Qu8k - BALLS 20 - Carmack Prize Attempt - High Altitude Rocket On-board Video

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On September 30, 2011 at 11:08am, Derek Deville's Qu8k (pronounced "Quake") launched from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to an altitude of 121,000' before returning safely to earth. Above 99% of...

So  the planet is round huh?
+Mohamed Hamdhoon Would you have preferred a regular lens that took in less detail? The earth is round but our eyes and cameras fashioned after our eyes are dwarfed in comparison to the massive size of the planet and thus we rarely see the curvature of our planet unless we really go high/zoom out far away and this privately built rocket is still pretty close to the planet. It's like zooming in on the edge of a circle in a vector paint program like illustrator,flash or inkscape. Go ahead, make a circle there and zoom in super close onto the edge, it will be almost straight and would look exactly straight if these programs could simulate the size difference more accurately. Inkscape only goes up to like 36000% zoom, or something, and the earth is much larger compared to us than that. They chose a fisheye lense so you can see something more than just a small, cropped up square view of land mass. It's an 'artistic'/informational decision.
+Tech Priest You may be right. I'm just saying that's why it looked round in this video
according to the info page the top speed of this thing is about 950m/s...damn
AMAZING! The closest I've ever come to experiencing a ride on a rocket! I find the high frequency noises at around 4:07 from the flipHD microphone interesting. It almost sounds like radio frequencies of some sort.
Best video in Youtube ever... Watched about 15 times since 2011 when they published it...
Amazing footage, really quite stunning. Did it drop a long way before the parachute came out because it came down pretty fast?
Молодцы. Герои нашего времени.
"Man, that sucker got outta here in a hurry, didn't it? Anything that travels that far oughtta have a damn stewardess on it, don't ya think?"
What sort of permissions do you have to get to launch this?
On your second camera angle what is that that comes over the screen. My best guess is melted plastic.
Yep, it's the melted camera shroud.
I was wondering the same thing
16:04 it looks like it'll land on Jupiter
What is that white figure in space at around 5:08 - 5:10 ?
I see it !! Aliens homie !!
Quake... Brilliant name for a rocket launching for the Carmack prize haha.
Wow. Is their a proper documentary on this?
Very, very great. Congratulations to all
this is the best video which attracts me so much. the video of the year. just wondering how it could fly across the pacific ocean.
something flies by in front of the camera at 3:50. ??? 
What is the silver/white object that passes the screen from 3:56 to 3:57? Too high to be a plane. Could it be Mercury, Venus etc.
Good question, I saw it too. I'm thinking it could be the moon, because Murcury or Venus would be too hard to see with a camera.
I know,....I just really meant "looks like".
Just an observation. Maybe it would be a good idea to include like a paintball sized CO2 canister in the body as a kinda RCS system. It may help get the rocket higher as once it gets in the thinner part of the atmosphere the find don't work as effectively. An RCS setup would help keep it stable and keep all the momentum going in the same direction versus having it lost do to wobble.
was this solid feul or hybrid rocket?
NASA are you watching this
Does the chute deploy at apoapsis?
this is one of the coolest fucking things ive ever seen. rock on dude!
That certainly looks like it made it to space to me
Reminds me of when lagann is launched into the air around the first of the series
Amazing how little time it took for the rocket to get to that altitude.
My only complaint is that there aren't too many videos of high powered rockets floating around here on YouTube.....
Phenomenal! Great project :)
4:10 it actually whistles! lol
That was very fast... Reaching that altitude so soon... What was your maximum velocity?
How would one become part of your team on your next launch. wow how for did you have to travel to retrieve it
Very nice. Could do some cool experiments with it too.
Why not launch your rocket from a helium weather balloon platform at 100,000 feet? I am sure you would reach orbit.
+Richard Lloyd But launching high up in to space to a certain altitude and reaching orbit are two different things. Reaching orbit would require a much more sophisticated rocket that can make orbital maneuvers.
+frankovich213 Understood. An orbital object you can't control would be highly dangerous.
you should of tilted at 90k feet made it orbit
what are all the sounds from 4:00 - 4:30?
How much did this proyect cost?
amazing how baumgartner jumped off 8 thousand feet higher than that
3-57 hum ? satellite?superman? ironman?
