NOT have a "cruise speed" of 31kts. It's MAX speed is 27.5kts.
@IbanezPGM300 no you didn't as never called in that port
Let me remind you that cargo ships are becoming more and more technologically advanced, enough to dismiss 17 of the 30 max crew members today. But in a near future, a container ship will even "dismiss" the loading cranes themselves, as Maersk is also laying plans to design a ship with side bays, so the containers can be directly loaded into a truck - pretty much practical and cheaper than using a conventional crane, huh? xD
I saw it yesterday in Bremerhaven (Germany)
You can make a difference. If you're American, buy American (and preferably local) even if it's more expensive. That's what we try to do on this side of the pond as well.
@RetSquid free gas? who talked about free gas? clear your mind from propaganda, dumbass you dont want to know how much money that war in irak has costed,and costs on till now, to over 200 million working people in the us, free gas, that was the best joke i heard today
Well, what isn't in these days? In order to maximize profits especially now that oil prices are so high, they have to save from everything. That's also why the ships are nowadays being built in the Far East instead of Western countries.
Because US taxes businesses to pay for socialized medicine.Most people who own businesses look to reduce the operating costs for a reason:so they can show a profit to the shareholders.When unions get wages jacked up high and you still have to pay for their medical care,a business owner tends to want to reduce costs somehow so they can stay in business working those people.
@RetSquid in some ways yes, but they´ve caused more trubble then they´ve solved out
@MCKeller1956 actually they ship to europe not america, biatch
Damn, people will even argue over a video of a monster freighter. Where's Nurse Ratched when you need her? Great vid. I was under the impression ocean tubs were shorter than Great Lakes freighters here in order to handle the ocean swells better. I guess I was wrong about that, this thing is huge.
top comment explains best if you don't believe, go to homepage maerskline and track emma maersk, you will see the routing
Wamart is the number one retailer that has done more than their share of damage to the manufacturing industry of this country. Est say that nearly 90% of all products sold in WALLY WORLD r from China. BUY AMERICAN. Remember, a country that doesnt work and produce its own goods has nothing to sell..How can a country that produces little to nothing while our manufacturing and technology is all being sent overseas survive.? Look at GM, Ford, near demise> With no tech we become a third world nation.
From what I have read this ship can only enter a couple of ports in the world. It has never been to the US.
heres a fun fact lego has a contract with maersk so 1/20 of that ships cargo are children toys even though all children toys come from china
@TheDemonDakki Not Hamburg, right - Bremerhaven. And Aarhus, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge. Atm there are only two real "leader in big cargo ships" in europe, both from Denmark: A.P. Møller – Mærsk Gruppen and Odense Staalskibsværft. Maersk Line can change ports on short notice, if they wish...
@plaebslayer It's insane to see something that big much less the size of the ship! Have you seen the videos of divers polishing the prop's on cruise ships etc. Nerves of steel those divers! Apparently there are a few of us out there that are overwhelmed / a little bit scared of the props! Crazy huh! ;)
What nonsense, none of the E-Class Maersk ships has ever entered US waters. Nor were they ever commissioned, owned or built by Wal-Mart. It's a Made-up email spam, with its subject changing faster than that of a chameleon.
With extensive automation? I don't expect them to do much maintenance and painting, though.
I wonder if there even is a crane in the US that could handle the PS-class... :oD
I like the 1950's we are doing big things music
That is NOT a ship, it's a small country....... Dear God, it sits higher in the water than Holland and is bigger than Belgium.
13 is the official minimum staff. It is a figure for the books, to maintain a 'low requirement security level'. The number does not reflect the actual number of people on board, disregarding the more or less permanent cadets, welding, cleaning and maintenence crews adding the total up towards 22-30.
Chinese breathed a sigh of relief. The rest is where you load the containers :-)
Welcome to WalMart ,, Made in China.These Walmart ships leave China packed full to Ameria.They leave America for china empty.
the music made me think of shamu
@RetSquid sorry but i´ve not been yet to norfolk but like i said b before i started talking here about TRADING SEAPORTS!!! i just compared it too something i´ve seen. but if it anoyes you, if i say that S.D. naval base is fucking more beautiful then the all-messed-up base in norfolk were my friend always met drunk marine officers, then my friend, it´s time to think about HOW MUCH money the us is pumping into their military EVERY DAY, just think about it i even dont know how i got this far!!!!
dmgrey: transpacific means between China and US But ship can go through Suez Canal and is operated between Europe and Asia. When new Panamacanal locks are ready it will fit in ther too.
Are your doctors paid employees of state-run hospitals (like much of Europe) and what are the typical salaries? In the USA, individual doctors or hospitals can collect whatever they want (often huge sums), which is why our pending health care system will ultimately cost many times that of other countries (1.25% of income would never cover the cost here). That's why there's so much outright objection to the new heath care scheme.
@IbanezPGM300 no, you may have seen her passing but never in the port. too big.
@itsnotfunnyHAHA Yep, you are truely nuts. Especially if you think San Dog is a nice place....
I love walmart.... Its like a big, giant, expensive ghetto corer store. if youve ever seen a corner store in philly then u know wat i mean
the music was better than the video
200-300 thousand tons with 56 Km/h ! Fucking monster)) I hope Maersk vessels to run well.
The owner is still alive at 94 years of age...
@RetSquid i just asked because i have absolutely nothing against any race. i dont have to park there. its not a small and cramped town yeah the hottnes is fine norfolk sucks too, just for some much ships cramped there
@TheDemonDakki aha and what is rotterdam europort? a fishingship harbour?
@herdguy22 anyways we should fuck it up if walmart WOULD own it.
Any store that has an item that was made with the tag, Made in Japan, Made in China, Made in Taiwan has been brought over on a ship like this, never mind walmart.
@jesthyg lucky! id love to serve on an E-class!
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