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TELEPORTING IN EPIC POSITIONS! - Amnesia: Custom Story - Part 2 - Insanity : Nocturnal Confusion

by PewDiePie • 666,637 views

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(⌐■_■)╭∩╮ suits of armor!
I made the mistake of watching this at like 10;00 at night haha
I know you love me but I DONT CAAAARRRRREEEE
Can you stop saying barrels because it scers everyone and even stop screaming saying aaaaaaaaa from the monster
Stop spelling scares wrong bro
Like this if watching in 2014 because pewds is awesome
You now the song says I wish I woke up with Amnesia
Jacky's right I saw her too that's so kinky pewds
YOU, PewDiePie. You scares me more than these monster when u scream xD Your horror game videos are awesome!
At 18 seconds we have marzia in her bra and underwear? Kinky pewds 😂
That creeped me out how Marzia was in the background, and i wonder what she was doing,too.
Omg shit man every time you scream BARRELS!!!! i shit myself
why is Marzia sneaking through the background at the very beginning and is it just me or she look like shes naked? lol
Yeah i saw it at 23 seconds. Thats a kinky pewds we
Like if watching in 2015!!
Where did Stephano came from at 6:54
"Oh, not funny. Look what I did to Jesus." 9:05...
6:53 hello? Then all of a sudden....... Stephano: Scream like a woman, that's it. O.o
you are coool PewDiePie
0:17 Marzia?! WAT R U DOING?! She looks like she's wearing a bra and underwear in the background to the left!!
Everyone have the right to be lazy sometimes ;D.
at the beginning it looked like martiza had a bra and panties on...we got a horny pewds going on haha XD
what the hell does landananam do
whats the point of this version of amnesia? i know the other version pewds played on was to get your kids back but what about this one?
All the time it's always when he screams "BARRELS" that scares me. >:C
I hate it to do you hate the bro
by the bro I mean the big mouths guys
the big characters in the note are spelling a word. it says: Don't forgeT to activaAte the passage By the Lever undernEath the. They're spelling: TABLE
Pewdiepie: whoa! It's not funny it's not funny Barrels:loser am I right Other barrels: laughs
Santa Bro gave You a lot of jumpscares gifts xD
omg that monster thing in the beginning when it hit him im like" o fuck me in my ass!!" fucking jumpscares
I screamed and my mom was like holy shit whats the problem !!
+Ava .W lmao thank God my mom wasn't home XD
10:57 The mansion need the mansion key.....FIND THE FRIGGIN MANSION KEY, FELIX!!!!
The note said I better check the painting in the other room
My classmates laughed when I told them I would lose fat with Legion Fat Loss, but then I showed them the results. Google Legion Fat Loss to see their reaction.
Whats that game at the end on the top left corner?
2:40 2nd sentence after the comma DOUBLE DICK
"Haven't we been here already, i'm super confused." Well. Insanity: Nocturnal Confusion. ;)
I told a little birdie Teletefrotto
Guess I'm the only one who had a mini heart attack at 3:10..
i is in 6th grade cool beans!!!!
It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when these normal people do it  easily with Xylphlike Fat Loss (search for it on google).
the christimas hat mean where the monster/illusion will spawn
"Don't forgeT to activAte the passage By the Lever undernEath the-" Can someone guess it before Pewds? T-A-B-L-E.
when ever he screamed barrals i jump out of my chair and hit my head pewdiepie i love ur vids
When pewds started singing : i know you love me. I directly started singing : i know you care,and when i finished singing that sentence,he sang it too
Why do barrels have to be in every custom story
xD I don't think I would have noticed if you didn't say that.
When he went into the dark room you know where the door exploded i jumped back when that music happened then paused the video xD
LOL got alot of anxiety during 4:51-5:07 I accidentally crushed my frozen water bottle i was holding :3
I love it when pewds is confused and just goes "WHOA WHAT DA HELL?!" its da best :P
uuuugggg!every time he says barrels!!!my brain hurts
i know when you're going to a BARRELS! but when you do it still scares me
To be or not to be, that is the question.
For someone who doesn't like JB, you know the lyrics really well... =_=
Okay, I'm gonna be the nerd and say that at 1:45 when holds the skull quoting Hamlet, the character in the play Hamlet is not holding the skull when he says that. He holds the skull when he says, "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio."
he left stephano in the old man's house NOOOOOOO STEPHANO COME BACK TO US WE NEED YOUR GUIDANCE
"What is this? An Octopussy, oh it's a tree....oh HAHAHAHAHAHA I usally get those mixed up" How Pewdie how! Brofist.
*Pewdie gets chased by monster* ooohhh their naked *Runs like a girl xD*
I noticed that. Lol. Marzia in da background at 0:17
"oh fuck you up bitch oh i fuck you up bitch love that xD"
I wonder why your so AWESOME!!!
Anyone noticed how the portrait of Alexander von Brennenburg changes depending on your sanity? With high sanity he has a normal face, and with low sanity his face is deformed.
yah i use tht its not a good idea very time consuming =p
3:09 watching him then all of sudden BARRELS!!!!!! Almost scared me! :D
so thats what happens when when you've been a . bad kid on christmas
Are u Sam Reynolds Nevercallmesammy
I want to make an Amnesia custom story so badly
Genius Pewds strikes again! Brofist!
"am i the only one who notices the naked guy at the window at 13:28 you can see his arm alil bit and i think its snowing outside or raining from the window :0"
Pewdie how can you be such a genious and so retarded at the same time xD
1:07 TELEPORTING NAKED GUYS ARE ALIVE!!! Scared the p00p out of me
Pewdiepie: Let's use the small house key! o.o Let's use the small house k..! ö.ö Let's use the small house..! ._. Let's use the small...! ;_; Oh, there is one other door! OwO Like a boss! DwD
I think Pewdie is the only person who will repeatedly try to open a door that's on fire.
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