What was your fuel and oxidizer combination?
Probably used Nitrous Oxide And rubber
+FennessyMusic I wasn't sure but I thought it was a solid fuel rocket as opposed to a hybrid?
Amazing,he got footage of the curvature of the earth,not many ppl have done that with a homade rocket congrats it was amazing
Did the nose cone actually land in the ground like that,thats pretty cool
Wow! Very impressive!
I have a story to tell... Their was once a little boy know as bob Czz. He sucks Dick because he's is a conspiracy believing hillbilly fuck. The end -copyright cheeseboy© 2013
wow...3,280 feet per second. That's faster than most high powered rifle bullets. The .223 usually runs between 3,000 and 3,200 FPS depending on the load.
This thing is so bad ass it shits comets at launch!
That. was. AWESOME! Well done.
Superb ! Nearly 37 km in altitude. My congratulations. I wonder if one day amateurs will be crazy enough to toy with missile liquid fuels like the TG2 you find in the SAM 5. Mach 8 peak speed.
Wow you are goddamn ignorant. Don't discredit Derek's time, money, and effort he put towards this project, allowing us the viewer to enjoy the wonderful view his rocket offered. You're the kind of person that displays outright the ignorance of human beings these days. You don't even take the time to say why its fake? Just "fake". Fuck you.
Shit that was like ground to sky in 3 seconds???
How high in km Did it go?
How many G at start ? :D
How high up was it? why did it not burn up in the earth's atmosphere? What materials were used on the rocket itself and why didn't the parachute burn in the atmosphere? Meteors burn in the earths atmosphere, why not this rocket or the parachute? How high of altitude before things start to burn?
the reason objects burn up in the atmosphere is because when they enter the atmosphere, they are moving at thousands of miles per hour. an object in orbit can be related to a baseball being thrown. when you throw a ball, it moves forward at a certain velocity before hitting the ground. imagine throwing that same ball from a high enough altitude at such a high speed that by the time it would normally hit the ground, the earth has curved out of the way and there is no longer any ground to hit. as the ball continues at the same velocity, it keeps falling and missing the earth. I believe the orbital velocity of the space shuttle is somewhere around 7000mph. imagine being bombarded with air at that speed. you can compare that to the slight burn you feel when you put your finger against an air compressor except it would be exponentially faster and more painful. now the reason this didn't burn up in the atmosphere was because it was not in orbit and mainly had a vector component on the y-axis. when it reached the apogee, its velocity was nearly zero and the parachute helped keep its velocity relatively low. contrary to what you appear to believe, it is not the atmosphere itself that causes objects to burn up, but the frictional force caused by the atmosphere doing an enormous amount of work on the object.
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4:40 or around there was that a re-entry effect?!
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Wow. Watch as you shoot into space in one minute: http://youtu.be/rvDqoxMUroA Best thing I've seen in a long time.
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Des "amateurs" envoient une fusée à 36 880 m de haut : bel exploit !
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Запуск  самодельных  ракет  в  США.                                        Qu8k - BALLS 20 - Carmack Prize Attempt - High Altitude Rocket On-board Video
че т ты пропал. нашел уже внеземную жизнь? ))) или пока ищешь? ))
я еще помню лет в 10 на стройке летом в 50 градусную жару развел костер под такой темой - http://www.project-cargo.ru/assets/images/Bild%20036.jpg а на ней кабель смазанный полная намотка был.... Пожарники час наверное тушили. там помню из далека из конца кабеля такая струя раскаленоогненного масла метов на пять била в разные стороны :) 
Hey there, have you ever checked Google Earth? Where do you think all those images came from?!?! Even an not so smart person can have some minor inteligence to check evidences and see that man has gone to space. But it is easier to doubt others achievements on your chair.
Not so, for less than $1000 you could buy all the needed equipment. Even less if you made it yourself using components from Radio Shack.
may i point out that you conveniently seem to have skipped the footage prior to 5:18. The footage from 5:18 onwards was taken with a camera angled towards the base of the rocket with a 170 degree FOV (almost fisheye) thus the image is distorted making things look curved. What the footage before 5:18 showed was a camera looking directly out from the rocket with a narrow field of view and you will note that it does not show any sort of curvature until several thousand feet
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha wtf i thought we had the renaissance wtf
Did the Qu8k win the Carmack prize ?
