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by TobyTurner • 254,283 views

Check out Brave the Movie the Video Game! Join the Audience! Thanks for Favoriting/Liking!! It...

Brave,disney and eating other peoples hair
i'm Scottish and Irish. talk about inner turmoil.
Great Scottish accent
Haha toby you can imatate scottish but you will never be one of us. You can be english if you want but who even wants to be english anyways all hail clan HUME the greatest scotts you have ever seen on a youtube comment.
i know what tobys background is...he is entirely BUSCUS
This is one of his funniest intros XD
Omg the wig makes his eyes look really blue !!! Cool !!!
make a video about all the accents you can do.
I watched Brave recently, it was alright. I was expecting a love story as I always do with Disney so when i found out there was none....I was a bit disappointed. =/ But it was pretty cool. Not my favorite though. Tangled is my favorite. c:
Theres a guy that always walks around at 7:00 a.m. playing the bagpipes *mental face palm*
im not scottish.........*forever alone*
wooo im scottish, please come to scotland, Glasgow if possible
lol, he even *boop*'d with a scottish accent :)
I Iove your scotish accenct! its purfect! scratch that i Iove aII your accents!
I'm Scottish and I think his impression was quite good
I had to watch this twice because I was consumed by how bouncy your hair is haha
I'm from Scotland and he sounds better than anyone I know who is Scottish. Toby...move to Scotland.
He always ends with the weirdest faces ever at the end.
I watched this when it was on disney channel a year ago and thought it was you but didn't know for sure and then i found this video and it was you
I'm Scottish and I don't have an accent because I'm from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada but I live in at town called at eustach beside Ellie u should go somewhere in winnipeg or Ellie or even my town
I am Scottish Jennifer! He can't really do a Scottish accent! I'm a sober scot!
I'm Scottish!!! This vid is epic!!
chocolate covered toby...sounds good
im scottish irish welsh prussian and italian!! but mosltly scottish 03o
im from scotland live in edinburgh and we dont speek like that
I'm Scottish, Toby, your accent was awesome. Good try
Awesome! Please come to Glasgow, Scotland, come and try Irn-bru! Boop!!!
Why in Oblivion would Disney want the Toby literals of their stuff taken down? those are like free advertising.
I wish I could do,a scottishmascxent
Here mate am scottish aww yas man
I am his biggest fan!! Hahahaha I studied all of his imitations and accents
i was watching brave while he was talking
i lol so hard when he says why've i got a wig on?
im scottish and sound nothing like that at all.... but hey who cares its toby
I know what u are toby crazy and wierd
I am from Edinburgh and I couldn't believe how good it was!
That awkward moment when..Your Scottish. O.o
I'm mostly Irish does that count
Im Scottish. Best accent lmao.
Even the BOOOP sounded scottish XD!!!
Thumbs if you're SCOTTICH!! cos we're the best....
brothers and sisters are natural enemies. Like Englishmen and Scots, and Welshmen and Scots, and Japanese and Scots, and Scots and other Scots! Damn Scots, they ruin scotland
That's my hair wen I get out of the shower
Thank you for calling me awesome :3
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