Matty the Baby Sloth

by Rachael Hosein • 1,458,570 views

The best day of my life. Matty (Matthew) a baby three toed sloth giving Claire (sloth handler and tour guide extraordinaire) a hibiscus petal. Taken at the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica -...

Bruh not even a year old and he already spittin game.
Gives gift Gets it dropped back to him Look of shock
On my way to steal your girl
He's a ladies man already
Ok I'm a hard ass, macho , Australian male. I don't like how this critter makes me feel. 
i want one so badly... look how cute they are!! such a gentleman, giving a lady a flower. ^0^
And then he raped her. The end.
+Gabi Sakura Well shit, i'm sorry to read that but that's not my problem. For the record, i wasn't referring to you or trying to provoke you. I wanna end this "conflict" by apologising: I'm sorry for my inappropriate joke.
You just need to be careful of what you way, Okay? Because there might be someone who might read something like this, who might have been raped, and they would get like fearful. And i accept your apology.
This is hella adorable but the comments made me cry laughing.
Why do the good die young? T_T
He's a smooth operator.
"I will give that bitch a flower, bitches love flowers..."
Im dying right now, i need Matty to give me a flower, i can die happy. They are so cute !!!!!!
Slow to move, but quick to charm!
HE is like:,, when I'm growm up i'll murder your entire family''
I need to fuck a ghetto thick bitch to regain my manliness.
Aaawwww!!!! What a perfect little gentleman! The females at the sanctuary will be all over this little guy when he grows up! Sweet little cutie pie!!
omg cutest animal on the face of the planet
I think im in love <3
"Follow your dreams"
PSIKHE design Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
"Joe Schmoe 6 months ago   Don't be fooled, that thing is pure evil. How many other animals have cardinal sins named after them?" This is the typical human.
you mean the typical christian?
Oh I just wanna hug him. Seriously sloths are so freakin' cute.
M'lady tips fedora
that sloth has more game than me... takes notes
Thumbs up for Lief on Animal crossing new leaf!
GHHHNGH!!! It hurts! It's soo cuuuutee!!!!!!
argh must maintain manlyness, must resist urge to cuddle it .... arrrgh.... its so hard 
This reminded me of the baby grinch. So cute
It is cute I am going to die!
Hi Rachael,  I want this video for my MTV show. Can you please check your inbox? Thank you!
How intelligent are sloth? The act of handing a gift is more like something primates would do but they aren't primates, right?
I bet he is drowning in female sloths
This motherfucker has mad game.
I just died of cuteness. ..
I can't stop smiling.
U guys relize she dropped the gift after in the video
PRESS 1, 3, 7 for ORGASMS
am I the only one who was thinking about the hey girl gif
this is one of the cutest animal ive seen,would really love to take care of em....but sadly,i heard matty died :'(
Omg so friggen derp. XD
its so fcking cuteee ahhh 
Sloths are what happens when coconuts come alive.
Paul Frank Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Matty has the looks for a Star Wars role, but is much too sweet . . .
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Fofura do Dia: Acho a natureza fantástica e fico surpresa com tanta coisa bonita que tem por aí. É incrível como vários bichinhos podem ser tão fofos e tão amáveis, não é mesmo? O vídeo abaixo mostra um filhote de bicho preguiça entregando uma florzinha para a mulher. Vomitei arco-íris com tanta fofura! __ Esse bichinho fofo ensina uma grande lição para nós, é só lamentável que nem todos conseguem fazer uma rápida reflexão com o gesto, né? http://chaparadois.com.br/fofura-do-dia/
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. "Ohai! Can we be friends, please? Here, have a hibiscus petal.... <3"                                                             ~ Matty, the baby sloth . .
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IS Foundation ‏@IS_Foundation 26 Feb Happy Monday! - Matty the Baby Sloth http://youtu.be/ry77_7xFc6c
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Matty the Baby Sloth Mathew is a cute baby and his video is getting very popular. via +Klomwang Hwang
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omg <3 amo a los bebes perezosos
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In which a baby three-toed sloth gives a woman a flower. (via TIME: http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/02/25/watch-baby-sloth-hands-woman-a-flower/)
oh dear jeebus CUTEOVERLOAD!!!
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Had to share this! Happy Easter everyone!
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This is way too cute....
I've been told that sloths are tree pedophiles o.o still cute
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Look at this smooth muthafuckin pimp ass sloth right here. #doinitright  
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Yeah, like I'm going to ignore a video with that title... (also, totally not an ego-search, was in my Flipboard feeds, honest)
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Hey everyone. Matty the baby sloth just made my whole day.   #Precious
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All hail to the adorable sloth.
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