I don't know why you're discussing it here, but the more I learn and understand the more questions come up. I suspect God is a man-made construct so people can live more productive lives without worrying so much about dying, but what do I know? I've suspected this since I was 12 and two generations later I'm not closer to any answers. Perhaps you are. If so, God bless you.
Uhm people gave gone into space rockets, gone up out of the atmosphere and came back, of course we made it into space! Its very ignorant of you to think thats just fake. And the only space junk there is are the sattelites which cannot return back to earth.
As a former math teacher and a history buff I can tell you that even the Greeks knew and figured out the distance of the sun and the moon. This knowledge was also had by the Egyptians via Abraham. You need an astronomy class from a reputable University my friend. You are spouting nonsense. In my high school calculus class we were able to come up with the correct distances, it is a matter of math. Take Calculus, physics and then report back. Cheers.
How do you explain days or seasons if the Earth is flat? Why is it that everything else in space is round, except for earth. Also, how did we film videos on the moon without being there? The gravity was lower, it took place in an obvious vacuum, and complex video editing is out of the questions in the 60's. Also, why can't I see Mt. Everest from my roof? Seriously, if you truly believe the bullshit you are spewing, you are a disgrace to humanity. Also, I advise having a grade school education.
So with your theory about seeing the tip of the mast first before the boat. How does that work? Water doesn't bend.
Here we go again, its called REFRACTION, any time you look through earth's atmosphere. There is a BIG difference looking vertically through earth's atmosphere at the moon then there is looking horizontally through the atmosphere at something far away.I am sick & tired of trying to educate your dumbass. Why don't u research & learn some things, instead of wanking off all day.
This is a balls-deep amateur rocket if I ever saw one, great job!
A satellite perhaps, idk and im very ignorant as to hows and whys but it would be interesting to know.
There are enough eye witnesses and other sources, i.e. Soviet Union, China, England, France, Germany and all other civilized nations that monitored these events that it could not be faked. Many others with far more time than I have answered these questions in numerous other sites. Check them out. I have a choice, argue with you or go sailing. Get the boat ready!
i didnt know the earth was round ..?.. skeatesy
This is One of the best Videos I have ever seen!!
Lookink for Journey to the lunar lab Mono Moon.Song dedicated to a trip to space with appropriate musical atmosphere.
just imagine, this rocket goes highter than expected and it hit an in-workin' space station... whater, its sooooo cool!
how much cost making rockets like this??
Well, at least you know about some science. I have been to lake Michigan multiple times to go sailing, and it is very large. When a sailboat is really far away, you see the top of the mast first, because of the slight curve in the Earth, just like on the ocean. Also, when you look at the horizon, the light is distorted, but if I looked at night the stars would shine through just fine, not blocked by any large object that is past the horizon because the Earth is ROUND.
Great video. I'm curious, what lake is shown in the cameras?
Also, if you look in the video, regardless of the angle if the lens, why can't you see all if the land on the Earth? It was clearly above the clouds and most of the dense atmosphere for that matter. And don't cry about refraction because we can see things even higher, such as the Moon, just fine from the ground. Also, why are you asking for so much evidence when you have no evidence that the Earth is flat?
Thank you, it is you and people like you who will drive humanity further into space..... Just so that they don't have to read your comments.
Radio tech 101, you transmit, it is picked up. If you have the proper equipment you can tell direction, power and distance. The type of antenna is irrelevant. It is a simple matter of physics, go take a class. I had three years of it.
Hey bob, Can you please tell me how if you kept on going you'll be on the opposite side of the world? does that mean you can teleport? or it just means the world is fucking round.
Come one Bob. Regular folks like you and I are sending up weather balloons and cameras. The Earth is ROUND, not flat. I don't trust the government either. But I do trust regular people.
I like the odd noises in the apogee.
We know NOTHING how gravity works. So who do you think you are einstein? Like I said its more plausible that we can stand anywhere on the earth because it is flat. If the earth is a sphere then when you use a plumb bob to build a building it should be wider at the top then the bottom and it isnt, now why is that?
This is some excellent engineering! Thank you for putting this on YouTube.
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